Read epub For the Love of Mia By B.A. Osahor –

After A Failed Relationship,Year Old Mia Harris, Mother Of Two, Found Herself Back Into The Dating Game Only To Realize That The Rules Of Dating Hadn T Changed All That Much From Two Years Ago, Except The Players Had Gotten A Lot Younger Mia Was Searching For What Most Women Seem To Be Looking For, A Knight In Shining Armor To Come And Sweep Her Off Her Feet, And Carry Her Off To His Castle Sitting On A Hill Where They Would Live Happily Ever After Mia Had Given Up On The Knight, But She Wasn T Ready To Settle For Just Any Man It Took A Tragedy In Her Life To Make Mia Realize Her One True Love Had Been Right Beside Her All Along Sonny Steward, Mia S Best Friend, Although He Was The One Who Had Introduced Blair To Mia, It Wasn T Until After Blair And Mia Had Become A Couple, That Sonny Realized What A Big Mistake He D Made Now Sonny Would Do Anything To Win Back Mia S Love Blair Jan S Freeman On The Outside, He Was Kind And Generous, And He Knew What Women Wanted Blair Knew Mia Was The Women For Him On Their Second Date They Were The Perfect Couple, And Blair Had Everything To Offer Mia But Blair Had A Secret So Big, He Would End Up Putting All Their Lives In Jeopardy