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It Has Been Seventeen Years Since You Went Missing, Princess It Has Been Twenty Five Years Since You Were Born There Have Been Too Many Christmases Without You In The Summer Of , Schoolgirl Sarah Payne Went Missing From A Beach Where She Played With Her Siblings The Nation Waited With Her Whole Family As The Search For The Little Girl Touched The Hearts Of Everyone In The Country After Sarah S Body Was Found, Abducted And Murdered By Convicted Paedophile Roy Whiting, Her Mother, Sara, Spoke Of How She Had Survived Those Terrible TimesNow, Seventeen Years Later, Sara Wants To Tell The Full Story Of How She Coped Then, And How She Has Survived Through A Series Of Letters To Her Beloved Daughter, She Takes The Reader On A Heart Breaking But Uplifting Journey Through Every Parent S Worst Nightmare In A Moving Account Of The Ultimate Emotional Survival It Is A Story For The Little Girl Who Was Taken, But A Reminder To Us All That Hope Never Dies And Love Never Ends What a remarkable woman, Sara Payne is Her life and the lives of her family was torn apart when her eight year old daughter Sarah was kidnapped and murdered Through the years she had fought to protect other children by fighting to approve a new law were all paedophiles in the area will be known to the parents, known as Sarah s law This book will remain with me forever. What a phenomenal woman Sara Payne is This book was a rollercoaster of emotions and she is so strong to share her story with everyone This book not only tells Sara s story of how losing her daughter has affected her throughout life but it also informs on the laws surrounding child protection It also begins a conversation about acknowledging a child when they tell you something about someone that may be hurting them We must begin to help children to be brave and speak up about something that may be happening to them behind their parents back Sarah s law has established a foundation for the protection of all children since her murder Through the loss of Sarah, her mother has f ought to keep as many children as safe as possible so that no one else will face the same fate as Sarah This book is so powerful, emotional, beautifully written and really changes your mindset about how short life really is and that no matter what you, mustn t forget how to live and love. A Mother s Grief Stricken Quest A heart wrenching story every mother should read The thought of your child suffering rips your heart and soul out