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Feminism Wikipedia Feminism Is A Range Of Social Movements, Political Movements, And Ideologies That Aim To Define, Establish, And Achieve The Political, Economic, Personal, And Social Equality Of The Sexes Feminism Incorporates The Position That Societies Prioritize The Male Point Of View, And That Women Are Treated Unjustly Within Those Societies Efforts To Change That Include Fighting Against GenderFeminism Opposing Viewpoints Hurley, Jennifer Feminism Opposing Viewpoints By Hurley, Jennifer APublication DateTopics Women Girls, Social Science Sociology, Social Problems General Young Adult , Juvenile Nonfiction, Sociology, Women, Children Young Adult Gr , United States, Social Conditions, Feminism Feminist Theory, General, Feminism Publisher San Diego, Calif Greenhaven Press Collection InlibraryWhat Women Against Feminism Gets Right Time Female Anti Feminism Is Nothing New In The Th Century, Plenty Of Women Were Hostile To The Women S Movement And To Women Who Pursued Nontraditional Paths In The S, Marabel Morgan S Feminisms And Feminist Movements In Europe EHNE This Is Referred To As State Feminism, Especially The Kind Developed In Scandinavian Countries And France During The Roudy Years Some Feminist Activists, Referred To As Femocrats, Became Involved In Political Parties And Institutions In Order To Gain New Reforms On The Opposing End Were Others Who Wereradical, And Wanted To Remain Independent, But Could Not Avoid A Drop In The Mobilization Of Feminism Opposing Viewpoints Book,Feminism Opposing Viewpoints Andrea Hinding An Anthology Tracing The Development Of Feminist Issues From The Mid Nineteenth Century To The Present And Including Debates On Such Topics As Women And The Vote, The Differences Between Men AndThe Truth About Feminism Opposing Views Opposing Views Posted The Article On Their Site, And Some Of The Comments Are As Follows Feminism Is What Gave You The Right To Write And Be Taken Seriously These Women Want To Take Us Back To The Stone Age And They Re Oblivious To The Fact That Feminism Is What Has Given Them The Credibility That They Have Ms Venker, If Not For Feminism You D Be At Home With Kids Crawling All Over TheThe Case Against Contemporary Feminism The There Is, It Seems, A Growing Hunger For A Feminism Concernedwith The Lives Of Low Income Women Than With The Number Of Female CEOs The Opposing View That Feminism Is Not Just Broadly Anti Feminist Quotes Opposition To Feminism For Me The Great Mission Of Feminism Is To Seek The Full Political And Legal Equality Of Women With Men However, I Disagree With Many Of My Fellow Feminists As An Equal Opportunity Feminist, Who Believes That Feminism Should Only Be Interested In Equal Rights Before The Law I Utterly Oppose Special Protection For Women Where I Think That A Lot Of The Feminist Establishment Has Drifted In The Common Arguments Against Feminism Every Feminism Is The Construction Of Gender Equality, Meaning That We Would Not Live In A Society That Condones And Perpetuates Oppression Put Simply, All Of Our Lives Would Be Better What About That Women Against Feminism Supporting Women People Often Ask Why Women Against Feminism Exists One Reader Recently Quipped That Women Being Against Feminism Is Like Fish Being Against Water And Yet The Fact Remains That Most Women Don T Identify As Feminists Polls In The US Show That As Few As % Of Women There Call Themselves A Feminist In The UK, The Equivalent Figure For Feminism Is Evenbleak At Only % Of

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    The book I read is called Feminism Opposing Viewpoints by Jennifer. This book does not have any specific characters nor setting. According to the 2005 poll that was conducted by CBS News, this was a tough time to be feminist. I found this book in the library. The title caught my interest because I have always wanted to learn more about the topic feminism. I always wanted a clearer definition about the word. Yes my book does focus on issue that is important in today's society.Feminism is still relevant, because our society is still ran discriminatory by men. Women still make less than men, on average, in almost every career field. Violence towards women gets unsuitable every second.  

    This book has a wide diversity of opinions and viewpoints towards feminism. But I would really like to focus on this question that was stated in the book “How has feminism impacted females “. Feminism has affected women in several different ways such as prostitution, trafficking, arresting, jobs and so many more negative things. Some people believe that these acts should be eliminated  because they think that this is just wrong. They often times have family members that are affected by this. Most of the time it's women that have been through this or have a connection with other people .Some people think they should stay because they are just angry little devil they like to see people in pain most of the time it is the men. I believe that all negative acts should be stopped now. This has affected so many women in the households.

    I don’t like how this book ended. But this ended by talking about gay marriage, rights for gay people, history about lesbian rights same sex dominance. I am for gay rights but it  just was not a good way to wrap up a book. I was thinking the book was going to end with different ways to end all these terrible things that are happening .  they ended it with a number problem in the world. I was just expecting a more calming ending.  My favorite quote is “It is because I still believe so strongly in the right of a women to protect her body that I now oppose abortion.”

    If you are reading this book you must have an open mind and be prepared for others options on certain situations’ think that people that like are indecisive or don’t know the meaning this would be the perfect book you. After reading this book I have gained so much knowledge about this topic I feel like a pro.

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    Feminism: Opposing Viewpoints (Hardcover)
    by Jennifer A. Hurley
    isbn-13: 978-0-7377-3769-1
    Why consider opposing viewpoints? -- Introduction -- ch.1. What is feminism? -- Chapter preface -- 1. Feminism is a complicated concept / Sally Haslanger and Nancy Tuana -- 2. Feminism is obsolete / Kay S. Hymowitz -- 3. Feminism is not obsolete / Marilyn Gardner -- 4. Western feminists should fight for Islamic women / Phyllis Chesler -- 5. Arab feminism has a long history without western intervetion / Susan Muaddi Darraj -- Periodical bibliography --

    ch. 2. How has feminism impacted female sexuality and reproduction? -- Chapter preface -- 1. Pornography is harmful to women / Stephanie Cleveland -- 2. Pornography is not harmful to women / Barbara Dority -- 3. Women have the right to be prostitutes / Kimberly Klinger -- 4. Women do not have the right to be prostitutes / Coalition Against Trafficking in Women -- 5. Women have the right to abortion / Center for Reproductive Rights -- 6. Women do not have the right to abortion / Frederica Mathewes-Green -- Periodical bibliography --

    ch. 3. How has feminism affected women's roles in the workplace? -- Chapter preface -- 1. Women choose to make less than men / Arrah Nielsen -- 2. Women do not choose to make less than men / Stephanie Seguino -- 3. The glass ceiling still exists / The Economist -- 4. The glass ceiling has never existed / Lindsay McNutt -- 5. Women can be religious leaders / Tony Campolo -- 6. Women cannot be religious leaders / Wayne Grudem -- 7. Women should be allowed to serve in combat / Robin Gerber -- 8. Women should not be allowed to serve in combat / Mackubin Thomas Owens -- Periodical bibliography --

    ch. 4. How has feminism affected women's roles in the home? -- Chapter preface -- 1. Feminists can be pro-family / Lynn Marcotte -- 2. Feminists cannot be pro-family / Andreas J. Kustenberger -- 3. Mothers should work / Linda Hirshman -- 4. Mothers should stay at home / Suzanne Venker --

    5. Women should support same-sex marriage / National Organization for Women -- 6. Women should not support same-sex marriage / Sam Schulman -- Periodical bibliography -- For further discussion -- Organizations to contact -- Bibliography of books -- Index.

    I have opinions about each of the chapters but I have education to deal with all the factors in Ch 2.
    So even though this book is intended for teenagers, This chapter does not take up the issues from the point of a teenager. Teenage sexuality, pregnancy and abortion are hotly debated but except for the Preface, this chapter is written about and for adults. So let us take up writing for teens.

    Pornography is harmful to teenagers.

    The author who takes up "pornography is harmful to women" starts by asking how much money the porn industry makes. Presumably she's concerned that women don't make their share of the profits. But this is not particularly relevant to teenagers. Then she questions the role of porn in the "average American boy"'s life. American (white) boys have been seeing porn in their preteen years for at least a century. I'm interested in the role of porn in girls'lives - whether girls get to see pornography. Although porn is not good sex education, it has been the only sex education available to a lot of boys, and girls have been deprived of even that. Girls don't know what their sex organs look like or even where some of them are. Boys can see and touch theirs. Then the author takes up the question of what kind of women make pornography - "Over two-thirds of women in pornography experienced childhood sex abuse before entering the industry." How is this relevant? Do they do sex wrong? Is this different from the rate of abuse among the general population? I'm not in favor of child sex abuse, but this section is supposed to be about pornography. Children are not supposed to make porn; everyone agrees that that's illegal. Children see plenty of porn online, and they could use adults who know how to look at porn and could have a useful discussion. Teenagers have sex. Teenagers have always had sex. Poor teenagers learn about sex by having sex with adults. When it isn't violent, the main problem is that such sex is exploitive and no one will help the teen negotiate for a fair share of sexual power in the relationship. Middle-class teens generally have sex with each other, and this doesn't work any better, because girls do it "to keep their boyfriend" rather than for pleasure, and boys do it for status and power. As far as I'm concerned, these sexual experiences are not a sexual relationship, although they might be training for marriage.

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    AMAZING book. Love it