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The Fourth Book In The Best Selling The World Walker Series Does Absolute Power Corrupt Absolutely Maybe Seb Varden Is In A Good Position To Find Out Depending On Your Point Of View, He Has Either Spent A Few Days, Six Months, Or Seventeen Years Playing A Potentially Deadly Game At Stake The Freedom Of The Alien Who Saved His Life, The Future Of All Intelligent Species In The Universe, And His Sanity Not Only Does Seb Not Fully Understand The Rules, But It S Just Possible The Game Itself Is Rigged So, Business As Usual Then

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    Definitely needs to be made into a TV series This series captured me from the start I fell in love with Seb and am glad I got 4 books worth to indulge myself with I can t compare world walker to any other series, it stands alone in my mind and for that alone, it deserves the 5 stars Honestly, just go and read it It s part of kindle unlimited, there s no excuses

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    Excellent wrap up to this particular timeline, but the author teases of to come.

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    I love with the characters I chose this rating because Sainsbury delivered a world with characters that I want to have in my life the main characters, not those baddies Sainsbury weaves together humans then later not so human in 4D, focusing on their minds and spirit along with their appearance and personality The adventures they go on the choices they make as life drags them kicking and swearing rings true for real heroes who don t know or realise how heroic they are Speaking of heroics, I should say that even the antagonists are beings throughout the series that are 4D and pull me in to pity, grow suspicious of and cannot stop being disgusted shocked or forgiving I look forward to hearing from Sainsbury s magical mind again I hope to meet and get to know of the characters from this series Sym especially.I highly recommend this book and the series I believe the author has probably captured a wide audience, who will only grow as he continues to weave such adventures

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    Heartfelt and deep The first book was an exciting coming to power story The second was about an overpowered hero who tried to do the right thing The third was a distraction that bridged the narrative, an interlude, if you will It s only befitting that the story ended with something profound and heartfelt than a happy ending, and you can only experience it by reading the whole book, from the first page to the endnotes.

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    Great Humanity great humor great StyleCan t help but fall in love with all the characters even though they re all just simulations, fiction, fantasy, dreams but then again, who isn t

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    Such a brilliant series, kept me captivated all the way through to be honest, in life you get to read plenty of good books, but this book and series stand out , for me this author has real talent, read the authors synopsis the first one in the series is World Walker, give it a try if you have not all ready done so, you will not be disappointed.

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    Unexpected but excellentThe story created in these four books were crafted in an easy to follow roller coaster of a tale.Without allowing for time travel it non the less allowed for a complete story to evolve around truly exceptional characters.

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    Fantastic series Loved this author from his first book and, although I have Kindle unlimited, I would have happily paid for these This is my favourite If you have found this by accident, go and read the 1st one You don t be disappointed

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    In short Brilliant Inspired.Full review I m going to review all four books in one as I read them back to back I m fairly fortunate in that I come to Ian s books late and he had completed the quadrilogy Lucky for me really I m a lover or the larger books as I really like to submerge myself into the story and characters So for me the four books make one sizeable book, split into four parts I strongly recommend reading all four back2back and in order Yes each one can be read separately, and each story stands on its own But in my opinion, all four books work best together as one epic tale.The four books chart story of Sebastian Varden A middling successful musician who starts the first novel as someone about to commit suicide Not exactly the most foreboding of starts, but one that piques the ole curiosity right from the off.Now if you read all the other reviews, the vast majority of which give Ian five well deserved stars, you will know each book s story well enough As a fellow writer I m going to review these from a writers viewpoint, just to be a little different.Ian is not afraid to let main characters die George R R Martin has shown the publishing world that you can kill off characters and it is OK Lets face it, we don t all live in the Disney inspired loveliness that there is a happy ever after for every character well except for the baddies that is This is one of the many things that I feel adds a depth to the story telling that is missing from other writers.Ian s characters are real You can connect with them They exist You empathise with them They have flaws, and are all the real for them Even the secondary characters have a depth normally missing from other works These are people, they have depth than the page they are written on Top marks Ian mixes magic, religion and Science Fiction A mix that would normally be reserved for SF masters such as Peter F Hamiliton His Void series Or a mix which can easily lead to disaster His touch upon each topic is inspired and illuminating Respectful is another word Depending on your take of religion faith is how you will form your own opinion on this topic For me, it was thought provoking.I personally loved the way the characters developed I liked the way Ian addressed super hero issues The recent crop of Marvel films have just started to address these issues No longer are they unapproachable icons of perfection They are flawed, far from perfection They are real people with all the baggage and imperfections that you and I have Seb, is this personified I wish I could write characters this real In summary Great story telling Enthralling, emotional and immensely readable I didn t want to put these down I am genuinely impressed.Sean P ChattertonP.S I had to dig my copy of Lao Tzu s book after reading these.

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    This book was so disappointing, and the fact that it had so much potential just made the disappointment that much painful to face.Religion Romance World WalkersReligion At the very start of the book a caricature of Jesus is parodied Muhammadan scripture is elevated for its elegance Very western mindset You show your enlightened liberation by poking fun at Christianity, but heaven forbid you do the same to Islam To poke fun at Islam is not enlightened liberation, but cultural insensitivity I get so tired of the double standard put forth by advanced thinkers But let s put that aside for a minute Seb and Jesus agree that they ll touch base on this topic later so I wait through the entire book for this encounter to become plot relevant and I wait and I wait Other than those first few paragraphs Jesus never appears again, and I m left scratching my head Just what exactly did that have to do with anything that followed Romance Seb, as we know is completely nanotech He is loosing his attachment to humanity No wait He is very attached to Mee and Joni No wait he is loosing his attachment to humanity No wait OK already Make up your mind You can t just wildly gyrate from one end of the pendulum to the other depending on your romantic developments Decide just exactly what it is you want Seb to be, and stick with a consistent character development.World Walker Very rare Just a handful in the multiverse A random evolutionary offshoot.Oh, wait B J can create one at will Oh, wait Seb can create one at will So, to be consistent, when World Walkers get in a pinch with their foe, really, they can just create of their own and mosey on According to the rules of this book, looks like it.