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Jennifer And Josephine Peet, Bill Livres NotRetrouvez Jennifer And Josephine Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionJennifer And Josephine By Bill PeetNotRetrouvez Jennifer And Josephine By Bill Peet Published October,et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Jennifer And Josephine By Bill Peet Goodreads Josephine, A Scrawny Cat Lives In A Junkyard In The Back Seat Of A Car Named Jennifer One Day, The Car Is Bought By A Man They Think Of As Mr Frenzy And They Go On A Wild Ride Through The Countryside Only To Be Abandoned In A Ravine The Two Are Rescued By A Farmer And His Son Where They Live Happy Lives From There On After Jennifer And Josephine Rakuten Jennifer And Josephine Prix Bas Retrouvez Tous Les Produits Disponibles L Achat Sur Rakuten Jennifer And JosephineJennifer And Josephine Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,Juvenile FictionpagesReview A Cat And Her Home, An Old Car In A Junkyard, Suddenly Find Themselves On The Road With A Reckless, Frenzied Travelling Salesman At The Wheel Preview This Book What People Are Saying Write A Review LibraryThing Review User Review JoeCottonwood LibraryThingJennifer And Josephine Book,WorldCat Jennifer And Josephine Bill Peet A Cat And Her Home, An Old Car In A Junkyard, Suddenly Find Themselves On The Road With A Reckless, Frenzied Travelling Salesman At The Wheel Home WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help Search Search For Library Items Search For Lists Search ForJennifer And JosephinePeet, BillJosephine, A Stray Cat, Has Finally Found A Home In Jennifer S Backseat Jennifer Is A Car Left In A Corner Of A Junk Yard However, Their Lives Change When A Traveling Salesman Buys Jennifer Jennifer And Josephine Peet, BillI Purchased JENNIFER AND JOSEPHINE For A Grandchild, For It Was One Of My Son S The Father Favoritesthe Kittens, The Old Car, The Personality Of The Driverthe Illustrations Are SUPERB It S An Outstanding Winner For Any Child And, As Far As I Am Concerned, Most Enjoyable Time Spent Reading It Aloud With The Child Jennifer And Josephine By Bill Peet , Picture ItemJennifer And Josephine Paperback October ,Jennifer And Josephine Paperback October ,shipping Ratings And Reviews Write A Review Product Ratings Users Rated Thisout Ofstarsusers Rated Thisout Ofstarsusers Rated Thisout Ofstarsusers Rated Thisout Ofstarsusers Rated This Profils Jennifer Josephine Facebook Afficher Les Profils Des Personnes Qui S Appellent Jennifer Josephine Inscrivez Vous Sur Facebook Pour Communiquer Avec Jennifer Josephine Et D Autres

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    Josephine is a cat raising her kittens in an old car named Jennifer in a junk yard. Josephine loves her home. Her kittens run off to their own lives. One day, a lead footed man buys Jennifer the car and he drives it till she’s dead. He speeds from town to town as a traveling salesman. He can’t wait, ever. Many times he puts the car in danger with his bad driving. One night he meets his match in a terrible thunderstorm. A man tells him the road is hilly and muddy and he won’t make it through, but Mr. lead foot goes down the road anyway and gets the car stuck. He’s in such a hurry, he simply takes off on foot. (That makes no sense to me.) Josephine goes for help and finds a solution for everyone.

    It’s a nice story about a car and her friend. There is tension and plot and all those things, but I just didn’t connect with the story. It’s a good story, at least 3 stars. It’s a Bill Peet story for Pete’s sake. It only struck me as good.

    The nephew wasn’t impressed by this story either. He’s not into cars, but he does like cats. He wondered why the cat didn’t talk. He thought the cat was cute, but the story was pretty boring. He gave this 2 stars.

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    Still tracking down the remaining Bill Peet books I've missed. For my money, he ranks up there with the likes of Seuss, Silverstein and Sendak, and deserves as much attention as those other authors!

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    Josephine, a stray cat, has finally found a home in Jennifer’s backseat. Jennifer is a car left in a corner of a junk yard. However, their lives change when a traveling salesman buys Jennifer one day. He’s always in a hurry. What will that mean for Jennifer and Josephine?

    This is another of Bill Peet’s odd couple books, and Josephine’s devotion to Jennifer is very touching. We get this story from the cat’s point of view, although we occasionally get glimpses into Jennifer’s feelings. The story is definitely from a slower, simpler time, and that leads to a story that drags a little in the middle, but that’s the only real complaint here.

    Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

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    A colleague at work recommended this for my then-6 year old son and I'm so glad I listened.

    This focuses on the story of a car and her cat friend and the trials they go through together once Jennifer (car) is bought by a sales man who speeds and takes little care of her.

    It is a great story that shows how great true friendship can be. Highly recommend to those with youngsters from 5 right up to around 10 where they can then read it for themselves.

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    Simply another wonderful book by Bill Peet. He’s so good at making you care about an old cat (Josephine), or an old junkyard car (Jennifer). The cat has lived in the old car for so long that when a traveling salesman (Mr. Frenzy, who also has a walk-on appearance in Fly Homer Fly) buys the car, the cat goes along for the ride. Quite a ride it is.

    As usual, Bill Peet doesn’t dumb down the vocabulary, and he doesn’t put it out of reach, either. As usual he is writing about friendship, loyalty, and good deeds — with the usual dose of dark adventure. Mr. Frenzy is a bad guy but not an evil one, something kids recognize from real life: a self-centered jerk, too much in a hurry, too driven by the need to make a buck. Any kid can relate to being in a situation where a slightly out-of-control adult is in charge. In this case, the cat sets out alone — in a rainstorm, no less — and finds a sympathetic boy, who has a sympathetic dad, to come to the rescue. The narration and artwork is so good, you don’t even notice the lessons learned. You just have an enthralling tale.

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    This is one of those interesting Peet works that he takes what you think the story may or may not be about while throwing his own tasty twist on it. In this particular case you have a retired car that provides a home for an unwanted cat and they both are enjoying the nice quiet years as friends with no pressure on each other to be even better than what they once were or to outcompete each other while the achievements of one seem to make the other happy.

    And like many other points in life this is where the nice break is jerked from them and they are thrown into an unforeseen adventure that is for the most part involuntarily. The book will take readers on a path of friendship through dangers foreseen and narrowly avoided as well as challenges where just one or two isn't enough to help save the relationship while at the same time showing the dangers of being unable to settle down long enough to be safety-conscious.

    Bill Peet has a bit more of a muted array of characters than he normally works with but his imagination still carries him through, especially with the cars. He also continues his specialties of which I would have to say super-expressive cats and nice change of scenery illustrations are a bit of his trademark.

    All in all this is one book that young readers will enjoy, especially most those who like cars and find that even though the friends are girls there is still plenty of room for the boys.

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    Someone left a tattered old copy of this story in my Little Free Library. It’s too worn and dirty to leave in there or pass on, so I figured that I should read it before recycling it. I had read some of his other works as a kid, but I do not remember reading this one. I know I would have loved it as I was an animal-crazy kid

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    Fun, adventurous, and thoughtful. . . all at the same time. Great for K-2nd grade and would be an especially good choice for kids who have struggled with being displaced from their homes.

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    My 6yo daughter liked this book a lot, both for the illustrations and the just-right pace of the story for bedtime reading. As always I love writing that stretches a child's vocabulary and still paints a clear picture.

    My favorite bit (in bold) made me laugh so I have to share:

    ... Mr. Frenzy asked, "How's the road to Martinstown?"

    "Hilly as a camel's back and all mud," warned the man. "If you try that road tonight you're takin' an awful chance."

    An awful chance was just the thing for Mr. Frenzy and Josephine wasn't a bit surprised when they headed down the road to Martinstown through the driving rain."

    Also, someday I will have a creature of some variety named Mr. Frenzy.

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    Anything written by Bill Peet is good (even if it is shamelessly political at times). He is so engaging, so winsome in his words, so whimsical, it's hard to forget his characters and his books. This one in particular I read when I was a child, and this was the one Bill Peet book that I remembered as an adult, even though I couldn't remember the title of the book or the name of the author, I remembered the pictures, and I remembered the names of the characters, so one time I saw this at the library when I was looking for kids' books to read to my own children, and it all came back to me. So I went on and checked out so many of the other ones I had almost forgotten. Wonderful author, and this is one of his best.