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In an evocative and fast paced adventure on the high seas and on a faraway island an orphan boy named Peter and his mysterious new friend Molly overcome bands of pirates and thieves in their uest to keep a fantastical secret safe and save the world from evil Best selling authors Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have turned back the clock to reveal the wonderful story that precedes J M Barrie’s beloved Peter Pan Peter and the Starcatchers is brimming with richly developed characters from the scary but somehow familiar Black Stache and ferocious Mister Grin to the sweet but sophisticated Molly and fearless Peter Page after page of riveting adventures take readers of all ages on a voyage from a filthy crime ridden port in old England across the turbulent sea Aboard the Neverland is a trunk that hold the “greatest treasure on earth” —but is it gold jewels or something far mysterious and dangerous? Roiling waves and raging storms; skullduggery and pirate treachery provide the backdrop for battles at sea Bone crushing breakers eventually land our characters on Mollusk Island—where the action really heats up This impossible to put down tale leads readers on an unforgettable journey—fraught with danger yet filled with mystical and magical moments

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    Pulitzer Prize winning humorist Dave Barry best selling mystery writer Ridley Pearson and illustrator Greg Call have combined their talents to create a series of preuels to the JM Barrie classic Peter Pan This is the first of those storiesLet me start my little review by saying that this book is so fun exciting and enjoyable that I have completely forgotten almost the creepy feeling I felt as a 42 year old man wandering around the children's section of the library looking for itYes it's a children's book make fun of me if you want but it's not like I was breathlessly turning the pages to find out what would happen if Grover encountered a monster at the end of the book At over 450 pages it follows the trend set by the Harry Potter books The story is eually satisfying for both kids and adults that grew up with these legendary characters and thick enough that kids can do serious damage to the child predators that lurking around every corner at least according to NBC's Dateline The type is a little larger for the younger readers but not so big that adults will be embarrassedHave you ever wonderedHow an orphan from England learned to fly never grow old make his home on a deserted island and become everybody's favorite peanut butter pitchman?How the most feared ambidextrous pirate on the high seas became the infamous embodiment of one handed evil second only to the drummer for Def LeppardHow that annoying little fairy wound up living on Neverland? I mean Tinkerbell not Michael JacksonAll these uestions are answered and Seriously this is an excellent book and I will definitely be slinking my way back to that room in the library with the little tables and chairs so that I can continue following the adventures of Peter and his cohorts

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    Reviewer's Note obviously there isn't a movie version of this book yet anyway they're supposedly working on one which will probably be terrible but I'll save that rant for later so once again I have to put a book on my The Movie Is Better shelf because I can't be bothered to create a shelf titled The Stage Adaptation Is Better Just keep in mind that if that shelf existed this book would be thereFirst Some Background for review of actual book please skip ahead to paragraph four So this past spring I spent four days in New York with three of my friends As we are all giant theater dorks our sole objective was to see as many shows as we could for as cheaply as possible a feat we accomplished uite spectacularly thank you verra much One of my friends the the giantest theater dork of us all had heard fantastic things about this off Broadway show called Peter and the Starcatcher and convinced us that we had to venture away from Times Suare in order to see it The short version of the story is after a subway adventure and being afraid we wouldn't get to see the show because we bought stand by tickets because the show was technically sold out we got in And oh my sweet baby Jesus it was the best thing I have ever seen on stage ever EVER It was funny and touching and exciting and sad and fucking hilarious Almost all the props scenery and special effects were created by the actors which made the whole show look like something being performed in someone's attic by a bunch of neighborhood kids which really is the only way a Peter Pan story can be performed who just happened to be extremely talented see the show's website here for an idea of what it looked like The cast was amazing the script was perfect and it was alternately funny and heartbreaking My point is the show is the sole reason I read this book and I knew going into it that the book had no chance of being as good as the play so I wasn't even that disappointed when I turned out to be right JM Barrie's Peter Pan while amazing left a lot of unanswered uestions How did Peter get to the island? Who taught him to fly? Where did the pirates come from? How did Peter and Tinkerbell meet? Why if fairy dust allows people to fly is Peter the only one who can fly without it? Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson took these uestions and used them to write a Peter Pan origin story and it's much much cooler than it sounds Peter starts out as an orphan along with several of his friends from the orphanage being put on a ship and sent across the ocean to work as servants for an evil king Also on the ship is Molly a girl who knows than she's telling about a mysterious trunk being kept belowdecks with mysteriously magical properties In pursuit of the ship and the magic is the pirate Black Stache Did I mention that the ship Peter is placed on is called the Never Land? Oh yes I see what you did there It all makes for a fast paced fun pirate adventure with lots of action and humor not as funny as the play I have to admit As I read I kept thinking that this is the book The Dagger uick wished it could be The characters are all great especially Molly who despite fulfilling the usual Girl Character in an Adventure Story jobs like being held hostage and getting rescued is still perfectly capable and intelligent and gets to do her fair share of the rescuing Also she speaks Porpoise which was never not funny My only gripe about the book really is that the authors seem oddly intent on making connections between the book and the animated Disney version of Peter Pan instead of Barrie's original Characters from the movie are described in the book as looking just like their animated counterparts Peter has bright red hair Black Stache who becomes Hook has curly black hair and a long mustache and Smee is described wearing the same outfit he wears in the movie The last straw was Tinkerbell who in this version was originally a bird it makes sense I promise that had a green body and a bright yellow head However this annoying aspect might not have actually been the authors fault given that the publishing information at the beginning of the book loudly proclaims that this is a DISNEY EDITIONS book I imagine the publishers prodded the authors to include some stuff that would tie the book into the animated movie This was a fun book although vastly different from the superior stage version I could go into all the differences but frankly this review is long enough and I'm not sure anyone actually cares that much The point is the book is a fun adventure story that is actually a really well done preuel to Peter Pan but if you get a chance to see the play you absolutely should Okay one thing about the play here are two lines that I remember and wanted to shareFirst from Captain Stache to Smee Oh Smee How flat and unprofitable the world must look from the deck of your HMS CynicAnd here's what Molly said to Peter when they said goodbye in a scene that made the whole damn theater cry like babies It's supposed to hurt That's how you know it meant something

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    Peter Pan the preuelSee;Never landthe Piratesthe Mermaidsthe Indiansthe Lost Boysthe Crocodilethe creation of Captain Hookand Tinkerbell To seaCyrus Pembridge the Never Land’s captain was widely regarded as the most incompetent man to command a ship since the formation of water“Who in the name of common sense would put to sea on that ship with that man in charge?” wondered Mack“Well” Alf answered “we are”“True” Mack said “But nobody else’d hire the likes of us” Dinner on board the Never LandThe boys peered doubtfully into the pot which contained a darkish liuid It looked far from appetizing but they were hungry Tubby Ted always the first to take action where food was concerned cupped his hands and scooped out a handful of the liuid with some small grayish lumps floating in it He sniffed it wrinkled his nose then shrugged and took a lump into his mouth Immediately he spat it onto the floor“IT’S ALIVE” he screamedThe boys looked at the lump on the floor and sure enough it was wriggling“It’s a worm” said Tubby Ted “He fed us worms”Thomas peering into the pot again gasped“There’s something swimming in there” he said “It’s it’s a mouse”“Really?” said Hungry Bob looking into the pot “Why so it is Cook must be in a generous mood Usually he don’t serve mouse ’cept on special occasions like Christmas” The pirate captainBlack Stache liked the British flag—he had a dozen or in his collection—and felt especially proud when he sank a ship belonging to the ueen Black Stache had no love for the ueen no love for women of any sort except for his ma He had a real soft spot for his ma and was truly sorry for the time he’d marooned herThese characters are the beginnings of the famous story Peter PanEnjoy

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    Sometimes I think I am Peter Pan because if growing up means you have to put down or put away the things you've loved since you were a kid then I can tell you I don't want to grow up Not now Not ever Never Ever I planned to read the original classic one day having always been a fan of the Disney animated cartoon version growing up that forever connected me to Peter Pan Captain Hook Wendy and all the wonderful characters and places associated with Kensington Gardens and Neverland I couldn't find a version that had a cover I really wanted so I thought I'd hold out until I found just the right one Then one day I saw the 2003 film version directed by PJ Hogan and though I'll probably get eaten by a crocodile for saying this I think it's far superior to any version before it and any that will follow The minute the movie ended a craving to read Peter Pan gnawed at me until I finally picked up Peter and the Starcatchers Peter and the Starcatchers was a little different than what I was expecting A bit of the background and history of the original Peter Pan had been reworked but it didn't matter because this book was still a lot of fun clever action packed spiritually rewarding and even answered a few uestions along the way It continued my interest and appreciation for everything I loved about Peter Pan in the first place I plan to read the entire series and am so glad writers of this calibre are continuing the myth and magic that is Peter Pan who made his first appearance in 1902

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    45starsThis is honestly a really cute and fun middle grade retelling of Peter Pan I think a lot of kids could like this even than the original story

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    Loved it Great fantasy preuel to peter pan grades late 4th 8 Grade 5 9–This preuel to Peter Pan refers as much to the 1953 animated Disney film as to J M Barrie's original play and novel The early chapters introduce the archetypal antagonists Peter leader of a group of orphan boys being sent into slavery aboard the Never Land and Black Stache a fearsome pirate who commands a villainous crew New characters include Molly Aster and her father Molly at 14 is an apprentice Starcatcher a secret society formed to keep evildoers from obtaining starstuff magic material that falls to earth and conveys happiness power increased intelligence and the ability to fly Inevitably the ships wreck off a tropical island and a trunk of starstuff is temporarily lost Here readers meet familiar characters the mermaids in their lagoon; the indigenous people who live in the jungle modern versions of Barrie's redskins; and of course the crocodile The authors plait multiple story lines together in short fast moving chapters with the growing friendship between Molly and Peter at the narrative's emotional center Capitalizing on familiar material this adventure is carefully crafted to set the stage for Peter's later exploits This smoothly written page turner just might send readers back to the original

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    I love Dave Barry My parents both adore Dave Barry as does my grandmother and they've been reading or handing off various columns and books of his to me for as long as I can remember I've read practically every column he's ever written and most of his books For some reason though I've never read his novels Big Trouble and Tricky Business I love his non fiction columns so I was less interested in his fictional books Then when I went home for Christmas my brother was reading the second of Dave Barry's juvenile books called Peter and the Shadow Thieves I asked him how they were and he raved about them Even at eleven years old I trust his advice so a few weeks ago I clearly don't trust his advice in a TIMELY manner I picked up the first one at the libraryThis is a fun book I think I've mentioned before that I really adore re tellings of classic or widely known stories I think Beauty Robin McKinley is excellent and I love Ella Enchanted Gail Carson Levine There's just something so thrilling about watching the pieces fit together when you already know what the end result is This book fits right into that category It's the story of how Peter Pan became well Peter PanRead my complete review at

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    I picked this book up in the airport on my way to South Africa because I thought it looked a bit Harry Potter esue I knew it was a book for children but it had a heft similar to the Harry Potter books and I was looking for something light and fast to read Sometimes for plane reading I don't want something heavy and ponderous just something that will keep my attention and interest for long enough to get from here to there Unfortunately the heft of the book and the magical subject matter are about where the similarities between Peter and the Starcatchers and Harry Potter endPeter and the Starcatchers is a sort of preuel to Peter Pan It tells the story of how Peter went from being an orphan in London to becoming Peter Pan In fact one of the most interesting aspects of the story is seeing how each of the players in the Peter Pan story that most people know comes into the scene At the beginning of the book Peter and four other orphans from St Norbert's in London the future Lost Boys of course are loaded onto the ship the Never Land sailing for the country of Rundoon They are to be sold into service for the evil King of Rundoon King Zarboff the Third On the boat Peter sees a mysterious magical trunk loaded and makes the auaintance of a young girl named Molly who is perhaps not all that she seems Meanwhile the evil pirate Black Stache the future Captain Hook of course plans to the steal the magical trunk for his own use Much of the rest of the book is a comedy of errors as each of the factions tries to get a hold of the trunk There are of course other side adventures including some savages the indians? a lagoon full of mermaids and a gigantic crocodileThe book is a great children's book but unlike Harry Potter it does not transcend the genre As an adult I found the action to be pretty thin the plot and the writing very simiplistic and not particularly thought provoking As a children's book I think it has a lot of things going for it including a good length As seven or eight year old I think I would have enjoyed this book immensely In thinking about the books I loved as a child A Wrinkle in Time The Dark is Rising series The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle all of which I read around grade 3 or 4 this is definitely less intricate and thought provoking But for a younger child even one where it's still necessary to read books aloud this would be good I think it would be especially good for young boys who don't have the young adult series like The Babysitter's Club enticing them to read

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    If you are going to write a preuel and explain everything about a book considered a 'classic' than at least come up up with something better than thisSomehow two fairly talented writers got together and managed to suck most of the fun and magic out of Peter PanThat takes effortThe explaination of how NeverLand came to be is on a level of feeble right up there with George Lucas deciding the Force is caused by alien germsThe only character I liked was the pirate that eventually becomes Captain Hook and by the end of the book I was actively rooting for him to kill Peter so I wouldn't have to worry they'd do a seuelSo much of the actual Neverland stuff comes in the last uarter of the book and felt like the writers suddenly realized they needed to stick that stuff into the story It felt very forcedSkip this book and go read Peter Pan It tells you all you need to know about Neverland Peter and fairies and does it in a fun way that makes sense than this book

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    This was a really cute story It's a preuel to Peter Pan that starts at the very beginningbefore Wendy before Never Land and when Captain Hook had no hook I had tried reading this book a couple times but could never get past chapter 5 or so It was just a bit too slowHowever my mom in law lent me these books forever ago and I felt I needed to read them and return them So that's what I didIt still took me awhile to get into this book The main problem and reason I gave it 3 stars instead of 4 is that the plot isn't described until page 160 That was far too long to get the actual plot going But once you know what's actually happening it's uite enjoyablePeter and four of his orphan friends the Lost Boys are on a boat heading for Rundoon to become slaves to the wicked King One night Peter sneaks out for food and comes across a mysterious trunk that is causing uite the stir on the boat Especially among a young girl the same age as Peter Molly She seems to know what's going on and is even protecting the trunk What you finally find out is that the trunk is full of Starstuff a precious element that falls from the sky and produces wonderful results such as flying healing and the ability to never grow oldsee where it's going?The story then climaxes with a battle between Peter Molly and the Lost Boys Natives the Indians Mermaids and Pirates on an island in the middle of nowhere The result is a really fun story with wonderful twistsIt was a fun story one I would definitely read to my kids one day