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Can You Plan Happiness It S Been A Year Since Paige S First Boyfriend Died In A Swimming Accident And It S Time She Rejoined The Real World So She Makes A PlanDate A Boy Long Standing Crush Ryan Chase Seems Like The Perfect ChoiceAttend Parties With Best Friends By Your Side DoableJoin A Club Simple Enough, RightTravel Might As Well Dream BigSwim Terrifying Impossible But When She Meets Ryan S Sweet But So Nerdy Cousin, Max, He Opens Up Her World And Paige S Plans Start To Change Is It Too Late For A Second Chance At Life Brimming With Characters So Real You Feel You Could Pick Up The Phone And Call Them, The Start Of Me And You Will Prove That It S Never Too Late For Second Chances Perfect For Fans Of Rainbow Rowell, Jennifer Niven And John Green

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    Not incredible but considerably enjoyable than Open Road Summer Okay, he said, leaning closer to me I have a proposition for you Dear God, let it be marriage, I thought Ah, Young Adult romance It never ceases to make me smile True, I find most of them YA love themed books cheesy and predictable to an extreme point, but there s also something about them that leaves me feeling good inside It s lovely, it s fluffy, it s beautiful and there s a sort of innocent giddy passion coming from the protagonists that we don t necessarily see in Adult romance reads That s why I keep reading them.Paige hasn t had it easy her parents divorced a couple of years ago and her boyfriend died last year He fell and drowned So did Paige s heart when she heard the news It can t be helped everyone will always connect her to her dead boyfriend, Aaron, and, while she loved him dearly, she is tired of it The Looks But Ryan understands what she s going through and how it makes her feel to see all these people with a pitying expression on their faces Therefore, she decided that this year will be different and quickly made a list of things to accomplish, one of them being her dating Ryan.But then she meets Max, with whom she starts feeling a deep and genuine connection Except she only befriended him in the first place so she can draw nigh to Ryan.There s so much I predicted in this book The author didn t even try to add a little contemporary twist And, even when I couldn t actually properly foresee a certain scene, I still wasn t surprised when it occurred But that s okay it is not as if I picked this book up to be flabbergasted by turn of events I wanted a cute story, and that s what I was delivered.With an extra consisting of true friendship as theme In friendship we are all debtors We all owe each other for a thousand small kindnesses, for little moments of grace in the chaos How many times have we read books with characters that are always there for their best friends when need is, know them as well as they know themselves and CARE for them as they would care for their own brother and sister Girl power, so much girl power What disappointed me most was seeing how it took 3 4 of the book for Paige to open up her eyes and heart and see who between the two boys she loves truly And that ending Very Hollywood movielike Despite its negatives, The Start of Me and You has a lot going on for itself and I believe will be enjoyed by many

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    I don t know if this has ever happened to you, but sometimes I ll glance over at the cover of a novel or read the descriptive copy and I ll just know, viscerally, that I m about to fall in love with literature all over again It s not that there aren t beautiful covers or better written descriptive copies out there it s just a gut reaction that hasn t led me astray I felt it, first, in the fourth grade while browsing through a Scholastic catalog for the upcoming book fair and stumbled upon The Cry of the Icemark, a fantasy novel which was read and re read throughout the formative years of my young adolescence I felt it again when I gazed at The Scorpio Races, trying to find a Stiefvater novel which would make me love her as her fans did I experienced that pure love at first sight longing with Fire, a novel I d never seen or heard of but which remains my all time favorite to this day Even on , as I click on titles to pre order, I knew, inexplicably, that Isla and the Happily Ever After would become my most beloved Stephanie Perkins novel yet Most importantly, though, despite not having falling head over heels in love with Open Road Summer the way I know countless other readers did, I could not resist The Start of Me and You. It makes no sense, these random novels from different genres and authors, most of which I d never typically pick up, yet gravitate towards only to fall madly, deeply, in love The Start of Me and You is one of those unbelievable love stories for me it fits into all the curves and prickly corners of my heart and thank you, thank you, thank you Emery Lord for writing it.Lord s sopho novel takes place roughly a year after Paige s boyfriend of mere months, Aaron, jumps of a cliff during a Boy Scout meet and accidentally drowns Unlike a typical grief novel, however, Paige s pain following Aaron s death has far to do with her own coming to terms about death and its sudden, fleeting quality than it does about him Of course Paige mourns for Aaron, but mostly she grieves for the fact that his life was cut short that he died so young and full of life For nearly a year, Paige has suffered PTSD, fearful of drowning and unable to stop dreaming of it Moreover, Aaron s death has affected her entire community, making her mother far overprotective than before and thrusting Paige into the spotlight as a recipient of countless condolences Commencing her junior year, however, the last thing Paige wants is to be the same, mopey person she s been for the past year Lord s grief novel isn t about the immediate pain afterwards but rather about the lingering effects of mourning the way it creeps into your thoughts without debilitating you, the way you try to move on and finally begin to succeed, the way you realize there are so many other types of grief in life beyond what you ve already experienced In order to truly become a new person, though, Paige carefully outlines a set of goals for herself to accomplish, one by one Whether it be something as simple as attend a high school party or join a club, or something difficult like date someone again preferably her crush from sixth grade, Ryan Chase , travel, or finally get back into the pool, she s determined to make this year better than the last.What I loved about The Start of Me and You, from the onset of the novel itself, is that it s set up as an introspective novel Paige s voice jumps out from the beginning itself raw, natural, and real and as she changes, the self assurance and happiness she finds leaks into her narrative and into our hearts From just the beginning chapters, I knew Paige was the type of heroine I d become friends with in a heartbeat loyal to a fault, flawed but kind hearted, and a nerd to boot Moreover, this story is, first and foremost, about her. For romance lovers, I hate to say it, but the majority of this novel is not a love story It s a Paige story.Paige s three best friends Tessa, Kayleigh, and Morgan play such a pivotal role in her life and I want to applaud Lord for writing authentic female friendships Each of Paige s friends have their own strengths and weaknesses, their own struggles to resolve alongside Paige s, and they each bring a unique perspective to her life Moreover, just as Paige changes over the course of the novel, her friends do too, each dealing with their own issues but coming out stronger and beautiful than before I admire the strength of their bond, their frank conversations, and even their disappointed musings as they discover that yet another cute teenage guy is a misogynist What s , Lord doesn t hesitate to dedicate chapters solely to these girls In fact, I d have loved this book even without the romance element the rock hard friendship between these girls was all I really needed.Yet another aspect Lord nails is the familial relationships Paige s divorced parents aren t her greatest allies she doesn t get along with her overprotective mother and having to follow rules her friends don t have to abide by is difficult What makes Paige s life at home all the strange, though, is the fact that her divorced parents have been dating one another for four months Paige doesn t want to see her parents unhappy after all, they got a divorce for a reason and she can t see their new arrangement working out at all In fact, it seems as if she and her younger sister are going to be caught in the middle of it all But Cam, Paige s thirteen year old sister, is ecstatic about their parents reunion and Paige feels alone than ever The only person she can talk to is her Grandmother, suffering from Alzheimer s Paige s relationship with her Grandmother the strength she finds within her Grandmother s stories and the comfort she feels from her presence are some of the most touching aspects of the novel It s painful to see that her Grandmother often doesn t remember discussing Paige s life with her and watching her patiently re tell the same fears, hopes, and dreams she had unburdened only a day prior isn t easy But Paige s Grandmother doesn t enforce rules, like her parents, and isn t blinded by hormones, like her sibling It becomes evident that Paige s Grandmother is, above all else, an inspiration to her someone who encourages her through blind faith in her abilities I love that Paige has someone like that in her life and that she is not only moved, but strengthened, by her Grandmother s past experiences and courage For me, the fact that Paige is so heavily influenced by such an incredible female role model is such an important part of this novel.Nevertheless, the aspect of this novel that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout those last few chapters is, of course, the romance Paige has her sights set on Ryan Chase, recently single, but winds up befriending his cousin Max, who recently moved into their school district Becoming friends with Max means being a part of Ryan s life too and as Paige s crush persists, she finds herself calling Max one of her best friends Max and Ryan quickly integrate with her already close knit group of girlfriends and Paige goes beyond to befriend her Quiz Bowl team, among which Max is the captain The jump from strangers to best friends is slow going between Max and Paige and, often times, Paige s crush on Ryan is infuriating While Ryan is an incredible person, anyone can see that Max is the one who is perfect for her But their love story is an entirely well worth slow burn Paige shifts her attentions from Ryan to Max well before the end of the novel and though their journey isn t as straight forward as you d think, it s all the rewarding despite that More than a romance, though, Paige s friendships with Ryan and Max, particularly, allow her to let other people in and open her heart Max understands her in ways even her best friends don t and their tight bond makes you wish for a male best friend of your own Moreover, their love story is made all the special by the fact that Max and Paige are the plain counterparts to their best friends, Ryan and Tessa, who are bold and beautiful Paige never even considers Max crush worthy because he doesn t have the classic good looks or charm Ryan possesses, so the fact that these two fall in love for all the right reasons and none of the artificial ones makes my heart melt The Start of Me and You has so much to offer to the YA community From inspirational teachers to through thick or thin friendships, from figuring their life out parents to encouraging family members, from new beginnings and blossoming friendships, from feminist discussions to an authentic display of grief, from students determined to pursue their own interests to Jane Austen referencesthere s something in this book for everyone It can be nerdy and light, funny and warm it can be fearful and shaky, tentative and shy it can be grief stricken and sensitive, brave and bold It s unlike anything you ve read before and yet, it s all you could possibly want from this genre Again and again and again and again.

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    4.5 starsFIVE REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT 1 Emery Lord is writing some of the best realistic contemporary YA out there Tis true If your jam is contemporary YA, Emery Lord is where it is at Jump on that bandwagon early because I know Emery Lord s popularity is just going to grow and I loved her debut Open Road Summer and this sopho novel solidifies Emery Lord as one of my favorites already.2 The girl power in this book makes my heart soar I already wrote a post that was inspired by the friendship in this book but Imma take some time to talk about it because it is AMAZING The friendship between the 4 girls is one of my FAVORITES I ve come across Seriously, I just want to be like, HEY GIRLS is there room for one in your group I loved how they were all so supportive of each other and their dynamic with one another was different but still important A lot of times I find in YA that it s always about the main character and her bff and the other girls in the group are kind of these caricatures who actually don t seem THAT important to me Not the case in The Start of Me You Each girl was so distinct and their presence in the group was felt and was important I loved all their shared history and how they stick with each other through all the growing pains of life If you love positive strong female friendships, The Start of Me You excels here I also loved how their group expanded to also include some males and there weren t any dramatics with that.3 The romance in this book will cause your heart to melt into a sticky sweet puddle of swoons NO LIKE THE CUTEST EVER SO SWEET IT HURTS I promise It was so realistic and so well done I love when a romance seems unlikely but develops after they spend actual TIME together and get to know each other I have to admit that I m fond of the romances where the love interest starts over a friendship of sorts and is totally unexpected It s so like what happened between my husband and I I actually liked a guy he was friends with, like totally had my eye set on him, but we kept spending time together as I was trying to get close to the other dude.and well, the rest is history I LOVE THAT STUFF and it totally appealed to me with Paige and Max From how they bonded over small interests to how they confided REAL stuff, it just completely captivated me and I was shipping them hard If you like cute, awkward romances.this one is aces 4 NERDINESS ABOUNDS I love books about nerds and smart people It s sexy, yo Nerds showing off their nerdiness Nerds enjoying Quiz Bowl NERDY BANTER AND FLIRTING um getting flirty with Pride Prejudice chatter MY FAVE PART It was just so refreshing and their passions were so real.5 It s a touching and realistic story about a girl who wants to start anew and not be bound by her past I really related to Paige s story A LOT She became known as The Girl Whose Boyfriend Died and that identity just became her to others around her and even to herself When a label like that clings to you I was The Girl Whose Mom Died it s easy just to keep living your life under that assumed identity I loved Paige s determination to break free from that finally I loved the list she constructed that she hoped would help her and I loved how she opened herself up even though it was hard Luckily the girl had AMAZING support friends AND family And I loved that her grieving wasn t just about the old boyfriend Sure, she mourned him obviously, but she really they had been only dating for four months and his death impacted her life beyond that which is a hard thing to reconcile But I think it was also a lot experiencing death for the first time at such a young age That s never something easy to reconcile when you encounter someone your age that dies so young I think Emery Lord explores this in a balanced way it never becomes too overwhelming or sad it s a lot about her second chance in light of what happened.

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    3.5 4 Stars The Start of Me and You was a sweet YA novel about life, family dynamics, friendship, finding yourself and about moving on This was not necessarily a love story In my opinion it was a story about friendship and a coming of age novel.Paige s boyfriend Aaron died an year ago in a tragic accident She still thinks about him trying to come to terms about his death and she still mourns for his life But she also mourns for herself her first boy who really notice her drowned in a tragic accident and she will never know the whole of him In her small town she s known as The Girl Whose Boyfriend Drowned and she still gets The Look , look that doesn t let her forget and move forward The idea of us still hung in the air, but we d never be than a few golden memories and a bundle of what ifs How do you find closure in that especially when strangers treat you like a widow to a devoted husband Since Aaron died, Paige suffers from PTSD, having nightmares, dreaming she drowns exactly like him For a couple of months she saw a therapist, trying to forget, move on and to be again a teenager, trying to find out who she is But it s not easy Paige is about to start her junior year and she knows she needs a plan a plan to move on, to be like she was before her Aaron s death she needs a list One of the things on her list is to date Ryan Chase, her old crash, but her plans are ruined when she meets Ryan s adorable cousin, Max, a green eyed nerdy who will win her heart With some help from her family, friends and a special boy, Paige will discover she s stronger than she thought, that it s ok to let go, she will discover the power of friendship and first love and ultimately she will find the courage to try new experiences.The story is written really well and it was an entertaining read from start to finish I must admit it was very different from what I expected, not in a good or bad way, butjust different of the aspects that I really enjoyed is the friendship between Paige and the other three girls Tessa, Morgan and Kayleigh In friendship, we are all debtors We all owe each other for a thousand small kindnesses, for little moments of grace in the chaos Because with true friends, no one is keeping score But it still feels good to repay them even in the tiniest increments The author did such a great job portraying the bond between these girls And their bond was truly heartwarming I really felt how much they care for each other and how important is for them esp for Paige to have each other in their lives Paige s best friends, all three of them, were so great They are caring, thoughtful, considerate, honest with each other and most of all supportive I loved the fact all of them are differently portrayed All of them have insecurities, fears, flaws, exactly like Paige and all of them felt really genuine Even If they are different from each other, their bond is strong, they trust each other with everything Like Paige, they were very relatable Paige was a great developed heroine She s an introvert, she s caring, smart, she s a good friend, sister and daughter and she loves to read She was very easy to like and to admire I loved her determination and the love she has for her grandmother who is inspiration, but most of all I loved her loyalty Loyalty is a quality I really admire in a heroine, esp in this case where the heroine is just 16 years old Even if I didn t relate too much with her, her struggles felt very real to me Ryan Chase was my eight grade collage, aspirational and wide eyed But Max was the first bit of grilled cheese on a snowy day, the easy fit of my favorite jeans, that one old song that made it onto every playlist Peanut butter Girl Scout cookies instead of an ornate cake Not glamorous or idealized or complicated Just me Max was such a cute nerdy He was a wonderful guy sweet, considerate, protective and simply perfect for Paige I loved how he tries to help Paige Their romance is sweet and adorable and how I liked it most of the time slow build Mrs Lord built it in a very realistic way Nothing felt forced or rushed and everything progressed exactly like it supposed to I loved the way they are as friends and they banter was fantastically done There s no overwhelming, stupid drama or misunderstandings between them, fact that I really liked and their interactions always felt real and honest I also liked Paige s relationship with her family her sister and her parents, which as well it was portrayed in a very realistic way The story wasn t perfect, at least not for me I have to be honest here, it was pretty predictable, but refreshing in some way I would have liked Paige and Max s romance to feel like a romance I think Their friendship was really cute and the friendship to lovers aspect well done, but I wanted of these two TOGETHER And that s why the ending felt a little rushed to me An epilogue would have been perfect IMO for this novel Anyway..the story was great and if you want to read an entertaining YA novel with a slow build relationship, engaging main and side characters and great writing, I really recommend this one Knowing what happens is different from knowing how it happens And the getting there is the best part

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    I think my reading slump kept me from enjoying this one as much as I could have and I am le sad.

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    Review originally posted on Mostly YA Lit Hi guys, for my first post for The Start of Em and You Week, I decided to talk about how Paige and her story made me have a kind of revelation one that s made me accepting and fearless about my own life Read on for my thoughts about The Start of Me and You, Emery s latest novel, and for an AMAZING handpainted book tote giveaway TELL ME, WHAT IS IT YOU PLAN TO DO WITH YOUR ONE WILD PRECIOUS LIFE Mary OliverIn the past year, I ve continually noticed this quote in the footer of Emery Lord s website, and it took me awhile before I realized that it s the perfect quote to sum up the lessons I learned from Paige while reading The Start of Me and You.The Start of Me and You is about Paige, a girl who recently lost her boyfriend of two months to a drowning accident Because of that, she has sort of closed in on herself a bit People give her a lot of sympathetic looks and she s tired of being The Girl Whose Boyfriend Drowned With the start of the school year, she decides to try to take her life back, starting with a list of things she wants to do this year The list includes dating track star Ryan Chase, joining a new club, and facing up to her now fear of swimming Paige s journey takes her onto the Quiz Bowl team, where she re meets Ryan s cousin Max Together with her friends, she begins to make small changes in her life in order the move forward.It s this the small changes part, that really got to me At the beginning of the school year, Paige is just trying to get the simplest list of things done She s someone who has gone through a terrible ordeal, and has realized how important her friends and family are.She s not really feeling the guilt of being alive at this point It s been months since her ex boyfriend died She s gone through that Now she s just trying to survive And there s so much beauty in the effort to do that For Paige, her one wild precious life is simply trying to live. I love the rom com I m a huge fan of The Cutting Edge, and 10 Things I Hate About You, She s The Man, and a whole host of other romantic comedies, especially in movie form And to me, there s one thing that separates a good rom com from a great one the little, perfect moments of realism and uniqueness where you see the characters talking about the craziest rumours about them and whether they re true, or the surprisingly thoughtful gift that the main characters give each other, or the fact that they re trying to flirt over a wheel of cheese These little moments give the characters a little depth, a little weirdness, and a lot humanity.The Start of Me and You is, to me, romantic dramedy in book form That s what it read as to me It reads like a rom com written for TV or movie and no wonder, as the main character, Paige, is an aspiring screenwriter who is obsessed with television.Recently, Amy Sherman Palladino, the creator of Gil Girls, did a panel where she talked about how on that show and others , she has learned to make the little moments big and the big moments little I feel like that s how The Start of Me and You is written, and how Paige lives her life.Those little moments when Paige is in the car with Max, banter, or when she s hanging out with her best friends at a football game and they rib her about a boy buying her a hot dog, or when Paige s best friend Tessa decides to put a special song on the radio in the car for Paigethese are the moments that make this book a little magical And Paige doesn t take them for granted the book is chock full of little realizations from Paige that her friends are really her family and that these little moments are really big. Before I could tell them I was fine, Morgan s arms engulfed me and Kayleigh was right beside us, pulling Tessa in, too I could pick out their scents the soft vanilla of Morgan s perfume and the floral of Kayleigh s hair and the spearmint gum that Tess chewed any time we were outside of school With our arms around each other, I almost believed that strength could travel between us like the heat of our bodies Nothing, not even sadness, could be greater than the sum of us.

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    OMG THIS WAS SO CUTE One of the cutest young adult contemporaries I ve read in SO long I justI keep hugging the book because it was just precious and sweet and uplifting and UGH all the good things in life.But okay here are five specific reasons why I absolutely LOVED this Focus on female friendships I love that Emery Lord placed such an emphasis on the importance of friendship and specifically how lady friendships are probably the most important sort of relationship a young girl will establish and experience growing up I love how Emery portrayed it realistically and how it s not all sunshine, sleepovers, rainbows, and happy endings The friends had issues with each other but communicated with each other and their friendships ended up stronger than ever UGH SO GOOD THE FRIENSHIP FEELS.Girls and guys can be JUST FRIENDS Emery perfectly developed and showed how a real and lasting friendship can form between a guy and a girl It was just so genuine and reminds me of the friendships I had have with men that have stayed purely platonic and meant a great deal to me A genuine and sweet romance that wasn t over done or over bearing I ship Max and Paige so hard HOLY CRAP Like reading about how they ve developed and fell in love Ugh I don t like to compare at all but it gave me the same when I read Anna and the French Kiss I got butterflies in my stomach because of these two JUST SO INCREDIBLY SWEET AND OK, I love the fact that Max was nerdy and sweet I mean I love me a bad boy But Emery has a such a talent for writing and creating nice guy love interests who aren t one dimensional and flat Focus on family I love that family was such a huge focus The parents played a vital role Paige s sister and their relationship was important AND I LOVED Paige s relationship with her grandmother So incredibly sweet and refreshing to see a young adult who values familial relationships because ya know that does happen in real life.Paige, the main character, is fantastic I loved Paige s character development I found her a bit self centered but i think that s part of her flaws and i love how it was handled I love the way that Emery Lord portrayed the Paige s anxiety I completely related to her on that level It made me feel not so alone I totally feel s Paige s type A personality becaue I do like my lists like her Basically, alot of times while I was reading Paige s internal dialogue I was going this is me this me omg Basically read this especially if you want some quality young adult contemporary, but also if you want something completely uplifting and hopeful and UGH FEELS INDUCING TOO.

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    Emery Lord and I were off to a rocky start Well, not start exactly I thought we had thoroughly DTR d And that that definition was you write bad books, I give them one star forever But then she had to go and decide to write something I didn t hate t get me wrong This book wasn t perfect Maybe it wasn t even all that great But it s started to get warm out, and when it s warm out I read up a STORM mostly contemporaries This hit the spot But I m still not emotionally prepared to change my thinking about Emery Lord The thing with this book is that, though it had the lil dumb things that are characteristic of a contemporary, it wasn t nail bitingly, world endingly, life changingly problematic and horrible One Emery Lord book contained the world s most cringeworthy depiction of mental illness another was teeming with girl hate This book wasfun You see how that doesn t make up for anything, really But we ll start with the good stuff Even if the word start is a tad misleading at this point First off, this book made me miss my friends My hometown friends Because it s not summertime yet And we re in college so I haven t seen them since winter break Why am I trying so hard to convince you guys I have friends Anyway I miss my friends because I really like the squad from this book They really seem like they have fun together and love each other and whatnot It makes me miss my squad But now I m feeling things and you guys know I m profoundly anti feeling so I m going to move on.The male love interest in this, Max, is very cute More contemporaries should have nerdy guys That fictional concept of a kind jock dating the not so popular girl is nice and all, but we all know nerdy guys are where it s at for book boyfriends.Max and boring old Paige, our main character are also in this fun thing called QuizBowl They compete in trivia competition type things I don t really know I don t even know if it s real or not I just know I like trivia QuizUp Jeopardy TriviaCrack Review games before tests Sign me up for all of the above and this was a fun part of the book and I wish there was .There were also lots of fun literary and TV show references, which I m always into Love pop culture, baby Paige goes to a program at NYU, which was my dream school and my number 1 choice all the way up until I got in and remembered I don t have 70k a year to just throw around She also wants to be a screenwriter, which was my dream job for a time What I m trying to say here is that a lot of my interests are covered in this book.This book also has a little bit of diversity Not a good or great amount, but than I ve come to expect from contemporaries I mean, I read the first fifty pages of this book long before the rest I ve had an awful habit of doing that lately I m going to be so confused when I finally deign to pick up Falling Kingdoms So I don t remember the physical descriptions of the characters, but I think at least one was mixed And I ll avoid spoilers, but if you read the whooooole book including bonus scenes you get some LGBT action.Kind of the bare minimum But when most YA doesn t even seem to be hitting the lowest of lows, it s hard not to hand out trophies for the little things And when it comes down to it, this book had the it factor I m always looking for with contemporaries Do you guys know what I m talking about That fun, addictive feeling the worthwhile contemporaries have I feel like I m constantly looking for that and like, never finding it So I enjoyed it while this book lasted.Which, speaking of boy did this book last No contemporary needs to be four hundred pages long None Hit that 300 page sweet spot and move the hell on And the beginning of this book wasn t even GOOD Remember earlier when I said I read the first fifty pages of this a long time ago Yeah Not a good sign Now, this book ended up being a fun ride anyway But the beginning wasn t Like, at all Maybe that has something to do with how our protagonist is a massive, steaming pile of boring I was expecting her cool group of friends to ditch her, like, the whole time She brings nothing to the table She just absorbs their jokes and whines a lot Which is fair, because her boyfriend died But that s no excuse for not being FUNNY.Going off of that, there s some weird stuff about death and mourning going on in this book Like, Paige was only dating Mr Dead Boyfriend fora month I think Again, it s been awhile since I was actually introduced to this story That s the excuse we re given for why she s mostly fine and absolutely REARING to go to town on a popular jock But even though she recognizes her sadness as not being equivalent to the best friend of Colonel McDeadFaceshe never really tells the best friend that She just accepts his help and whatnot It s a lil weird.AND HAHAHAHA OH MY GOD HOW DID I FORGET THIS Max has this very strange speaking quirk that is introduced in the weirdest way When he sees Paige, he often says wait for it Hey, girl HAHAHAHA Why It made me laugh every time Like, this nerdy character, stealing the following catchphrase from the following individual And when he says it, Paige says something so bizarre and fangirly Something to the effect of, It s not what I d expect Captain Dork to say It reminds me of something my Platonic Girlfriends would say, except I m a mushy pile of hormones when he says it It s so forced and uncomfortable.And speaking of forced and uncomfortable Emery Lord tries to do that clich d contemporary author thing here, where you make it overwhelming clear that your books take place in the same world by namedropping other characters Which is all well and good, except for that I hate her other books with every atom fiber dust mite particle of my being and every time Lilah Montgomery was mentioned I cringed so hard I feared becoming legally blind.But other than that.Bottom line Yeah, read this Why not It s fun, kind of Definitely not perfect or one of my new favorites, exactly and we re still blood enemies, Emery but it s the summery read I was looking for.

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    4.5 5 stars MAN DID I LOVE SO MUCH ABOUT THIS And the bonus chapter I didn t even know existed took everything up a notch I love everything so much.This had all my favorite things about a contemporary a main character who has to work through some crap outside of the romance, friends to lovers , a strong friend group, and delayed gratification in the romance department So much to love.The plot was pretty fantastic as well and was unique in my mind for a contemporary I also really loved getting some callbacks to open road summer even if I did have a lot of problems with that book I just really loved this a lot and if it stays with me longer than a few hours I could move it up to a 5.SO GOOD READ IT.

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    Oh what a beautiful book this was I finished reading this not even 5 minutes ago and I have the biggest grin on my face This was my first Emery Lord book and I m a big fan already Runs out to buy all her current work Add this to your TBR list if you haven t read it yet For over a year, sixteen year old Paige Hancock, has been known as the girl whose boyfriend died She s spent the last year shutting herself off from everything but she s now ready for a new beginning and to start living her life To help herself along, she s created a list 1 Parties social events2 New group3 Date Ryan Chase 4 Travel5 Swim I love lists I mean seriously LOVE them I find myself writing the silliest lists just for the sake of writing a list Paige s list is a little exciting than mine though It leads her on this amazing journey with friends old and new opening herself up to new opportunities, conquering fears, and ultimately to love This book is packed full of unforgettable characters There s a very strong emphasis on friendship, which sadly is not seen enough in YA This group of gals are solid and always there for each other They have that special bond where nothing needs to be said, they just know what each other needs and never fail to deliver These are friendships that all young girls should strive for and look up to They are truly amazing and I commend Emery for a near perfect portrayal While the main emphasis was on friendship, there was a little romance involved and oh my goodness it was adorable No insta love here, just two people who gradually become friends and build on that foundation It was sweet, real, and innocent Is it predictable Yes it is But that s not what s important, this is knowing what happens isn t the same as knowing how it happens Getting there is the best part When I got to the big moment it just made it all the special I may have even shed some tears There s not really anything I can say to do this story justice THE START OF ME AND YOU has been added to my list of favorite YA Contemporaries and I recommend it to anyone else who enjoys dipping their toes in the genre The writing is beautiful, the plot perfectly executed, Emery Lord nails it from every angle Highly recommend Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy for review.