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Step Into Jackie S World, Where Starstruck Lovers Get A Little Help From Cupid Jackie Cupid Jackie Cupid S First Love When Eros, The God Of Love, Appears To Jackie Cupid And Transforms Her Into A Real Life Cupid With Magical Love Powers And An Outstanding Bombshell Body, Jackie Is Keen To Take On The Challenge Look Out, Baby, There S A New Cupid In Town There S Just One Catch Jackie S First Couple Is A Test The Potential Soul Mates Are Estranged Best Friends Who Must Fall Madly In Love With Each Other By Christmas Morning Or Jackie Will Lose All Her Powers, Along With Her Outstanding Bombshell Body Samantha Bowers, The Local Preacher S Daughter, And Luke Rutherford, An Out Of Town Businessman, Haven T Spoken In Over A Year Getting These Two Together Is A Series Of Star Struck Misadventures Jackie Has To Learn How Deep To Prick Someone With Her Tiny Magical Stars Arrows Are Way Too Gauche So They Can Become Delirious With Desire Just Not Too Delirious More Importantly, Jackie Must Learn When To Poke Them Or That Person Might Fall For Anyone But Their Intended Lover The Clock Is Ticking Christmas Is Fast Approaching Will Jackie Cupid Turn These Two Misbegotten Lovers Around In Time To Keep Her Powers Or Will Her Magic Become A Stardust Memory It S Written In The Stars Billionaire, Antonio Milani Has Come To London For The Annual Book Fair And To Retrieve His First Edition, Signed Copy Of Oliver Twist, From A Woman Who Not Only Played Him In His Bed, But Pretended To Be A Talented New Author His Publishing House Was Courting Margot James Has Spent The Better Part Of Her Adult Life Raising Two Children In A Small Town And Writing Stories In Her Personal Journals Now That Her Kids Are Grown, Margot Takes A Leap Of Faith And Travels To London To Visit Her Best Friend, Jackie Cupid When Her Friend Takes A Hike And Leaves Her With Antonio Milani, The Delicious Looking Billionaire, Margot Wants Nothing Than To Fly Back Home But Jackie Has Used Her Magical Stars On These Two And The Attraction, Heat, And A Pending Book Contract Get In The Way Of Margot S Departure Will Cupid S Magic Be Enough To Keep These Two Lovers Together, Despite The Odds, Or Will Best Friend Guilt Get In The Way Of Their Destiny This was a lovely written story, I could see the way it was unfolding, the magic in the love, and delivering the people together in finding love, I was into and really loved the layout, the story flowed and I loved the cover I look at covers and see if they are exciting, the cover attracts me every time I was like that first was short, I was thrilled the carry on flowed just as great I felt I got a bonus This was delightful, funny, and I loved the way a sparkle earring was the catch, As I was recovering from a car accident, plus another skin cancerous removed I was not able to watch TV, or be on the PC for long as I had concussion So I read, these delightful written stories. A new twist on Cupid that you ll love Fun characters with a happily ever after I truly enjoyed this book and the fact that there are two stories just makes it that much better This book has plenty of comedy and romance I was a little confused at first because the book goes from Jackie finding out Cupid isthan just a last name to Samantha and Dani talking about Christmas I thought that Jackie would haveof a role in the first of the book so it took me a chapter or so to realize that the first part was just a starter for the book and that the story didn t start until after This book is different than the cowboy series but I really liked the whimsical feel to the stories I like stories that are fun and light hearted so this was a home run for me I cannot wait to read the next in the series I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review This is a fun and quirky read I enjoyed the antics, fun dialogue and pacing The Cupid element makes insta love make sense I think I always would rather have afleshed out story but these are short and fun, no heavy thinking required My only disappointment is the lack of actual appearances by Jackie We get to know her a bit in the prologue and explanation of her ancestry, but little of her appears in the stories I think she s such a fun character I would like to seeof her. OkSuch a quirky and humorous start to the series, two books in one First we meet Luke and Samantha who are best friends and Jackie s first hookup as a Cupid The book was filled with the unexpected and ended in happy ever after The second story is Antonio and Margot the attraction is there but each is afraid to act upon it until a steroids of events happen All in all a fun hilarious read Love is in the airI love how writers are still able to take an idea that one assumes is so old and stale and discussed to death and use some newfangled twist to create an entirely fresh sparkling story Being a mythology fan I thought Cupid had been done to death, but was pleasantly surprised by this jaunty story While there are the usual trite coincidences and understandings this was a delightfully fun quick read. If you can suspend your imagination long enough to believe that Cupid is a 35 year old woman who uses stars instead of arrows to bring lovers together than you will totally enjoy this book Mary Leo has written 2 delightful stories of people who have found love thanks to Cupid s magic This book was an absolute delight to read and it will ptut a smile on your face. Jackie Cupid s First Love and It s Written In The Stars is two stories in the first book in the Kiss of Magic Romance series, full of quirky humor and romance InJackie Cupid s First Love, we meet Luke and Samantha, who were best friends As Jackie s first couple there is a catch, she is on a timeline with consequences if she fails In It s Written In The Stars, we meet Antonio and Margot They are attracted to each other, but are afraid to act on their attraction until they can have things line up All in all a fun read. I think this was a random pickup read for me I wasn t dying to read it nor was I unhappy about reading it I simply was So this is about cupid setting people up Sure The catch Cupid is a woman who is completely new at this sort of thing I really can t put my finger on it Neither of the books did anything for me.