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A Kiss Of Shadows Meredith Gentry Has Been Posing As A Human In Los Angeles, Living As A Private Investigator Specializing In Supernatural Crime But Now Doyle, The Queen S Chief Bodyguard And Assassin, Has Been Dispatched To Fetch Her Back Whether She Likes It Or Not And Suddenly Meredith Finds Herself A Pawn In Her Dreaded Aunt S Plans Plans That Affect The Future Of The Entire UnSeelie CourtCaress Of Twilight I Am Princess Meredith, Heir To A Throne If I Can Stay Alive Long Enough To Claim It My Cousin, Prince Cel, Is Determined To See That I Don T Whichever One Of Us Reproduces First Gets The Throne So Now The Men Of My Royal Guard Have Become My Lovers, Auditioning With Pleasure For The Role Of Future King And Father Of My Child While I Enjoy The Greatest Pleasures Of My Life, I Must Fend Off An Ancient Evil That Could Destroy The Very Fabric Of RealitySeduced By Moonlight I Am Meredith Gentry, PI And Princess Merry, Heir To The Throne Of Faerie Now There Are Those Among Us Who Whisper I Am And Who Can Blame Them I Ve Awakened The Dazzling Magic That S Slumbered In Them For Thousands Of Years Me, A Mongrel, Only Half Fey And Part Mortal There Are Some Who Would Not Have The Unseelie Court Weakened Further By An Impure Queen But They Do Not Know What I Am Capable Of Nor, For That Matter, Do I I couldn t get into the first book of the series, which is why went I tell people to check it out I always give them the name of the second book because I feel like that s where you really get a fell for the world and the charters are actually interesting and there is action. Love all of Laurell K Hamilton s books They are fun, and sexy, A must read to all of her books including the Anita Blake Series I have to laugh when the people who read 50 Shades of Gray I liked these books thought it was so sexy.but Laurell K Hamilton will blow your socks off SEXY, SEX andSEX Love the narration really bring the book s to life Maybe a little steamy for some, but very well written Each book does have a well thought out plot even without the sex scenes which can get a bit much The research on the fae culture is impressive along with the pagan religion. A fun fanciful tale At moments I was turned off by the amount of sexual content in the novel The plot was lost quite a few times Quite frankly I am not a huge fan of the fantasy genre. A Caress Of Twilight by Laurell K Hamilton 2005 a very interesting counterpart and contrast tothe Anita Blake series. Always wanted to be a Faerie Princess Would you still want to be if your Aunt, the Queen of the Unseelie, hated you What about if your cousin, her son, was trying to kill you What if you were part human, and had limited powers against some of the most powerful beings in the world I bet you d change your mind, but poor Meredith doesn t have a choice as she s forced to come out of self imposed exile and is expected to survive the political intrigues of the Fey Courts. Pour les fans