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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERWinner Of ABC S Dancing With The Stars SeasonTheNew York Times Bestselling Author Of Bare Bones, Host Of The Marquee Morning Program The Bobby Bones Show, Comedian And Dedicated Philanthropist Delivers An Inspirational And Humorous Collection Of Stories About His Biggest Misses In Life And How He Turned Them Into Lessons And Wins Bobby Bones Is The Youngest Inductee Ever Into The National Radio Hall Of Fame Alongside Legends Dick Clark, Larry King, And Howard Stern As The Most Powerful Man In Country Music Forbes , He Has Reached The Peak Of His Profession And Achieved His Childhood Dreams Each Weekday Morning, Than Five Million Fans Tune In To His Radio ShowBut As Bobby Reveals, A Lot Of What Made Him Able To Achieve His Goals Were Mistakes, Awkward Moments, And Embarrassing Situations Lemons That He Turned Into Lemonade Through Hard Work And Humility In This Eye Opening Book, He Ll Include Ideas And Motivations For Finding Success Even When Seemingly Surrounded By Impossible Odds Or Tough Failures He Also Includes Anecdotes From Some Of His Famous Friends Andy Roddick, Chris Stapleton, Charlamagne Tha God, Charles Esten, Brooklyn Decker, Walker Hayes And Asa Hutchinson Who Open Up About Their Own MisstepsBobby S Mantra Is Fight Grind Repeat A Man Who Refuses To Give Up, He Sees Failure As Something To Learn From And The Recollections In This Funny, Smart Book, Full Of Bobby S Brand Of Self Effacing Humor, Show How He S Become Such A Beloved Goofball I m a huge bobby bones show fan listen to the show pod cast every day Unfortunately I didn t love this book Disclaimer, I listened to it on audible thinking it would be better since I m used to listening to him I DNF 3 4 of the way through It had some good advice but I just found myself bored, and a little annoyed He is simultaneously self deprecating and self promoting patting himself on the back Some of the advice, all based in his life, is not practical or healthy work life balance , which could be a huge reason for his lack of a girlfriend or intimate friendships or a social life Like saying he doesn t miss work unless he is literally dead going to work or doing a show when he was literally vomiting and sick with a fever I guess meaning if you don t do this, you are considered weak But on the show he gets mad at anyone who shows up with even a sniffle because he doesn t want to get sick It s not really polite to go to work vomiting and sick with a fever to get everyone around you sick So, I get the message, I just thought it was a little overboard and his lifestyle reflects that in his personal relationships he self admittedly has a lot of emotional issues that lead him to be a workaholic which of course will bring great success but at what cost I didn t read his first book, and I m sure a memoir would have been better suited I was also probably a little annoyed already by all the self promotion on the show about the book. This is nonfiction self help I didn t know who this author was, but I found out a little about him from this book I listened to the audio and this actually grated on me in the beginning It felt a little exhausting because he was ALWAYS in high performance mode Really.it felt exhausting as I listened to the audio But when he opened up a little, it felt a littlereal I enjoyed his message, especially the part when he talked about the daily grind As I listened to this, I thought one of my sons would benefit from this. I had to edit my stars because I was judging unfairly This is a self help book I thought it would have some fun relatable stories but I just felt lectured to And because I went in reading thinking it was going to be fun interesting stories I wanted to give it 3 s but for the topic of self help it was well put together and easy to grasp So that gets 5 sStill very interesting but not entertaining as I was hoping. The book Fail Until You Don t was an interesting read for me Before reading this book I had never read a self help book, but it was recommended to me by a few friends I really enjoyed reading this book It was interesting to hear the mindset of Bobby Bones who came from so little as a child, to have had so much success in so many different aspects of his life I really like his motto Fight Grind Repeat I believe that ifpeople would follow this way of looking at life that many people would be happier with their lives The Fight part of the motto I feel tells you if something is worth doing, whether it s a job or anything in life, you have to be willing to fight to get it done If it s a job you have to fight to get that job, send in a resume , go to an interview or multiple interviews to have a chance to get the job Deciding to Fight for whatever you are interested in is the first step Next comes the Grind step No matter what you do there will be parts of your job that you may not like, but you always have to work to get better at everything, not just what you enjoy If you don t Grind every day you will become complacent and start to decline in your work This complacency will cause you to either lose your job, or if you are in a field where you work off of commission then you will not be able to support yourself The last step Repeat means you have to be willing to do it all over again if things do not work out More often than not you will not succeed or find the perfect job on your very first try So you need to be willing to repeat the process to succeed and be happy in life. I received this book as an advanced reader s copy and this book had inspiration to the nth degree Our community are country music fans and are familiar with Bobby Bones and the work he has done with the Raging Idiots and on his talk show There were moments where I was hysterically laughing because not because I found the book amusing or funny but in the moment that I totally understand everything Bones went through Our community also loves inspiring stories so this is the icing on the cake that will sure do well at our library A fantastically witty read that definitely deserves 5 stars I like listening to the Bobby Bones morning show every morning while I work I discovered it after going down a rabbit hole of Nashville related things a place I visited for 24 hours and absolutely LOVED The guy is just that a guy Super normal, nothing super extravagant about him Just a laid back DJ talking all things pop culture current events and country music on the radio a genre that I ve been kind of enjoying the last 5 years or so This book gives you a lot of insight on his process and what he did in order to be as successful as he is now I liked this book The tone was just as if he was talking on his radio show The things he suggested were not impossible His perspective on how to look at things was a refreshing thing to take in as well I love a good success story, especially about a field that I am super interested in.Now, his lifestyle isn t that of a normal person as he s a radio host for a show that airs at 5AM every day among other things that he commits to But, if you need a little fire to get you going on goals that you want to achieve, this book definitely motivates you I m not big on self help books, and I m not sure this even qualifies as such However, I read this very quickly, took away a few things from it, and feelmotivated about my goals that I ve been feeling a little inadequate about ie right now I am trying to learn German THAT IS TOUGH and I fail every day with my American accent alone But as Bobby Bones says Fight, Grind and Repeat Fail until you don t I can dig that. Storms are never good They are never fun They are never wanted But you get used to dealing with them once you ve been through a few The result is, you begin to see that a storm doesn t have to ruin your entire day And even if it does ruin a day, it doesn t ruin a week Sometimes we need a storm Storms can be great Maybe not right in the middle of the high winds and pelting rain But when it all blows over, you really appreciate the view. FIRSTI can t wait to find out why he jumped out of a plane I have always had the tendency to read nonfiction booksslowly than fiction, even when I ve really enjoyed them I ve blown through this book like it was a novel I ve absolutely loved it I enjoyed the way Mr Bones wrote it, full of humor as well as heart This was exactly what I needed to read at this point of my journey Fight Grind Repeat Fantastic advice from someone who practices what he preaches.