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For A Noir Crowd, They Are Disarmingly Colorful Nicky Likes Powder Blue Boxer Shorts, Red Suspenders, And Sinatra Singing My Way Nicky Finances His Pleasures By Conning The Greedy He Baits Shady Deals With Illegal Benefits And Then Makes Off With His Co Conspirators Seed Money Nicky S Trophy Wife Katherine Likes Gin, Flashy Cars, And High Octane Shopping She Hates My Way And Lets Her Reprehensible Husband Know It By Putting A Bullet In His State Of The Art Sound System Wesley He Is The Lowest Denominator In The Bunch Wesley Appreciates Illegal Gains As Much As Any Of Them But He Enjoys Killing It Is His Calling, He Feels, A Talent, Like Gardening Or Gourmet Cooking The One Standup Guy Is An Ex Marine Named Jimmy, Who Was Katherine S High School Classmate And The Least Likely To Survive This Situation Because The Rest Of Them Are Strictly Out To Do It Unto Each Other, First

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