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Fixed lenses with a limited world view is what you get for being a city dweller all your life The Wall smashes that lens It gives you a kaleidoscope instead It pushes you into the deep end of life within a village in Karnataka It puts you in a time and space with problems, suppositions and solutions that few of us would have thought of before What I love about this book besides it being a real page turner is the way in which it seamlessly blends reality, internal politics, mythology, sex and religion to further it s narrative.More than having a beginning and an end, it pulls us into a world that make you feel the need to discover , read , so you have a chance to spend a littletime in the bountiful village and The Wall.Superb work of art, Sowmya Aji Drawing Its Narrative Strength From Several Folk Forms, Sowmya Aji S Novel Is An Engrossing Amalgam Of Intense Love, Jealousy, Revenge And Unrealised Dreams The Reader Is Transported To Another World, One Both Like And Unlike Ours, Where The Presence Of The Titular Wall Is As Real As It Is Metaphorical Vivek ShanbhagA Stone Wall At The Periphery Of A Village Somewhere In Karnataka Guards A Dangerous Mystery Yet, Four Generations Of Women From The Headman S Family Helpless And Spirited, Headstrong And Weak With Desire Have A Wayward Fascination With It And With Annaiah Who Comes, Some Say, From Across The WallTradition And Subversion Coexist With Superstitions And The Slow Advent Of Modernity In This Powerful Novel Where Time Is A Wilful Beast And The Gods Walk Among Us