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Every Vice Has A Price ShilohI Never Meant To End Up As A Tabloid Headline However, The Higher A Star Rises, The Harder They Fall, And Life In The Fast Lane Has Brought Me Face To Face With My Biggest Regret I Walked Away From A Sweet Boy And Came Home To A Sinful Man We Re Toxic Together But Too Addicted To StopCary Hates Himself For Wanting Me I Hate Him For Wanting Me TooI Warned Him I D Ruin Him Once It S Not My Fault If He Ignores Me TwiceCaryShiloh Warned Me That She D Ruin Me For Once, She Was Telling The Truth I Sacrificed My Future For Her And Then Spent Seven Years Hating Her For ItNow A Scandalous Fall From Grace Has Landed Her At My Feet And Under My Control It S Finally Time To Unleash The Payback I Ve Always Craved Unfortunately, Revenge Doesn T Taste As Sweet As The Woman I Vowed To DestroyChange Of Plans I Don T Just Want Her Pain I Want Her Everything

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    NOTE This coming year I have set a challenge for myself of reading one book a week that takes me out of my comfort zone A book that may include one or tropes scenarios that I avoid like the plague Cheating Older women younger man OW drama Just to name a few Nothing is off limits I am taking a HUGE step out of the box I usually live in and charting a course into the unknown HaHa My reviews for these books will differ slightly from my usual as I will focus on whether the author wowed me despite it having content I avoid That said, I will go into each book with an open mind and an open heart and who knows, maybe I will discover a new favorite author on the way THIS BOOK INCLUDED THE FOLLOWING TROPES SCENARIOS I USUALLY AVOID don t click if you don t want the book spoiled view spoiler Famous unlikable heroine Drug use OW drama Asshole hero hide spoiler

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    Shallow by Cora KenbornWOWIf you think this is your grandmothers kinda romance book, you will be sadly mistaken Cora Kenborn has lit the book world on fire with this one The utter raw emotions she pulled from this reader is mind blowing Just the emotions, drama, angst, hot scenes, darn this book has it all The book is over the top and is than a 5 star read Shiloh and Cary will play with your mind and your heart You really just need to read this book.

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    This is my 1st book by this author and will not be my last This story was about 2 friends Shiloh Carrick Cary who grew into enemies then years later reappeared in each other s lives Both of them are broken and need so much work to be better people Shiloh was a mean girl in high school and continues on as such for years, only when she hits rock bottom does she learn what is important in life Carrick is hurt and angry due to choices he made because he was young, in love and made a promise This story was intriguing, full of angst and so much than just a love story I didn t want the book to end I was so engrossed with it I fell in love with both Shiloh and Cary A wonderfully written story about how consequences of ur actions can change a persons life and how people change.

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    5 stars This is not for the faint of heart because Ms Kenborn takes you through all the paces from deception and betrayal, shallowness and superficiality, tragedy and adversity, heartbreak and despair My heart isn t sure if it was breaking or if hope was on the horizon only to be flipped upside down again This is a book you don t want to miss and will give the HEA that many are hoping for it s just one h ll of a rollercoaster ride to get there.I received this book as an ARC for a freely given and honest review.

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    Wow Just wow Cora really brings you into the heart of the story very quickly by showing you just how Shallow Shiloh West truly is from the very first page, describing her in how she is now and who she was then I so knew I was going to hate her after hearing about all the lives she s devastated and destroyed Does someone as selfish and shallow as Shiloh deserve a second chance I don t think I ve ever instantly hated a character as quickly as I did in this book Well, maybe once but that s another story lol Within pages I didn t like Shiloh and I was sitting back, just waiting for her to fall And boy, did she ever fall HARD Her blatant lack of caring for others was so strong it set up the readers view of just what kind of person she is and always has been So when she s sentenced to work for Cary, the boy whose life she absolutely destroyed from her home town, I was giddy to see just how bad it would be for her Hoping he d get his own justice Wanting Karma to come in and take over I didn t think she had any redeeming qualities whatsoever and desperately wanted Cary to get his vengeance Untiluntil you started to get into the book You noticed things, small things at first, things that make you think she may actually have a heart That maybe she can be forgiven by those she s harmed MaybeBut is it enough to change this woman who has always been known to only think of herself Only care about her own image Does she deserve forgiveness and redemption from all of those she s wronged or should she end up serving her time in prison to pay for recent sins For answers, you have got to read this book It is honestly a really well written book Smooth comes to mind.

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    Wow Cora Kenborn outdid herself with this amazing emotional read I don t know where to begin but I can say that Shallow blew me away I loved it Shallow pulled me in from the first few pages all the way to the very end and wouldn t let go I couldn t put it down Shallow is full of heartbreak and raw emotions that will have you on the edge of your seat Don t be surprised if you shed a few tears and want to punch something or someone Lol Carrick Cary Kincaid is a handsome tough guy with the heart of gold that was treated horribly by someone he trusted Now he s out for revenge against the girl he s had feelings for most of his life Will he get a chance at revenge or will his soft spot for Shiloh get in the way Shiloh West is a beautiful small town girl who left after making it big with her career She didn t care how she treated people when she was a teen or as an adult As long as Shiloh got what she thought she deserved that s all that matter to her until her career came to a crashing halt The thing with fame is the higher you climb the farther the fall When the person who you care about and betrayed has your future in the palms of his hands things are going to get interesting Can the mean heartless selfish girl get her life back to where she s proud and can hold her head up high or will she remain the cold shallow girl everyone believes she is I highly recommended this super amazing book It s one book you don t want to miss.

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    4 stars Primeiro de tudo, parab ns a autora por me fazer odiar a mocinha logo no in cio Senhor, que dio eu senti j no pr logo.Esse o tipo de livro que voc odeia ou ama certos personagens Eu sinceramente entrei em conflito nessa parte de odiar amar Da mesma forma em que queria ver a mocinha quebrar a cara e pagar por seus erros, eu senti uma certa peninha dela em determinadas situa es, confuso neh E sobre o mocinho, n o consegui ter uma opini o formada a respeito dele, porque eu entendi a situa o, e todo o dio que ele sentia, eu senti tamb m,rs Mas nem por isso aprovei seu comportamento ou algumas de suas atitudes.O enredo seguiu um passo legal e os flashbacks do passado ajudaram a entender mais a situa o dos personagens principais Esse o primeiro livro que leio dessa autora e gostei bastante da escrita dela e da narrativa.Conseguiu me prender do in cio ao fim e em nenhum momento me senti entediada Pelo contr rio, essa hist ria conseguiu causar um mix de emo es que at agora estou tentando compreender.

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    I love Shallow. I loved every bit of it. I didn t now if I wanted to laught, cry or scream at my kindle. I really don t want to give to much away but you well want to read Shiloh and Cary story. Well done Cora

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    5 stars isn t enough I rate it 10 Shallow Written by Cora KenbornShallow is the story of Fallen Super Model Shiloh West and the boy she left behind, Carrick Cary Kincaid I have taken my time on leaving my review because I want to leave a review that will do justice for this book This book is BY FAR this author s best work I could not put this it down Let me just start by saying that this book is raw, gritty, highly emotional and man the sexual tension is out of this world Cora Kenborn is able to rip you completely apart and then slowly, piece by little piece, she puts you back together again and gives you that HEA you are begging for Shiloh West, wow She was the girl that you hated but wanted to be just like in high school She had it all Money, looks, friends, and that it factor And she pissed it all away in amazing fashion But, the growth that she goes through on this journey of finding redemption, finding herself and love and acceptance is breathtaking I can t remember the last time that I rooted for a character so much and for me to not even really like her to being with lol.Cary SWOON I LOVED Cary I understood his anger, and his need for revenge and his need to make Shiloh pay She ruined his life and all he did was love her The struggles that he goes through to try to stop loving her, to stop this need for revenge His character was excellent He had that dark brooding thing going for him, on top of that he was a mma fighter mmmmm and under it all He was still that boy from High School who was in love with the Popular girl and would do anything for her The secondary characters were FANTASTIC Bianca Shiloh s mom , Frankie and the boys and Will I LOVED them and can I hint and say I would LOVE some from this book world Taryn, What to say about her I honestly don t think that I have ever hated a character so much I am hoping that was the point lol She was always in the shadow of Shiloh and man I think she got what she deserved I won t go into spoilers Overall, This book is amazing My top read for the year for sure The character depth, and growth shown is outstanding This book is extremely well written, the flow and pace of the book is on point I would HIGHLY recommend this to someone that is looking for a book that is going to give you all of the feels What an amazing job I can t wait to read from this author

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    I wish it were possible to give than a 5 star rating, because this book deserves ten times that Wow I had been anxiously waiting for this book, and it sure as heck doesn t disappoint The book revolves around Shiloh West Carrick Kincaid Shiloh was always full of herself yet Carrick had major feelings for her while they were in high school together, until one night changes everything and Shiloh leaves town Flash forward many years later and she s back But why Will Carrick ever forgive her Can she handle the boy who became a man If you want to find out, please read these book Total emotional overload It is my absolute favorite by this author You will not be disappointed