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The Weave Was On The Verge Of Winning A Decisive Victory After A Milennia Of War, Thanks To Their New Allies From Earth But Then The Birdlike Wais Scholar Lalelang Found Evidence That Humans Might Not Adapt Well To Peace Researching Further, She Uncovered A Secret Group Of Telepathic Humans Called The Core, Who Were On The Verge Of Starting Another War, And Then Eliminating Lalelang At The Last Moment, She Was Saved By A Lone Core Commander He Took A Chance On Her Intelligence And Compassion, And Gambled The Fate Of Humanity On The Possibility That Together, They Could Find An Alternative To A Galaxy Wide Bloodbath What happens when you win a war What do you do with soldiers acclimated to violence when the rest of your society is not In his concluding volume of the series, Alan Dean Foster s focus is not on the climactic march to victory over the Amplitur, as you would ordinarily expect to be the case in a trilogy focused on an interstellar war.It is instead on the problem of re integrating the veterans of the war and the too primitive violent humans into a society that is at best uneasy with them Can the diverse confederation of species that make up the good guys overcome the forces of racism, violence, and the danger of a possible human coup It s a gripping finale to a series that stays interesting from page one to the conclusion, and while it provides an emotionally satisfactory conclusion, it doesn t do so the easy way, by just saying Yay The good guys win and everybody lives happily ever after It s been a decade or so since I last read through this series and in spite of that, I remember a great deal of it quite vividly, which is unusual given the number of books I ve read Ordinarily, I have trouble remembering whether or not I read a book, let alone what was in it this is a memorable work. Definitely the best of the trilogy, probably because of the non human protagonist and the way each book builds on the previous without rehashing the plot or reusing characters, but also because at one point, the story actually surprised me in that way good stories do the turn is so obvious when you read it, but you didn t think of it until it happened because you just assumed it wouldn t happen.The writing is a little too pulpy for my tastes, but great world building, and the best character development of all three I m happy to forgive almost anything if I get creative world building. I m not even sure how to feel having finished the series I feel like there could be so manystories in here, so manythings to tell, and yetthere are not Truly I enjoyed every step through this series and hope that others enjoy it as much as I did. This is still a good read, but we had to come up with a way to tie the story up and I found it a little less than what it might have been Still, it s enjoyable The story here seems almost a little hurried to me he got to the end, he knew what the end was how the plot was going to be tied up and got it down Don t get me wrong, it s not a bad book, it s still based on a good idea, a good read and to use the word I used for the the others, fun It just slid a bit and as the second wasn t quite as good as the first, this one isn t quite up to the second It s still good and the trilogy is worth the read.Another good thingFoster managed to hold his trilogy , to three books. I finished the series and felt about this book the way I felt about the other two I keep wishing for better, or forI can really only recommend this series if you re looking for something very different and specifically, where humanity just kicks the snot out of everything else The scenario is a fun one and I ve yet to find anything that explores it better But it is lacking Characters are paper thin and there s a lot of plot twists that come from nowhere I don t mind a plot twist or two, but it s better when I can see that it was hinted at all along and not just a deus ex machina device to pull the heroes out of an unwinnable situation I ll say this much, I m looking forbooks that explore this type of story, but I m not looking for anyDean Alan Foster books. The best of the series Here, a pacifistic bird like alien sociologist embeds herself with a human regiment in a galactic war In this universe, humans are the only naturally warlike species all others are variously inept at fighting for reasons of authorial convenience This was the a terrible stumbling block for me throughout the entire series The action sequences are well done, the broader plot elements were clever, the people were interesting, the penultimate section was terrific and the ending had an element that didn t make logical sense, leavened with hippy dippy crap I ll just pretend the last chapter was a dream sequence, and give this a 3.6 5. This was the last book in the series and I enjoyed it There are some contrived twists that I think weren t baked well I appreciate a twist when an author has laid the groundwork all through the story, but if the twist is thrown in to finish a story, and then explained with awkward ties to the story that are technically possible but nonsensical, then I resent it Other than that, the story is interesting told from an alien s view, which is uncommon in sci fi, and the story line is a plausible and entertaining conclusion of the story of Humans brought in to fight an alien conflict. A very satisfying trilogy Each book builds on the story while being different stories and different character focuses. Book three of The Damned, it scomplex, somewhat slower butambitious than its two predecessors A truly preachy paragraph on the next to last page wrecks the ending, but the rest is good enough to keep the pages turning Recommended A