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This Novel Begins In , And As Peter, Paul And Mary Croon On The Radio And Poster Paints Are Splashing The Latest Anti War Slogans Suzanne, A Poet, Lives In A Maine Beach House Awaiting The Birth Of A Love Child She Will Name Sparrow Claudia, Who Weds A Farmer During College, Plans To Raise Three Strong Sons And Elizabeth And Howard Marry, Organize Protest Marches, And Try To Raise Their Two Children With Their Own Earthy, Hippie Values By , Things Have Changed Suzanne, Now With A MBA Has Taken To Calling Sparrow Susan After Personal Tragedy, Claudia Spirals Backward Into Her Sixties World And Into Madness And Elizabeth, Fatally Ill, Watches Despairingly As Her Children Yearn For A Split Level House And A Gleaming Station WagonIn This Beloved, Critically Acclaimed First Novel, Hood S Clear, Brave, And Penetrating Voice Captures The Spirit Of Three Friends Struggling To Resolve Their Lives In A Complicated Time Warp Called Lost Youth

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    A 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 as it suited my mood and read quickly Very much a first book, which the author took to Bread Loaf as what she thought were short stories, and her writing instructor told her they were chapters in a novel It is an enjoyable and easy to read book, but the characters felt a bit flat, as if she needed 60s archetypes hippie earth mother, flower child who suffered later mental illness and tragedy, good girl who rebelled a little and became a buttoned down business typethe men were nearly interchangeable, except some talked than others So much time was spent on a Rebekah and Sparrow, but it felt as if the author really wanted the mothers to be the heart of the story spent too much time on the frame The characters did not not feel as if they emerged organically from the story, they felt like mannequins upon whom the story was hung I liked her settings and descriptions, and feel she has talent, but she needs to matureinterested to try another book and see if she improves.

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    I first read this novel when I was the age of the teenagers who are portrayed, and have kept it and re read until now I m older than the parents in the novel When I look at it critically, I can see some of the critiques that others have brought up, but I am so struck every time I read it by some new nuance It has resonated for nearly 30 years, and will continue to do so, I suspect.

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    An unsatisfying book, beginning to end Hood is a new author for me picked the book up in a resale shop, because it was a story about three girls who meet in college in the late sixties The narrative traces their stories until the mid 80s when the book was written.Maybe I would have liked it if I read it when it was new and I was the same age as the characters but probably not, as the story never seemed to catch fire, offer any surprises or enlighten the reader with conclusions or insights Several of the main characters Suzanne, Abel, Claudia seemed flat and one dimensional, caricatures of sixties types And the plot kind of meandered around and then stopped There wasn t much to care about.

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    Love Ann Hood s writing This book was a bit too predictable though It s about three college friends in the sixties and it explores the paths they choose after college The book shifted from past to present a lot and it was a bit unsettling for me.

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    Awkward ending, just dropped off Truly enjoyed her newest, The Knitting Circle but forget this one disappointing

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    Brilliant The Vietnam era is vividly captured by Ann Hood New York Times Book ReviewIn 1969, as Peter, Paul and Mary croon on the radio and poster paints are splashing the latest antiwar slogans, three friends find love Suzanne, a poet, lives in a Maine beach house awaiting the birth of a child she will call Sparrow Claudia, who weds a farmer during college, plans to raise three strong sons Elizabeth and her husband marry, organize protests, and try to rear two children with their hippy values By 1985, things have changed Suzanne, now with an MBA, calls Sparrow Susan Claudia spirals backward into her sixties world and into madness And Elizabeth, fatally ill, watches despairingly as her children yearn for a split level house and a gleaming station wagon Reading group guide included.We join the story from the point of view of Sparrow, who longs for a father she has never knownand who is curious about a vaguely recalled image of a house in Maine She also has a photo of her father standing next to a green Day Glo VW.Rebekah, child of Elizabeth, was born frowning, according to those who share thoughts about her But Rebekah feels ugly and wants to change how she looksso she has a secret nose job Her relationship with her mother is complex and troubled.Henry, child of Claudia, and secretly in love with Rebekah, recalls life before.and longs for his own special love story Somewhere Off the Coast of Maine A Novel weaves the tales of these characters, sweeping back and forth, showing what life was like for old friends Suzanne, Claudia, and Elizabethand then revealing how life has played out for them.Suzanne, Sparrow s mother, obsessively tries to create an entirely different kind of life for herselfand wants to forget everything about that time in Maine, when she was in love and when she took risks and didn t follow the rules.Claudia lives in her own dream world, focused on a moment in time and wishing she could change things.Elizabeth feels life slipping away and watches those she loves moving on without her.And finally, Sparrow sees her father again.and realizes that illusions and reality are two different things.Poignant, sad, but with beautiful happy moments that can be brought out like treasures to remember and nourish, I could not help but feel connected to them and to the times in which their friendships and their first loves were born The times, indeed, were a changing Five stars.

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    In an interview on Suite 101, Ann Hood describes writing her debut novel, Somewhere Off the Coast of Maine long hand during long flights She was working at the time as a flight attendant Knowing the circumstances of how the book explains for me the dominant theme of the book the resurfacing of memories, good and bad in a time of personal reflection.The novel begins with Sparrow, a teenager, wanting to know about her father To her, he is only a man in faded photograph She wants to meet him She wants to get away from home, from her mother who has decided to start calling her Susan Sparrow s not the only teen in this book looking for something There are others, all of them children of women who went to college together in the 1960s.The book then goes back in time to the mothers to tell their stories At first I was reluctant to continue, afraid that the book would lose its meditative tone in lieu of nostalgia Thankfully it doesn t These moments in the pass are fleeting, the years jumping from memory to memory.Somewhere Off the Coast of Maine can be read either a chapter a night or in one long sitting The chapters stand apart, working almost as self contained short stories Together though they do build a portrait of friendship, memories, loss and grief over twenty five year s time.

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    This book needed to explain the actions of many of the main characters Perhaps less of them and background on each This definitely felt like a first novel for the author, lots of potential but not there yet.

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    I love Ann Hood s writing but this novel did not appeal to me I finished it but wondered what exactly was the point of this novel Friendship gone awry Lost love I was aggravated that I wasted two days reading this book.

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    I thought this book had potential when I started reading it, but then somewhere it the middle it lost it for me And the ending was there an ending It seemed to me that the author also got bored with the story and just stopped writing.