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This is the first book in the Lovin Las Vegas Series Long time friends Charlotte, Gloria, Diana and Cynthia Each book takes one of the women to focus on Since becoming friend is college they have had a close friendship and have remained close since, getting together at least twice a year to catch up While in Vegas they all start reminiscing on the one that got away and came up with a wager that would take away the what if In It Happens In Vegas the focus is on Charlotte Will Charlotte be able to confront the one that got away or will something keep them apart While this is a series it can be read as a standalone, but it would be better read as a complete series. Loved this story It started with a bet between best friends Go see the one that got away Charlotte did just that She found Jared, and well, I won t post spoilers Suffice it to say, their story was an amazing story I cannot wait to read the rest of the series One Little Wager What Could Go Wrong That S What Charlie King Thinks When Her Friends Dare Her To Reach Out To The One Man She S Never Forgotten There S Just One Catch He S The Older Brother Of Her Former Fianc ERodeo Star Jared Drake Is In Vegas For The Grand National Finals When He Spots Charlie Their Chemistry Is Instantly Off The Charts There S Just One Problem His Role In Her Broken EngagementThis Time Around, Can They Beat The Odds To Happily Ever After Or Will Secrets From The Past Keep Them Apart Forever Loved this the one that gotta away romance Charlotte let Jared get away after her diaster relationship with his brother Jared never forgot Charlie, how she left and the aftermath of his brother so when they meet again in Las Vegas, can the truth come out, can they overlook Charlie s previous relationship with Phillip and becomeIt Happened in Vegas is full of bets, truths, fun and steamy desire a good paced book with interesting characters. Charlotte Charlie as only certain people can call her and her three best friends have semi annual getaways to catch up on each other s lives and hang out This one happens to be in Vegas and for once, all four women are single When Charlotte s thoughts veer toward her past, and the man that got away, her friends, knowing her as well as they do, call her on it and, since she won t heed their advice to track him down, one of them proposes a wager All four must contact a particular man from their pasts, on the condition he fits the criteria of unfinished business, or do something outside their norm As fate would have it, Charlotte s what if is in Vegas for the Grand National Finals.Jared, a bronc rider, is shocked to see Charlie He hasn t seen her in four years, not since she essentially ran away after their intense, albeit incomplete, encounter He s missed her and always wondered what could ve been But, instead of how he should react, the anger and confusion comes out and his words hurt her She runs again, but this time it s his fault Charlotte walked out of the rodeo arena, head held high while her dreams of the future crumbled around her CharlotteCharlotte knew seeing him was a bad idea, but she s spent the last four years wishing things could ve been different and that she had met him first The second they saw one another their connection was immediate and intense Oh, the catch Charlotte was introduced as his younger brother, Phillip s, fiancee Yeah, that kind of puts a damper on things But what Phillip failed to tell them was that Charlotte had broken up with him prior to the visit home and he asked her to still visit with him, having no idea he was going to introduce her as he did.When Jared realizes his mistake, he insists upon seeing Charlie and apologizing He doesn t know why she left as she did, just that it impacted his brother greatly Phillip was heartbroken and turned to alcohol, and a lot of it, to cope Unfortunately, Jared doesn t know the truth, only Phillip s version, the one that paints him as the victim When Charlie reveals why she was in the barn that day, and visibly upset, Jared can t believe that he fell for Phillip s lies, ones that cost him four years with the woman he d instantly fallen hard for He s not letting her go again, she s his, she was always meant be his There s nothing and nobody who ll keep me from you again Not even you JaredCan Jared and Charlie work through the lies one was told and refuse to let those keep them apart any longer Will they realize the love they have for one another is rare and embrace it What happens when Phillip reappears, determined to get his life back on track Will Jared step aside, believing Phillip needs Charlie Or will he fight for the love of his life Will Charlie have to prove to Jared he s the man she wants, the one she s always wanted Will these two get the HEA they should ve started years ago One click now and follow along as two people are given a second chance to have the life together they were always meant to Pssttheir chemistry is obvious in this book, almost jumping out at you and feeling real I m looking forward to the other three women finding their forevers.Safety information based upon two sentences, one apiece yet of the same thread, it seems as if neither Jared nor Charlotte were with anyone else while apart Both mentally think of the four long, lonely years they ve suffered without one another To me at least, those thoughts give us the illusion that both have stayed loyal while apart and that, even though they were never officially together back then, in their hearts they were and they didn t want anyone else I may be wrong, but in my mind I m sticking with my theory I prefer it that way I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Liked this book, love second chances I totally enjoyed this book The one that got away That was Jared for Charlotte And she k new she would never have another chance with him after all that happened Or would she Full of turmoil and humor between a retired model and a sexy cowboy, this second chance love story is a great read.Get togethers with her three best friends could get a little crazy And making a stupid bet to go see your lost love is what came out of this visit.Charlotte and Jared were the forbidden couple She with his brother and he longing for her But with too many years between them and the heartache and blame of her breaking his brothers heart, can Jared take this second chance and listen and learn what really happened Will they make peace with the past and move forward together or will the past, in the form of his brother Phillip, come back to haunt them Kathy Ivan is a new author in my list of author s to follow, so let me sum up how I felt about It Happened in Vegas In one word, enamoured.There was just something charming about this first story in the Wicked Wagers series The sizzling attraction between photo journalist, Charlie King and rodeo cowboy, Jared Drake was combustible I have felt that connection and passion for the only man in my life and could relive that excitement in my head as I read this book Ivan was able to show the growth in her characters in a steamy little tale which was believable and flowed smoothly from start to finish This was a quick read, but so filled with emotion and twists of misunderstanding Sometimes it is so frustrating to be young, in love, and challenged by hurdles you face to be with the one you love.I loved that the author made me feel young again and stirred my heart for her characters. I loved this book Second chance stories are one of my favorite romance tropes and I loved this one It s the first book I ve read by Kathy Ivan but it won t be the last.Charlotte was engaged to Jared s brother when he first met her Their connection was electric but Charlotte ran away and they haven t seen each other since.Four years later they meet again, as a result of a bet that Charlotte and her three best friends made, and the chemistry is still there They have to iron out a lot of misunderstandings but they finally get to their HEA.This book has a hot cowboy, just the right amount of sexy time and a story that kept me reading well into the wee hours of the morning.The story is a standalone but there are books for Charlotte s 3 friends and I look forward to reading them.