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As A Prefect Of Rome, His Allegiance Belongs To Caesar As A Christian, His Life Belongs To God Amidst The Tyranny And Treachery Of A Half Crazed Emperor S Reign, Taurus Antinor Seeks To Remains True To His Oath To Caesar And To God When Offered The Glory Of A Kingdom And The Love Of A Woman, This Powerful Magistrate Sacrifices All For The Sake Of A Galilean Upon A Cross

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    I had no idea that Orczy was such a strong Christian This is a fabulous novel, though I don t know if I agree with her application of render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar s I don t have a very carefully reasoned response it just seems that when gross sin is happening, loyalty should not be the strongest driving force On the other hand, I appreciated hugely the willingness of the hero to sacrifice everything, quite literally, for what he believed to be his duty to Christ.All in all, I loved it Orczy s characters, per usual, are the best.

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    Wow The emotion, the thought, the turmoil in this book is amazing Baroness Orczy is a beautifully gripping writer, and this is one of her best works Portrayals of Rome and historical figures are so right on and well done

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    Historically correct and thrilling book about Rome and its inhabitants and their loves under Caesar.

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    Selected this book to read because I love anything related to the Roman empire plus it was available as a free read on my e reader I enjoyed the character descriptions of Caligula and Taurus Antinor at first but had a hard time believing the so called innocence of Dea Flavia Augusta relative of Caligula She and the emperor were at the top of society Roman emperors became emperors and stayed in that position because they were ruthless Their relatives accepted the existence of power plays and worked within the system and sometimes out of it to maintain their own power and status positions.The author would have the reader believe that Dea Flavia was a protected child with no experience of reality Her young girl s crush and resulting mental emotional turmoil on Taurus Antinor was a perfect case of a spoiled brat being denied something she wanted And the HEAVY religious overtones were overpowering I had to force myself to finish the book A great book for those who are looking for stories to verify their own personal religious beliefs.

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    This slow moving historical novel set in Ancient Rome is something to read when you have the time and patience for the heavy descriptive blocks, and the thees and thous that fill the dialog That was the style when the book was written, to have people from the past speak formally than the present.Writers have long enjoyed imagining how Christianity made its way around the Empire and into the palaces of the Emperors, up to the time when the Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the empire This is one such novel.Read the full and illustrated review at Italophile Book Reviewshttp italophilebookreviews.blogspot

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    I really enjoyed this Sure, it was melodramatic But I happened to read the scene of the poor Christians meeting together to worship their Savior as I was waiting to attend my own worship service It added a certain gentle and deep sense of meaning to my own attendance Then there s the scenes in the Roman Colosseum Duality of personality aside, I place this book firmly on the shelf with Ben Hur and The Agony The Ecstasy, if I still had them Good fast read.

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    As a prefect of Rome, his allegiance belongs to Caesar as a Christian, his life belongs to God Amidst the tyranny and treachery of a half crazed emperor s reign, Taurus Antinor seeks to remains true to his oath to Caesar and to God When offered the glory of a kingdom and the love of a woman, this powerful magistrate sacrifices all for the sake of a Galilean upon a cross.

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    This book is occasionally overwrought but the Christian message is very clear Taurus Antinor must choose between his love for Christ and his love for Dea Flavia Following Christ means rendering unto Caesar those things that are his, even if the Caesar is a raving madman But he makes the right choice and is rewarded in the end.

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    Exciting read through most of it Graphic descriptions of the Coliseum Tending to the over dramatic through most of it The love story was very predictable The part I didn t like was the twisting of Scripture Jesus sacrificial death is twisted so it is no to redeem us from sin, but to establish the divine right of kings So sad.

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    Downloaded for free from Project Gutenberg.