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Reading Someone S Mind Won T Always Tell You What They WantScott Kensington Lives Happily Without Magic Prayer Is All He Needs To Worship The Gods Then He Starts His Studies At The University Of Frannesburg, And Not Only Is He Suddenly Surrounded By Eccentrics Those Gifted With Magic But His Own Latent Ability Begins To Surface, With Consequences That Could Tear His Soul And Family ApartNick Barns Is Grieving For His Lost Mother And Desperate For Distraction Usually In The Form Of Limited Edition Action Figures As A Telekinetic, He S No Stranger To Magic, So He Offers To Help Scott Adjust To His New Powers They Quickly Learn How Their Magics Interact, Their Shared Passions Soon Growing Beyond Superheroes And Immortals But Nick S Not Taking His Studies Seriously, And His Father Threatens To Pull Him From The University Overwhelmed By His Own Crumbling Family, Scott S Convinced He Can T Handle A Relationship, But He Doesn T Want To Let Nick GoWith Grief, Guilt, And Magic Complicating Everything Between Nick And Scott, It Seems That Not Even The Gods Or A New Comic Book Can Save Their Relationship Now Sometimes, Even Reading Someone S Mind Won T Help You Understand What They Want

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    things i find while shelving I received a free ARC via NetGalleyMan I totally meant to read this before its release date and get the review up but I failed again not nearly as bad as I ve failed on other arcsbut oh well Anyway I enjoyed this one so, so much I love how Haworth has crafted the universe this is set in, all of the mythology surrounding the gods and the way pop culture is informed by that I m huge into mythology and it was just absolutely fascinating to read a book set in a world with a completely different mythological history to the one we re used to, you know Haworth does such a great job introducing you to what s normal in this world and it all feels so natural and normal.I loved the characters Nick and Scott I loved how they approach religion and magic differently how Nick grew up on the pop culture side and Scott on the devout magic from divine side of things And I love that that wasn t a problem for them I love that they both learned form each other, how Scott was able to give Nick context for the comics he loves so much and how open Scott was to exploring the modern tales that were created from the stories he grew up with.And I loved I loved the conflict I loved how the two of them had these outside forces to deal with familial issues and obligations that were holding both of them back And I loved how they each struggled to learn how to handle it, both knowing that they needed to handle it before they could be fully open to each other.And I love their relationship I love the development and the missteps I really just loved this book so, so much.

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    AMAZING This book was full of things I d been longing to see in fiction An actual adult relationship where things are thought and talked through and not jumping to conclusions and causing drama, a gay multicultural relationship front and center and also not the only gay ones in the book, boys and emotions and ACTUALLY DEALING WITH THEM And the crack about the book Nick was reading it is horrible how some men portray women I can hardly wait for of this series.

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    Raised in a community of normals people without magical gifts Scott Kensington is in for a bit of a culture shock when he starts university Everywhere he goes he sees eccentrics those with magic wielding fire and manipulating matter thru telekinesis, or hears school wide ads transferred thru telepathy But perhaps the biggest change is the lack of worship for the ten gods Sure there are statues around campus, and churches within walking distance, but the day to day presence in his life that he has grown up with isn t really there any With his family far away, and his life changing in new and startling ways, Scott has to rely on his small group of friends including the telekinetic Nick Barns who captures than his fare share of attention to help navigate a life that has suddenly turned on its head.To say I have mixed feelings about this story would be pretty accurate On one hand, I found this world to be filled with quite a few interesting things I would love to know about But on the other hand, I kinda want to know about them because not knowing made this book a rather frustrating read.When I started this book I was sure it was going to be straight fantasy one with no connection to Earth But it becomes clear soon after the beginning that this story takes place on Earth, just in some alternate timeline Which is fine, except it never really wanted to define that timeline.The country empire um, place they live in is ruled by an Empire style government But that is pretty much all I know about that I have no idea where this book is set, where the Empire came from, why Scott thinks the Empire is so horrible Nothing It is all extremely vague, and constantly left me with a sense of confusion and doubt that made it hard to really get into this story The story kinda wanted me to have this fear of the government finding out certain things that happen in this story, but I was never sure why I should care There are protests or something going on somewhere, but it is never stated why they happen Simply expecting me to go, oh no, not the Empire just because it is not a democracy or some such thing is a bit ridiculous Maybe it gets fleshed out later in the series, but if you wanted me to have some type of emotional response in this one, you have to give at least something than they act like every government ever created.And while I do like the use of the polytheistic religion in this book and the utter lack of Christianity which is something I rarely come across and liked a lot it tended to spend a huge chunk of this book just talking about the gods but not really explaining at all where this religion came from, how long it has been around, why it seems to be the one dominating religion in the world I don t need and entire book solely telling me where the religion plays into the world, but I had a hard time trying to mesh my sense of Earth with this Alternate Earth, and it was, at best, frustrating And pretty much why I wish this story had simply taken place in some other world entirely.There is also the fact that I have a lot of baggage related to religion It probably did not help here at all, to be honest Because this book really does a good job of hitting all those religious people notes that I know from growing up, and it kinda triggers a part of my brain that is automatically set up to go fuck that Which isn t the books fault And my constant state of agitation reading this has an impact on my overall feelings, which kinda sucks But I don t really know how to separate that from what I feel for the rest of the story.I do know that the story s tendency to spend a lot of time describing what amounts to the equivalent of Bible stories to be rather boring and since they were tied into Nick s whole comic obsession, that didn t help at all I found Scott s breakdown over his parent s relationship to be a tad melodramatic The romance between Nick and Scott felt too surface level, and definitely too YA for my tastes.Pretty much on every level this book was just not for me It over described the things that didn t seem terribly important to the main plot Under described the setting, making the story exist in some weird quasi unfinished state The characters had to act in over dramatic fashion in order for there to be a climax And the whole thing about the Empire finding out ended up being nothing than a shoulder shrug.For all that this had a great premise, and a lot of workable and interesting parts, the finished product I found to be a bit too much of a mess to hold my attention for any length of time.2.5 stars This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways Click below.

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    A Joyfully Jay review 3.25 starsKelly Haworth does not do things by halves Read My Mind is an alternate world, biracial, young adult, paranormal romance Haworth has clearly considered how she is going to connect her reader to these characters, particularly when many of the events in the story are so unusual In my opinion, she accomplishes this by creating two protagonists who are so open and perhaps Scott is made so by his telepathy The world Nick and Scott live in may be unlike our own in the sense that it is an empire I still don t understand the relevance of this and there are eccentrics and normals, but they are also attending college, attempting to make friends, and dealing with real life issues with which many of us will be familiar grief and the breakdown of a family unit Nick and Scott may have the gifts of telekinesis and telepathy, but even this does not make it any easier for them to deal with their hurt and confusion and I think it is significant that Haworth acknowledges this.Relationships are something Haworth focuses on in Read My Mind Obviously, there is Scott s relationship with Nick, which is intense, but with the flaw that they fail to define it with a label and this causes issues for them both later I think their relationship works in terms of the story and Haworth succeeds in developing what happens between them in a way that feels natural to the reader.Read Kirsty s review in its entirety here.

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    Real life Magic I loved this book immediately The characters and their coming of age real world dilemmas were woven seamlessly into an alternate reality where magic was a natural pillar The interplay of a new realm of spirituality with compulsive collecting and the chemistry of two different worlds I mean it blew me away I appreciated the daring of the author to blend LGBT, race, religion, and politics into this narrative She successfully created a world that I want to know about I can t wait for the next installment

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    Review can be read at It s About The Book Scott Kensington and Nick Barnes are college freshmen Everything is new and different That s all supposed to be a good thing, but sometimes new and different is just overwhelming Scott and Nick were just striking up what could be than friendship when Scott suddenly develops telepathy Things don t really play out well for Scott on the family front as a result of his telepathy Life isn t necessarily all a bowl of cherries for Nick, either Nick is pouring all his grief and feelings of loss into an obsessive need to collect figurines from comic books The comics are founded on religious stories Scott knows The two young men have a reason to be around each other, that they have someone who is helping them make sense of changes in their life is a bonus.This book felt YA than I usually prefer, but I still enjoyed the read Growing up sucks Frequently our first experiences with adulthood highlight our powerlessness in the world Scott can t help his family He s stuck hours away getting texts about everything falling apart Nick lost his mother at an early age These aren t things college freshmen can resolve Learning that life is about managing awful outcomes is a big disappointment And you have to manage that, too.I like the world building here It s still familiar but is clearly not the world we live in Also, this is a good job of world building that doesn t bog down the story The empire seems kindly enough I liked the level of detail in the pantheon I also really liked tying in the ways in which the empire uses religion to its own end Nick isn t religious, so the empire doesn t have a sway over his heart and mind that way, but they manipulate the comics ever so subtly Okay, it s not so subtle the guys don t notice it, but the empire has its fingers in every aspect of its citizens lives.There is both a sweetness and a poignancy to this book A little predictability, too It s a good mix of world building, the characters using their powers, character growth, and relationship development Even though these guys felt younger than I usually like to read, I ll happily read another book from this series.

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    I rather enjoyed this book, for all that I feel it may have been a little ambitious than it could actually handle Haworth did not go half way in going for a fictional world Fictional country, fictional religion, fictional powers, on and on and on This really made for an interesting world that one could really want to learn about, but there were a lot of things that we did not in fact learn about Like, there was a lot of talk about the Empire, but it s never really fleshed out what the Empire is or what living under the Empire s rule means Sometimes references are made this is only kind of spoilery, but I ll spoil it anyway view spoiler like apparently people with certain forms of magic can be forcibly conscripted or something, which would clearly suck, but what exactly this means isn t really gone into hide spoiler

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    Review originally posted on Just Love Reviews book isn t normally something that would interest me in terms of the genre, but as it turns out the only parts of the book I liked were the things I would normally avoid.Without the random abilities these characters developed this would be the most boring college based romance novel I have ever read It was so mundane because it had WAY too much everyday stuff and not enough focus on the magical elements The whole book had all this stuff going on that never really got committed to It was there as a decoration instead of something to shape the plot so these guys just walked around doing college stuff and then suddenly talked about their abilities.The two MCs Scott and Nick met at the beginning of the book and were suddenly perfect for each other Yeah because they are both boring and had weak character development They were bonding through religious stuff found in comic books and then the powers that the people in this world develop Other than that it was really hard to believe this relationship could work Also quite frankly I didn t care if it did or not.I really wish this author had made it about the powers magic than boring everyday stuff and random arguments with parents I was so bored I wanted to enjoy this book but teenage boys are boring to me As a writer, you need to make people engage with characters they normally wouldn t.The religion aspect of the book was weird There were hints of a bigger Empire and other nation states and all sorts of stuff like that but other than Scott the people around him were clueless about it and so he d explain it to them It got really bogged down by this I understand the author wanted us to learn about this but written this way I lost my interest.This is nitpicky because I know it doesn t bother other people but I hate it so much when the perspectives change from chapter to chapter Add in the fact that their perspectives didn t add anything to the mundaneness of the plot I was just super over it by the end of the book.I wanted way magic and way less average college life The writing was good in this book but it lacked a solid plot and interesting characters I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words ReviewRating 3 stars out of 5For the full review visit that review Kelly Haworth has packed Read My Mind with many interesting elements and laid the foundation for a universe that s waiting for some major drama to unfold She has created some great young characters, given them background that I believe people can connect with, along with developing talents that make their lives and story exciting Plus a romance and a religion that seems to flow into popular culture via comic books and collectibles which I found intriguing But somehow with all that it just didn t take off For all our reviews, author interviews and such, visit us at

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    I don t normally read New Adult unless it s an author I m already into I loved Kelly s previous book, Y Negative, so I thought I d give this a try Yup, it s totally worth reading Fascinating world building, with a biracial, telekinesis teen struggling with the death of his mother and another teen who has just been gifted with the ability to project his thoughts from the Gods Well, it s good Very good Just go read it Maybe tomorrow I ll come up with a better review.