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It was pretty good story It s not for sweet lovers, Tthough, because it s rough H alpha has no sweetness in his bone He s alpha, so he s arrogant, cruel In one word a dick Though, he still had something that draw me Those barely noticeable someway soft moves towards h Its kinda was love hate relationship for me where he is concerned h was pretty kickass Though, she wasn t strong or fast as shifter, she was able somewhat to hold on against them.I do hope there will be series Because though this ended in HEA, it still had somewhat unfinished backround story between humans and shifters, that I want to knowof You see, they aren t at war but they aren t on friendly terms either They live separately and humans are seen as beneath by shifters, since they are stronger, faster, can shift and blah blah blah You get my drift They are so conceited, that you wanna to kick theirs sharp theet in And so, for shifter to mate human is a big deal A possibility to start something new So, I m curious who will be next to find blood bond in human And if the shifter accept it or fight it Fierce and Frenzied A Fast Coffee Break ReadDeidre Huesmann created a new style of shifter human world in The Alpha s Pride first in the Blood Bonded series which earned a solid four star rating from me for the world building alone In a single chapter, I felt as if I knew where the human stance was on shifters and how much humans knew of the shifters among them while in the next chapter I got the shifter perspective on humanity Both sides had a very warring faction vibe to them which I really enjoyed as a change of pace.Riker is alpha to his pride which he s extremely quick to back up at every turn The way Huesmann portrays his sense of self importance rode the careful balance between arrogance and self awareness I feel Riker was the perfect amount of powerful to showcase how a male lion might think as the alpha of a pride I greatly enjoyed his thought processes and seeing his reactions as well as his take on the world of Muir Forest around him Val comes across as a strong, confident female protagonist who never folds under the weight of fear which I love, love, loved There needs to bebooks with women as awesome as Val in them She s strong, built, and aware of her own fighting ability as well as her own weaknesses I loved being inside her head as she weighed her options to determine the best route to keep herself alive survival of the fittest is a real thing in this story Overall, I would have loved to have seento this world than the brief glimpse given in The Alpha s Pride It is a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end, but it s a very, very short story on the whole There was plenty to build on which ranked it a four star read for me I wish there had beento the work so I could have given the full five stars to the shifter constructs created by the author Deidre Huesmann has a genuine gift for world building I hope she decides to write a longer novel set in this world in the future, but even if the next Blood Bonded is once again a coffee break read I d still throw my hat in the ring to see what happened next. The Alpha s Pride by Deidre Huesmann3 Stars Deidre Huesmann is an excellent writer I have read a few of her books and I have never been disappointed She has a way of describing details so you feel like you are actually there This one is no exception Her description of the forest makes you believe you are there yourself The concept of this story is interesting and the characters are intriguing The chemistry between Val and Riker is good and the sex scene was a pleasure to read Deidre Huesmann alludes to situations in the future which compelled me to want to knowUnfortunately I wouldn t call this a book, it sof a short story In thirty pages, there is not enough time to build a story and end it properly Just as I was getting into it, it ended I hope Ms Huesmann decides to continue this story as I am interested to find out what happens afterwards. Time strapped romance readers that enjoy a familiar shifter human fated mate trope can devour this lusty tale of Riker and Val s pairing in barely the time it takes to ride the bus to work A daily commute delight FULL REVIEW The Alpha s Pride Blood BondedBy Deidre HuesmanA delightful short story about the hope of bringing two forms of life together that have never bonded before The two forms of life are that of the human and shifter.Human Val and shifter Riker who is the alpha male of his pride When Riker shifts he does so in the form of a lion Riker and Val meet in the forest when he tells her to pick her weapon and tells her he has no plans in letting her win the game as the woman before he had not won either.Never before had a scent affected Riker as Vals was doing He knew when he first saw her fishing at the lake she was going to be a challenge Her scent was so strong for him he could smell her in the tree she was hiding in He knew his challenge would be to convince her to be his blood bonded partner for life.Riker also knows he has his work cut out for him when his pride finds out that Val is his chosen one Never before has a shifter and human been blood bonded, this was something he was about to change When Riker tells Val she is his blood bonded partner, she tells him she is not a one night stand He explains to her blood bonded is for life.When they get back to his pride they all think Val is their meal until Riker tells them that they will not touch her When he tells them she is his chosen one, they laugh at him as if he is joking Soon they realize that he means what he says.Riker tells Val it s his dream that all shifters and humans can be bonded and it starts with them Riker has his pride make a comfortable place in his den for Val.Now Rikers next challenge is to make Val his blood bonded partner for life. An ill thought out camping trip on the edge of shifter territory lands Val at the top of a deadly shifter s hunting list The lion shifter, Riker, doesn t give her a choice to participate As far as Riker is concerned, humans are only good as meat He offers her a deal wound him and she wins or he catches her and she dies Then her scent starts to excite him and he realizes that she is a potential blood bonded his potential mate Maybe it s time to change how shifter human relations work The Alpha s Pride is the first in Ms Huesmann s Blood bonded series I ll be honest and say that this is one of the craziest stories I have ever read Riker is the perfect alpha shifter character Ms Huesmann has introduced a character that is a mix of the ultimate predator, sexy bad boy, and a caring leader He is wild, demanding, animalistic and even a little fun if he wasn t so bipolar crazy It s not his most attractive feature She matches him with a very daring female lead Val s decision to camp next to shifter territory was not her brightest moment She was honestly just asking to be stalked However, readers will enjoy the fact that despite the situation, Val isn t the typical damsel in distress She is cunning, fierce and has no trouble kicking butt all on her own There is so much detail involved in the matching the personalities, cultures, and needs of all the characters, especially the leads, that it just doesn t work as a short story It s an entertaining and extremely sensual story The sex between Riker and Val is HAWT However, the overall storyline is just very rushed and incomplete feeling The whole time I was reading, I found myself wondering what in Hades is wrong with this chick How could she go from running for her life to jumping the bones of this psycho Despite my love for the genre, I had a hard time suspending belief and losing myself in the story. In A World Where Humans And Shifters Live In Fringe Societies, Val Is Taking A Risk Camping In The Woods On Shifter Territory Her Overconfidence Lands Her In A Game Of Life And Death This Shifter Is Out For Amusement, And Doesn T Care If She Wants To Play The Game Is Set, And She Must Participate He Offers Her A Deal If She Wounds Him, She Wins If He Catches Her, She DiesRiker Has Every Intent To Kill Her Or Did, Before Her Scent Hinted She Is A Potential Blood Bonded Intrigued By The Possibility, He Pursues Her In A Hunt That Will Change Their Lives And Forever Alter Shifter And Human Societies 5 Stars The Alpha s Pride by Deidre Huesmann is a wonderful, sexy, shifter romance with some drama and suspense.Val finds herself in a life or death struggle with a shifter when she camps in shifter territory and is discovered by a powerful alpha She is tough, strong, brave and determined all rolled up in a snarky, sassy package She is going to need every ounce of quick thinking courage that she can muster, if she has any chance of making it through this challenging situation.Riker is the king of his domain The alpha to his group of shifters He chanced upon the human woman camping on his territory and has decided that a game of cat and mouse is the order of the day Her scent intrigues him and he finds it irresistible If she can make it through his challenge, she may just be the one he has been looking for This chance encounter may just change the course of human shifter history.This is a quick, easy read and has a lot going on in it for such a short story It has definitely climbed to the top, as my favourite story by Ms Huesmann I would love to read a longer version of this tale, withcharacter information, backstory and details.This is a fun, light hearted and interesting read As I have come to expect from Ms Huesmann, it is really well written The story is compelling, sexy and erotic I look forward to the next book from this talented author.Thank you, Ms Huesmann The Alpha s Pride by Deidre Huesmann5 out of 5 starsThis is the first book that I have read by Ms Huesmann it was a short cute story that contains shifters and I love reading about shifters paranormal.This is a story where humans and shifters live in fringe societies, Val is taking a risk camping in the woods on shifter territory Her overconfidence lands her in a game of life and death This shifter is out for amusement, and doesn t care if she wants to play The game is set, and she must participate He offers her a deal if she wounds him, she wins If he catches her, she dies.Riker has every intention of killing her Or did, before her scent hinted she is a potential blood bonded Intrigued by the possibility, he pursues her in a hunt that will change their lives and forever alter shifter and human societies.Will Riker s pride accept Val as his blood bonded or will they kill her Can they overcome their shifter human differences Will their blood bond change the world between the shifters and humans You really need to read this short story in order to find out the answers to my questions I highly recommend this short story and can t wait to see what the author has in stored for us next in this series ByTracy The Alpha s Pride by Deidre Huesmann is what I would consider a very short novel I ve always been into Paranormal especially when it pertains to shifters So to see that this book novel was in relation to Lions Shifters, I was definitely curious The book jumps right into the storyline We meet Val as she s literally running for her life, being chased by a shifter She doesn t know what type of shifter the guy is only that he s dangerous Unfortunately for her, he s making a game out of this What Val doesn t know is that Riker the shifter is actually testing her To make sure that she s worth taking as a mate In his eyes, she has to prove herself and her strength in order to survive Lucky for Val, she s a pretty tough girl who doesn t take crap from anyone and can defend herself I felt that the story was very, very short We get through their little game and he introduces her to his pride And although there is so intercourse, it was very short and quick obviously claiming her I just felt that the author could have done a lotwith this story Either way, it was a good, fun and interesting short read And I ll bethan happy to readfrom this author, as this is the first book that I ve ever ready by her I consider this a 4 star