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From The Comedically Unhinged Mind Of T E Antonino Comes A Comedy Thriller, Short In Duration, But With Madness As Inescapable As The Echoes Of A Long Abandoned Swamp Madness Shows Up When You Re Born, When You Die, And, In Marvin Snicks S Case, Everywhere In Between Haunted By An Incessant Croaking Coming From The Woods Around His Home, Marvin Finds Himself Being Pulled Deeper And Deeper Into The Jaws Of Insanity, As If By A Gigantic, Sticky Tongue The Heinous Croaking Erodes His Sanity Day After Day, Driving Him To An Obsession That Affects Every Facet Of His Life Even The Company Therapist, With Her Five Year Junior College Degree, Seems To Be Pushing Marvin Deeper And Deeper Into The Inescapable Mire Of Feverish Delusion In The End, It S Man Against Beast In A Twisted, Final Showdown

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    This was a strange little story Humorous but reminds me mostly of an adolescent boy s humor Characters are annoying and the story just wasn t my cup of tea Thanks to Goodreads for the giveaway in exchange for my honest review.

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    I had a great time writing this book I found myself morbidly laughing at Marvin s life I think their are things in the book that we can all relate to in a funny way Some people have it harder than others and in Marvin s case that definitely rings true Kick back and enjoy the read I think your going to enjoy this book on some level or many levels Take care and happy reading

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    Title says it allIt s of a comedy than a thriller and is quite predictable Some of the back stories would have been fun to delve into instead, but it was thankfully a quick read.

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    I won this book on Goodreads Kindle version and for an honest review This is a great story a new idea and a bit funny really this was a fun book to read I think many will enjoy it Yes, the story is a bit crazy but that is what makes it so good A quick can t put down read This story does not disappoint

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    Just read this before bed it was wonderful great progression of story as the main character slowly slips into insanity and a wonderful ending A must read people Great way to have a good laugh after a bad day and enjoying a killer story

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    Comical What happens when a man has been driven too far This is a comical short of a man who lets revenge get a little froggy.

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    Not that goodI really didn t care for this book very much It was kind of strange IMH opinion a little too much for me sorry to say.

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    This is a short funny read Marvin works as the head heel measurer in a factory making upscale women s shoes His wife cooks big meals for him that can cause flatulence We re talking pickled pig s feet, sauerkraut, sausages, and lots of bean dishes One day he gets called into the boss s office for a little chat It seems the other employees have filed a grievance because of his constant farting They say it is hampering their work This is the beginning of Marvin s problems He is riled up over the complaint and is having trouble sleeping, especially since there is frog that croaks loudly all night Marvin sleeps with the window open and no amount of yelling for the frog to shut up does any good He is losing sleep and getting cranky and crankier until he finally takes his wife s advise and makes an appointment with the company counselor Her advise makes him manic and he goes on an all out war with the frog His attitude now is I am King of the beasts and I am going to get you croaker It is a fun story because one thing leads to another as Marvin gets and sleep deprived.I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway This is my honest review.

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    I received this book from Goodreads giveaways.This was a lot of morbid fun The story is centered on our hero, Marvin Snicks Marvin is the head inspector in the Sassy Starlet High Heel Factory and things haven t been going so well lately His life seems to be falling apart and the source of all his misery is a frog that sits outside his window and croaks all night long The croaking is driving him mad and we get ringside seats to the crackup.There s something of Toole s Ignatius J Reilly in ole Marvin Snicks There s no mention of pyloric valves here, but the slight resemblance still tickles at the back of my mind My evidence for this assertion wouldn t hold up in a court of law, but maybe Marvin is the country cousin Either way, this book works wonderfully as a palette cleanser after a longer, denser book A way to quickly decompress after being completely absorbed in another world without risking the psychic bends Four stars.