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Bloodlines Vampire Twins,by Janice Harrell Struggling To Cope With Their Dark Vampire Legacy, Anne Marie Montclair Grieves Over Her Mother S Tragic Death, While Her Twin Brother, Paul, Is Torn Between His Love For His Sister And His Hatred Toward The Father Who Had Abandoned HimVampire Twins Trilogy BloodlinesNotRetrouvez Vampire Twins Trilogy Bloodlines, Bloodlust, Bloodchoice Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Bloodlines Vampire Twins, VolHarrell, JaniceBloodlines, The First Book Of The Vampire Twins Series, Was A Great Vampire Story For Teens It Is The Story Of A Twin Brother And Sister, Ari And Paul, Who After Their Mother S Death, Discover The Dark Secret Their Family Hides A Great, Suspensful Story Bloodlines Vampire Twins, VolbyBuy Bloodlines Vampire Twins, Volby Online Onat Best Prices Fast And Free Shipping Free Returns Cash On Delivery Available On Eligible Purchase Voerman Twins Gothique Addon Vampire The Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Combines Intense First Person Action With An Open, Non Linear World, Rich Character Development And An Immersive Storyline The Game Plunges Players Into The Dark And Gritty Vampire Underworld Of Modern Day LA As A Creature Of The Night, Interacting With And Battling Mortals And Other Creatures Of Darkness With An Incredible Array Of Vampire Powers, Skills And Traits Vampire Twins Series By Janice Harrell Goodreads Bloodlines Vampire Twins,, Bloodlust Vampire Twins,, Bloodchoice Vampire Twins,, Blood Reunion Vampire Twins,, Vampire Twins Trilogy Vampire Twins Trilogy Vampire Twins, By BLOODLINES A Serial Killer With A Lust For Blooda Father Who Is Missinga Mother Who Dies Paul And Ari S One Chance For Survival Is To Stay Together BLOODLUST Seduced By A Beautiful Vampire, Paul Plunges Into His Father S Legacy Will This New Power Destroy His Relationship With Ari Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Wikipdia Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Ou Simplement Bloodlines, Parfois Abrg VTMB Est Un Jeu Vido De Rle Dvelopp Par Troika Games Et Dit Par Activision Sur PC Windows En Novembreen Europe Et En Amrique Du Nord Therese Voerman Vampire The Masquerade

10 thoughts on “Bloodlines (Vampire Twins, #1)

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    This kind of sounds like a YA version of what my friend Heather Crews writes.

    Really excited to read this as part of my YA challenge! I found out that a lot of older vintage YA are available for free through KU, and this is one of the books on my list because #vampires. :F

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    This is a great book. A set of twins move in with a relative after their Mother is killed. Then they find an odd behaving aunt who jogs at night and family secrets.

    This book took me back to a time in middle school when I'd
    stay up reading and reading late into the night. I want to continue the series and search out other series/books by this author. It is not often, these days, in my adulthood I find YA novels I like. V C Andrews is about the only YA author I'll auto buy. I am glad to see another I like.

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    I read this series twice 20 years ago because I couldn't form much of an opinion on it. It appeared to be a cheesy mess, but I liked vampire stories too much not to finish it and attempt it a second time. I started reading it again last night, as it was making me nostalgic as it collected dust on the shelf, and went at least 200 pages in before the writing and dialogue started to wear me down- it was even worse than I recalled. The plot is a slight shade of goal-less, the way the characters interact unrealistic, and what should be a brilliant aspect of family drama and siblings maturing, growing apart, and becoming their own people is so muddled as to be comical. There weren't really any characters to relate to or like as a teen or adult. Granted, it's a YA book, but just because the target audience might be young doesn't mean you can toss devoid, muddled plots around and hope something sticks.

    Also, I remember this 4 book series ending very tragically and, unfortunately, insipidly. It feels as if the ending serves no purpose, and as if the latter half of the second-to-last and final books exist just to push a character to extremes to achieve the ending. There's no subtle setting or clever development from point A to B in that regard at all. It's just 'because of vampires!' IMHO, it feels like the author didn't know how to end what was by then a train wreck, and tacked on all the ending bits out of exasperation.

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    This was kind of fun. It took me back to my late middle school / early high school days, the style very much reminds me of paranormal books by other authors I was reading back then (Christopher Pike, Lois Duncan, L.J. Smith).

    YA of today certainly doesn’t read quite as young feeling as it did twenty-five or thirty years ago, in my opinion. But I would have happily gobbled this up in my teens. As it is, it’s still an engaging read but is also unlike a lot of YA currently being published. I really enjoyed the way the story unfolded. The two main characters, sixteen year old twins Anne-Marie (Ari for short) and Paul, are in the dark about a lot of things and you’re getting information filtered through their perspectives. At first, things are weird and creepy but they don’t seem too out of the ordinary. But over time things start adding up. The kids are having weird visions and they don’t know if they’re just dreaming or hallucinating or what and they keep trying to come up with logical explanations for everything they’re seeing and experiencing in their Aunt’s house. I think we, as the reader, are able to perfectly piece together what’s happening for the most part–after all if you’re reading a book about vampires you know the signs of vampires and what to look for. So part of the engagement of the story is the reader being in on the secret and wondering when they’re going to figure things out. Of course, there are still some things that aren’t spelled out for the reader and those little mysteries provide some entertainment as well.

    Paul and Ari were okay as characters, although the way this is written we’re kind of kept at a distance from them in some ways. I didn’t really start connecting with either of them much until near the end of the story. I would like to see both of them fleshed out a little more, or have more personality. I think even their aunt had more personality than either of the kids. Also, there’s this bond between the kids that was giving me a weird vibe like maybe they were too close at times, but maybe that’s just a twin thing and wasn’t properly written or maybe I’m reading too much into things. But why are they kind of jealous of each other dating? Ummm….lol.

    My only other major complaint is that it ends on a huge cliffhanger! Now I kind of want to find out more about these kids and what happens to them. Are they finally going to meet their mysterious father? Was their mother’s death really an accident? What’s up with all these vampires in the DC area? (As a side note, I just want to say that I knew it, I knew there were vampires in the area–there’s always so much more traffic around here as soon as it gets dark out earlier and that’s the only logical explanation, of course 😉 )

    Overall, this was an okay read for what it was, certainly had me entertained at the very least. I’ll probably pick up the next one at some point just to see what happens. 3/5 stars.

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    The thrilling story of a sister and brother torn apart by the unthinkable secret that is their destiny.

    ANNE MARIE MONTCLAIR: Devastated by her mother's tragic death, she hungers for an escape from her misery. Must Anne Marie abandon her beloved twin brother to find the happiness she craves?

    PAUL MONTCLAIR: Haunted by his contempt for the father who abandoned him, he searches for the power to forget his past. When Paul's hatred drives him to betray Anne Marie, can he regain the trust of the only person he truly loves?

    My Review

    Paul and Anne Marie Montclair are teenage twins living with their mother in New Orleans. The story opens with Paul reading about the latest exploits of the local serial killer in the newspaper. The police have no leads, only completely exsanguinated bodies. When tragedy strikes, Paul and Ari are sent to live with their aunt Gabrielle in Washington, D.C. They soon notice that Aunt Gabrielle has some strange habits - rarely touching her food at dinner, sleeping all day, taking nightly jogs and coming in looking all pink and refreshed. They also begin to have waking visions of vampires and other fanged creatures in their bedrooms. Paul and Ari have no idea what to do to make it stop, but, one way or another, they're going to figure out what's going on.

    The reader knows what's going on long before Paul and Ari figure it out for themselves (although the name of the series - "Vampire Twins" - is sort of a glaring hint). Bloodlines contains a lot of set-up for the next books, and as such the blurb on the back cover is somewhat misleading. There's much action at all in this first installment. That's not to say that Bloodlines isn't worth reading, but it's worth a warning.

    I loved this series back in middle school. I really started getting into paranormal fiction back then, although that would taper off during high school and not re-emerge until I went away to college. Unfortunately, that was right at the end of the 90's paranormal craze, so the only place that still carried these books was the local used bookstore. When I lost my copy of the Vampire Twins 2, I couldn't find another one anywhere, at least not for an exorbitant price. After finally tracking one down last year, I put off re-reading the series for fear that it wouldn't be as good as I remembered. While it's not exactly groundbreaking, I did enjoy this first book and can't wait to get a chance to run through the rest of them again.

    Fans of L.J. Smith's NightWorld series will likely enjoy this series.

    The other titles in the Vampire Twins series are: Bloodlust, Bloodchoice, and Blood Reunion.

    3.5 stars


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    It is a little hard to write a review for this book as I read it over ten years ago, which made me about 11 at the time.

    I know I liked the book, because I ended up reading the entire series. But back then I'd read just about every Young Adult vampire series that was out.

    I would like to get this book again someday, if I can find a used copy. So I can re-read it and put up a better review, as well as relive my childhood memories.

    I'd suggest this book as a good gift for the young vampire novel reader in your life, if you can find a copy (though beware, if they like it then you'll have to find the other three as well).

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    Now that I have reread this fifteen years later, I can say that I know why I liked it in my youth but I cannot say that it created as much of an impact in adulthood. I always liked the idea of twin siblings, who sharing thoughts and quirks, experiencing the reentry of their father in different ways. Paul's reaction continued to frustrate me and I felt that Ari could have been a stronger character. Aunt Gabrielle seemed almost humorous to me and in some ways I liked her. She was charming and caring in a strange way.

    I will always think of this book and the subsequent books fondly. However, I realize that they do not carry the same fascination and adoration into adulthood.

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    Harrell is queen of the awkward segue. This series is super fun so far but like all of her books, lose steam and start to run on as a way to try and fill three books. This is even worse here because she added a FOURTH volume. Once again, a rustic retreat cottage is central to the plot...sort of. Since I'm definitely guilty of the same derivative tactic in my own work, maybe I should not have mentioned it. But you will have lots of fun reading about psychopathic vampires and families and twins and stuff.

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    I needed a palette cleanser after my attempt at Book of Numbers, and I conveniently happened across this copy of an old favorite. I haven't read this series in 20 years, but it was just as fun as I remembered. Palette cleansed!

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    This was a pretty good series. What I still remember is their weird fangs, though--if they were about to bite someone and got interrupted, the fangs were really long and pointy and got all folded up in their mouths making it hard for them to talk.