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A Feisty Fashion Mogul A Billionaire Financier One Rule They Can T Break Liz McKenna S Fashion Business Is Solid But She S Ready To Take It To The Next Level Bonnaire Enterprises Has The Capital She S Been Seeking And All She Needs To Do Is Travel To London To Seal The Deal Kent Is A Money Guy, And Not Just Because He S A Born Billionaire The Future CEO Of Bonnaire Enterprises Is Ready To Accept His New Position When He S Served With A Lawsuit Instead If He Wants To Secure His Future At The Company, He Ll Have To Take On A Fake Fianc E And Keep His Hands To Himself But When The Gorgeous, Feisty Liz Becomes His Newest Client, He Questions His Priorities Behind Closed Office Doors, Liz And Kent Must Choose Between Professionalism Or Losing Their Shirts Lose Your Shirt Is A Sexy Billionaire Office Romance If You Like Bad Boys In Suits And Secret Stares Across The Conference Room Table, Then You Ll Love Amanda Aksel S Follow Up To Lingerie On The Floor Buy Lose Your Shirt To Satisfy Your Craving For That HEA Today

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    So Much in CommonI was asked by the writer to do an ARC for this bookFive Winning StarsI was completely thrilled to accept this most wonderful second book, The Londonaire Brother Written by the amazing author, Amanda Aksel Another such amazing romantic book I thoroughly adored this most enjoyable excitingly story ever Liz had heard that for any business women, the one she has to do is made was to make it to the top of her career Doing this would soon make her the loneliest person around Although, she didn t seem to care about that at all anyway Liz always knew that was her only ever aim in life She always knew she wouldn t have as many friends She had to spend it her time working in London Still so far away from her real home, America This entire business alway made her own life so much harder.Now standing in this elegant hotel in London, sipping the yummiest cocktails, meeting new business people abroad She felt so tiresome, never seeing one familiar face at all The only woman Liz was to met was Jacqueline, and she never even turned up She would be working with closely in the future Liz who had contacted her wirelessly and had set up with another company, Bonaire Capital They would guide Liz s company in the future Liz still hoped to find Jacqueline She hoped to meet her in the flesh especially after only chatting over the computer But she just didn t seem to turn up at all.Until Liz finally met up with a gorgeous British He was so very sweet and gave her a nice drink When suddenly a complete stranger pushes her and grabbing all her attention He seemed very rude Suddenly she is rescued by strong, good looking guy sweeps Liz of her feet so quickly He tells her his name was Kent They immediately told each other where I this world they re from Now they were so happy to spend the rest of their night together to enjoy the rest of the drink to talk each other s business They both realised both, Liz and Kent do share a lot in common together I completely adored this marvellous, most romantic and wonderful story I so thoroughly enjoyed it All of its most wonderful characters indeed Such a fabulous sexy treat to completely enjoy I recommend this book to everyone Absolutely can t wait for the next book in this series, Bedside Manor too later this year.

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    I read this book as part of an arc program I loved this book, I really liked Kent and Liz This is the second book about the Bonnaire brothers Kent works for the family company and is a financial wizard He is known for making the right investments and making a lot of money Kent meets Liz one night at a cocktail party in London and they have an instant connection, but on the way back to his home, Kent s father calls and demands he come to the office, cutting their night short Kent arrives at the office to be told they are being sued because of his playboy ways and his father warns his to stay away from any clients Kent is also told to clean up his image and his father thinks he should have a fianc , so Kent suggests a friend from the US Liz is in London hoping to find investors for her company and she is shocked when she arrives to find Kent is the investor Kent now has to stay away from Liz or face his father, which proves harder than he thought I loved this book, the chemistry between Kent and Liz was amazing and the other characters like Poppy and Dahlia really helped the story Kent really had a lot to work out and to decide what he really wanted in life I can t wait for the next book.

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    Oh, my, this second brother s romance is as scrumptious as his younger brother Drew s His love em and leave em attitude made Kent a bit of a heel when he appeared in Lingerie on the Floor In this well written sequel, his womanizing gets him into major hot water and threatens to keep him apart from Liz, a California businesswoman who he falls for at a cocktail party and then becomes his client Lots of heat, plenty of depth to the principal characters and some comic relief thrown in with Poppy, Kent s newly appointed assistant who lives for her romance novels I love the author s easy style and the way she tells the story from both Kent s and Liz s point of view Can t wait for the final brother s story and HEA I received a complimentary advance copy of this book from the author This is my voluntary and honest review.

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    Fun read Second brother in the The Londonaire Brother series Kent and Liz two workaholics meet by chance and find out that he is her venture capitalist Well the two have hot chemistry and try to stay professional but doesn t work Throw in the mix his domineering father who Kent is supposed to take over from, but his womanizing ways from the past gets him and the company in trouble Stay away from Liz is the message Look forward to next brother s story.

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    I loved this story about Kent and Liz He is a Billionaire who falls in love with his client He was told not to get involved with his clients because of a law suit but he had fallen for Liz prior to knowing she was going to be his client I just love the way these two are with each other when they are together finally It is what you picture a true happy couple are.