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THE ALIENS HAVE LANDED BUT THIS TIME, THE ALIENS ARE USPlanet G Humanity S Last Hope Fueled By Her Passion To Save Her Dying Son, Devon Adair Uses Her Own Wealth And Influence To Fund The Eden Project A Mission To Colonize A New World Where Children Can Grow And Thrive In A Healthy EnvironmentBut A Malfunction Strands The Crew Thousands Of Miles From Their Destination Of New Pacifica Now, Forced To Travel Through Harsh Terrain, Devon And Her Group Discover That They Are Not AloneThis Is A Journey About Second ChancesA Journey Clear Across The Galaxy To A New WorldA Journey ToEARTH

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    This review is completely biased because Earth 2 is my all time never to be surpassed favorite tv show I d like to say that it s a show that got cancelled far too soon, but I realize that it was such an important part of my adolescence that I simply can t watch it read this book objectively I think it s the greatest Ever.This book is based of the pilot of the tv series, and stays very true to the dialogue sequence of events, while really fleshing out the story and motivations of each character I think the author did a stellar job with this book, and, if you enjoy sci fi, then I think it s worth a read.

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    Earth 2 was a short lived series in part because on the East coast it usually got pre empted by basketball games and, in part, because certain idiots wanted to change the series, in particular what made it cool What made Earth 2 stand out, even today, was the fact that the leader was a woman, and she wasn t stupid The doctor was a woman The only woman who seemed to be simply a wife, wasn t simply a wife That was cool.This novelization is different, slightly, then the series, but a good read.

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    This book added a lot to the first two episodes of the show The author seemed to track very well with the events in the series, with only a few minor discrepancies I loved that almost all of the dialogue came right from the TV script, and that the feelings, motivations, and emotions behind the words were fleshed out by this author It added a lot of depth and I can t wait to watch the show again with new eyes.I really enjoyed the added dimension to Devon and Danziger, the two show favorites I was surprised at the additional thought given to True and Uly and I really enjoyed them as characters in the book much than I did when watching the pilot.A couple of spoilers the only discrepancy that made me laugh become slightly irritated was her confusing semolina with spirulina They would not get far on simple wheat pasta bars, as semolina implies The other discrepancy I noticed was her description of Commander O Neill enjoying his cigar prior to the ship crashing on G889 She succinctly describes his enjoyment as he pulls the smoke of the cigar into his lungs That just about made me gag, and it would have made O Neill gag, too Cigar smoke is usually just held in the mouth to be enjoyed I rewatched the pilot episode they DO say semolina I guess it becomes spirulina later in the show, or maybe they switch up their diet a bit.

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    Why yes, I did own this novelization of the pilot episode of Earth2 And yes, I did absolutely love the show.It s the kind of thing I completely forgot existed but that I know I loved because the moment I thought of it, I got a great big smile on my face and remembered how excited I was to buy ALL of the Earth2 books of which I believe there are three and of which I only bought two But in the moment, I was all about my favourite little cancelled series that kept being preempted by stupid football on stupid NBC.At least with my book version they wouldn t cut off the beginning of the episode because someone didn t know how to schedule television shows around football games.

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    Another good Sci fi fox killed off too soon Book was fantastic Especially considering I paid about three bucks