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Sebastian Condign Is A Chip Off The Old Block Like His Father, Seventeen Year Old Sebastian Can Speak With Dragons Life In Vanali Couldn T Be Better Between Alchemy Lessons And Training With The Wardens, Sebastian S Only Concerns Are About Playing Hooky And Going Exploring With Ana Bellwether, His Life Long Friend And Daughter Of Iria MianWhen A Colossal Summer Storm Blows Sebastian And Ana Across The Sea While Riding Meriakossi, The Easygoing Life He S Used To Takes A Dramatic Change For The Worse Lindi Is Nothing Like Salia The People Are Different, The Dragons Are Different, And A Strange Religion Worshiping The Immortal Host Of God Holds Sway Over The LandAll Sebastian And Ana Want To Do Is Find A Way To Get Home With Meriakossi, But Intrigue And Death Stand Between Them And The Only Seaport That Has Traffic All The Way Back To Salia Sebastian And Ana Have Been Trained For Just This Sort Of Situation, But Training Only Goes So Far Really enjoyed this book Similar characters as the first three books but it s Andrew and Jules son and Iris s daughter on a new mission after being accidentally stranded in a foreign land alone with Meriakossi Absolutely my favorite book yet I could not put it down We are in the same world, but now following the son of the Speaker obviously, from the title and his friend, and enter a new part of this world that you didn t know existed It s exciting, and keeps you enthralled The only problem I had was the cliff hanger at the end But luckily for me, the next book is already out so I ll just continue on This is my favorite of Devin s books It s a very emotional read and I had to out it down a few times because of how invested I was in the story and how tense it got at times Please read this book You won t regret it.