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OMG It was crazy how he was able 2 feel her and go 2 her rescue There should have been a way 2 bring back the innocent girl that was trapped and died over a very stupid man cause he didn t think b4, he opened his mouth It s good that she was able 2 have her powers working again If the goddess was there 4 the wedding then she should have given them some kind of gift especially since she is the goddess mother 2 her grandson I can t wait 2 readsoon Loved this book Was able to read it in less than a day Great story Kept you trying to figure out what was gonna happen to the characters next. Mai, Lexi s wood nymph friend is in danger from what might be hallucinations and is rescued by a mysterious spirit walker who turns out to be a security expert.Okay story but all the mirror stuff seemed childish to me The way the situations and characters were connected to the story seemed awkward and the romance was too easy And the romance was too easy I wantedto Mai s story And I felt badly for the genie and the sisters.Footnote 1 I don t mind when there sthan one POV, but I don t it when there s separation to indicate the change It gets too annoying Not sure if it was only my Kindle version or all, but I hate it.Fave scenes little Zach, the lightning bolt necklace, removing the bullets and the lava floor. Great readingBelieving in the unexplainable and in what you know is true Finding your other half and being willing to take the chance, even though you thought you did not believe. I loved getting to readabout Mai She was intriguing in the previous books she had part of I also loved Nick The two had some crazy things happen to them, and I ve never been so happy for a HEA The situations Mai found herself in were terrifying to read, but fortunately she had not only Nick, but her dear friends, Lexi Darius I definitely love this series, and will absolutely be gettingbooks by this author Reporter and wood nymph, Mai Groves from The Darkening is living with PTSD after her involvement in battling evil with the Immortals She s convinced she s cured but after a brutal attack in her apartment she decides she might be wrong She knows she was assaulted but there s no sign of forced entry She knows her nose was broken and she was bleeding and bruised She is sure she didn t imagine the mysterious man who appeared out of nowhere and scared off her assailant But there s no forced entry and only the faintest bruise on her face Her nose is tender but whole and there s no trace of blood, anywhere Her hallucinations had never been this bad before but Mia knows she didn t imagine this when her shower fogged mirror displays the word Remember Scared, confused and panicked, Mai moves into a new apartment and when her neighbor goes missing, Mai calls the only person she can think of, Nick Blackhawk.Nick Blackhawk is many things He s Los Paseantes de Esp ritu The SPirit Walkers who have assorted abilities One is that of a chameleon which means they can assume the shape of almost any living creature Nick is also a bodyguard, mostly to politicians, and teaches survival course to corporate types through his company Blackhawk Securities When we first meet him he s assumed the identity of his client, taken two bullets meant for the politician, and is waiting for backup Later, after he meets Mai, we learn that Nick can spirit walk, in which is leaves his corporeal form and can walk the spiritual planes dream and wish realm, subconscious etc and he can follow residual energy spirit fingerprint which he uses to help locate the missing neighbor But in searching for the missing neighbor, Mai and Nick will uncover much great threats including a genie and a wish realm and a.Nick and Mai meet in an interesting way and they share an unusual bond spirit mates It was very fun to read and interesting to learn about I wish we could have learnedabout Nick s mom though The chameleon stuff was so freaky but very fascinating I thought the spirit walker parts were intriguing and cool, especially when Mai could go too I didn t really understand what a shaman was does besides dream healing and why Nick didn t want to be one I could have used a littleexplanation I felt so sorry for Mai when she s trying to explain the what she s endured and Darius, Lexi and Nick don t seem to believe her At times I wasn t sure if she was or wasn t hallucinating and I felt her frustration and worry and anxiety completely And then the twist in the end with the genie with Sarah and Nick broke my heart a little I didn t like Mia in The Darkening but I really liked the made over Mai from this book I also really enjoyed Mai and Nick falling for one another and Nick s avoidance and misconception about who Mia was or wasn t That was fun while it latest I liked Nick for just always trusting her and being a good guy Overall this was a cute and sweet story with plenty of mystery and uncertainty to keep you interested and always guessing I think this one can be read as a stand alone book without any prior knowledge of previous books.Off to the final book and I look most forward to Jenna s story the neighbor s sister in this next one. The heroine feels like she s losing her mind as she s tormented by hallucinations and dream like attacks She seeks out the hero, a man well versed in dream walking but they re meeting was less than smooth as he thinks she s a stripper sent to him for his birthday Despite this embarrassing misunderstanding, when her neighbor goes missing, she instantly calls him for help The hero and heroine have been meeting in their dreams but never knowing who the other person was but the hero knows the mystery woman to be his spiritual mate Despite the fact that he s a witch and a pretty powerful dream walker he was pretty normal The same vibe could be said about the whole book It was typical romance with spurts of paranormal action Most of the book is spent with the hero and heroine getting to know each other by going out to diner and such and I did love their chemistry and ease with one another But then the heroine would suddenly be kidnapped or attacked and the hero would have to save her It didn t really flow between the romance and then the action segments That being said I really love the hero He wasn t a macho man or possessive or overtly manly but he had presence and he was charming without being a rake He did everything in his power to help the heroine and didn t hesitate to dream walk for her despite his aversion to the talent And I really liked the heroine because she held herself together so well in the face of everything going on She cried in secret when the hero hurt her feels but she was strong enough to accept his help for the sake of her friend She fought tooth and nail for her life in every dangerous situation and was never willing to give up, something I admired I guess in this world paranormal creatures are out in the open as everyone seemed to know she was a woodland nymph but her nature never really played a large rule in the scheme of things I really liked this book and I can say I enjoyed it most out of the series. World Building A love the new supernatural species we are introduced to Mythology A Plot Twists A great twist, not telegraphed at all Villains A they made this book spooky scary Girl Power B Guy Hero A Love Interests ASuspense AFeels A For you clean readers this book DOES have mature content You ll need to do some self editing or scene skipping to read this one. For Centuries They Have Walked Among Us Vampires, Shape Shifters, The Celtic Sidhe, Demons, And Other Magical Beings Their Battle To Reign Supreme Is Constant, But One Force Holds Them In Check, A Race Of Powerful Warriors Known As The IMMORTALS Random Flashes Of Unearthly Light Ominous Messages Written On Steamy Mirrors Assailants Lurking In Shadows Mai S Hallucinations Are Becoming A Little Too Real The Last One Almost Killed Her She S Faced Ancient Demons And Rogue Vampires, But This Kind Of Dark Magic Is Powerful Than Any She S Seen Mai Also Senses Someone Else Trying To Help Her, A Dream Walker Who Comes In The Night To Soothe Her Fears And Fulfill Her Wildest Fantasies But Who Is He As The Danger And Desire Escalate, Mai Is Determined To Find Him For Only Together Can They Stop THE HAUNTING