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Shifter s Shadow takes place right where Dragon s Storm ends with the BIG surprise Leda and Nero are now officially a couple in this one I m happy that they are finally together, but that doesn t mean things will go smoothly In Shifter s Shadow we get Nero s promotional test, the Gods Trial, and he has picked Leda as his second Lets, just say this test isn t easy and what the Gods expect Nero to do is down right upsetting and sad, but these two always find away to work around the rules and bet the odds.As you can guess we get to meet the Gods and Goddess Can t say I m a fan Their seams to be things going on that only a slit few know about a war amongst the gods and of course the issue with the demons Not only do we meet the gods, but we getsurprises in the supernatural world that I didn t see coming Leda has leveled up again and gets to lead her own team on a mission, while Nero stands by and observes Leda is a fun character to like She s sarky, kick ass, and knows what to do in situations She keeps her cool and keeps everyone on her team alive Ms Summers has done a wonderful job in her world building, character development, and bringing in something new to each additional installment Legion of Angels is a fantastic series I m hooked Each installment brings me something new to love It s been a while since I ve found a series that has pulled me in and made me want to read one book after another Now that I m done with book five, Shifter s Shadows, I ll have to wait for book six, since it s not out yet Rated 4 Stars With each new book, Leda typically gains a new power level The journey is usually filled with danger, sassiness, humor, and magic This time, it s not just Leda who achieves power, and I was tickled pink by the ending The Legion series has become a keeper The characters are lively, dimensional, and quirky enough to keep me entertained with the good and the bad and I fly across the pages in sheer delight over their antics Leda, Nero, Basanti, and Nyx are my big favorites, but I honestly like them all except Fireswift Sr I d rather deal with Darth Vader off to book 6 I just flove Ella Summers Legion of Angels series I can t get enough of them They re like a drug to me which I just need constant fixes of I Seriously Flipping Love These Books My excitement levels were at fever pitch when I heard Shifter s Shadow, book 5 in the Legion of Angels series, was up for pre order and about to come out I squealed with excitement, and may of done a little book nerd bum wiggle too However, you always have to be careful going into a new book in a series with high expectations.No need to worry here though because this book was just AMAZING Ella Summers never seems to disappoint me with any of her books She manages to draw me into their depths with the action packed adventure and the awesome characters I never want to put her books down, and I rarely do, managing to breathe them all in just in one sitting Shifter s Shadow did that all over again to me, and I was consumed by this story ignoring anything and everything around me.Shifter s Shadow kicks right back off where book 4 ended and the question is is that angel Nero That gets answered several times over as do several other questions in this book Ella Summers is slowly building this series to a crescendo pitch It s slowly building and growing in each book, enticing you with unanswered questions but feeding you little tidbits along the way In this book there were some explosive questions answered about some characters and situations The Gods finally came in to play and the story took a twist that I m looking forward to seeing play out.Not only is the world building great in this series as a whole but so is the character development Leda is one of my favourite characters, she kicks ass and is sarky, but she also has a heart of gold In this book she really comes in to her element She shows why she is the perfect partner to Nero, but we re still not any closer to discovering just what she is Everytime I think I ve worked it out, Ella Summers throws another spanner in the works to throw me off the scent Nero Well just wow Just when I think I can t fall evenin love with him he goes and does something else that makes him 10 times hotter than he was before The passion between him and Leda which was growing through books 1 3 and exploded in book 4 is steaming off the pages Their relationship is HAWT It s just perfect.How can I not give this book 5 stars I d give itif I could because it s just brilliant Each book in this series is just getting better than the last and I m loving it It s a must read series and book which I keep on telling everyone to read If you ve already read books 1 4 then don t hesitate, pick this up and read it now and let it s contents transport you to a world that you wished you were in Perfect. I feel generous today so 3.5 stars Limited Time Pre Order Discount Next To The Powers Of Heaven And Hell, We Are Nothing So This Was Just One Gigantic, Cosmic War Between Light And Dark Magic And We Were Only A Small Part Of It, A Tiny Dot In The Gods Empire It Was No Wonder That They Saw Us As Insignificant Tested By The Gods, Leda And Her Angelic Mate Nero Venture Into The City Of Ashes, A Fallen Fortress In The Western Wilderness Where Nightmarish Monsters Reign Supreme And An Ancient Secret Is Buried To Survive The Gods Trials, They Will Have To Save The City And They Will Have To Do It Without Their Magic Their Victory, However, Comes At A Heavy Price And The Secret They Uncover Will Upset The Balance Of Power Between Earth And Heaven Shifter S Shadow Is The Fifth Book In The Legion Of Angels Series The Legion Of Angels Series Vampire S Kiss Witch S Cauldron Siren S Song Dragon S Storm Shifter S Shadow BookComing Soon I want the next book NOW I superduper LOVE this series It just keeps getting better and better Now off to re read everything all over again Thank you Sharon J for recommending this series to me This was an incredible read The story continues right where book 4, The Dragon s Storm ends In this book, Leda is trying to advance her magic level to level 5, Shifter s Shadow Also, we get to see Nero go through his level 10 promotion trials The story as always has action, adventure, romance and twists The characters are amazing Leda and Nero are my favourite characters and I am so happy that they are now a couple Their chemistry is amazing and they are adorable together I love seeing Neroopen because he loves Leda and I am happy to see her as her snarky self because I think she is a badass The ending was perfect I can t wait to see what Book 6 will take us Overall, an amazing read. Feel like I should have taken notes, when you binge a 7 8 book series things tend to blur. It keeps getting better and better.Leda as always is fierce and funny, but in this one we are able to see the the love between her and Nero, and is fantastic.I can t get enough of them They are the best couple He trust her and encorager, push her to be better And always is ther for her.This book has action, a huge surprise and we are able to meet the gods.I don t want to say much for fear of spoilers, but you have to read this serie is really entertaining and diferent Is my favorite of this genero.And as always I need the next the soon as posible I like this series, the world and the characters but we are at book 5 and I really need to knowabout the h s backstory ie what she isAnd this books baddie was just mehOverall liked it and look forward to the next