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In Boston, A Young Woman Finds Herself Pregnant Even Though She Is Still A VirginIn Ireland, Another Young Woman Discovers She Is In The Same Impossible ConditionAnd In Cities All Around The World, Medical Authorities Are Overwhelmed By Epidemics, Droughts, Famines, Floods, And Worse It All Feels Like A Sign That Something Awful Is ComingAnne Fitzgerald, A Former Nun Turned Private Investigator, Is Hired By The Archdiocese Of Boston To Investigate The Immaculate Conceptions Even As She Comes To Care About And Trust The Young Women, She Realizes That Both Are In Great Danger Terrifying Forces Of Light And Darkness Are Gathering Stepping Into Uncharted Territory Where The Unknown Is Just The Beginning, Anne Must Discover The Truth To Save The Young Women, To Save Herself, And To Protect The Future Of All Mankind

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    Well that was a cruel, devilish ending Pun oh so intended.I needed to read a James Patterson book, and I finally did I can t say I chose right as my first read by him maybe I should have started with Maximum Ride but one can certainly admit that he takes the reader to unexpected, uncharted places.How could I have resisted the premise Two girls, both pregnant, yet both virgin, also The son of God is growing inside one, and the son of Lucifer inside the other But who is the lucky one I find it peculiar that this book is categorized as a YA novel Sure, two of the main characters are teenagers, but the rest are adults family members, a detective, popes and other religious people and it s not as if it explores teen related themes, like first love , first time, first kiss, first heartbreak, etc Not really, anyway.So I m torn over whether it s for adults or teenagers For now, I m just going to say it s for mature readers, as the themes religion, sex, belief are pretty heavy It s not a humorous story, unlike I first expected Look at that cover and title and blurb Come on, who really thinks this will be serious all the way But it is Which is not a problem, but it did take me by surprise James Patterson s writing style functions well with this type of story a mystery but it isn t lyrical at all Ever It does feel a bit dry, if I dare say so, but the story was interesting enough for me not to care about that too much This isn t the kind of book that will make you connect to the characters on an intense level, but you will still feel compassion for them and care for their futures Anne, the only character who had a first person point of view, was my favourite, which is not surprising since it s easier to warm up to a character who gives us complete access to their thoughts than to one who shares the bare minimum.I m curious about James Patterson s many other novels and series This will certainly not be my last book by him Yes, but the character in question is an adult.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    I finished reading this a few days ago but I completely forgot to update it on here see what prac is doing to me Alright so I really did enjoy this book It had some plot twists that I was not expecting to see One things I didn t like was the switching character point of views and there was no indication that told me whose point of view it was I found that annoying and confusing.

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    This is the first non Alex Cross book of Patterson s that I ve read While the story is good, the writing is poor not up to the standard I d expect from Patterson I suspect this is an early novel that Patterson dusted off and marketed after he got hot The secret of the miraculous revelations of the appearance of the Virgin Mary in Fatima in 1918 is that two virgins will conceive One will bear the Son of God, the other will bear the Son of Satan The premise of the book is that two teenagers show up pregnant, both claiming to be virgins Examination by doctors confirm this Anne Fitzgerald, Boston PI, is hired by the Catholic Church to investigate, along with Father Nicholas Rosetti, from the Vatican, and Father Justin O Carroll from the Boston diocese, who has a history with Anne In my opinion, the scenes are not blended very well at all The transitions are almost non existent, which leaves lots of holes For example, Father Nicholas Rosetti is flying a small commuter jet out of Ireland to make a connection for a flight to New York The plane crashes, leaving Rosetti as the only survivor The next time we see Rosetti, he is in New York, and no further mention is made of the crash In another scene, Kathleen is in the hospital in Rhode Island, when Father O Carroll gives the news that Rhode Island s first polio case, presumably as a result of Kathleen s one of the virgins presence Then, no further mention of that particular incident The reader is told that there is an epidemic of a new polio strain spreading around the world, along with the plague, drought and sundry other disasters, all presumably related to the advent of the virgins The only way the reader knows this is because the narrator said it Not very kosher In another scene, Kathleen is attacked by her maid and pushed down a flight of stairs Once the scene ends, no mention is made of bumps, bruises, contusions or other fallout from the attack, other than that the baby is okay.

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    The Catholic church tries to figure out which pregnant virgin teen is the Mother of Christ and which is the Mother of Satan Needless to say, they get it wrong, although what with all the snakes attacking Mexico and demonic priests riding motorcycles you can understand how they got baffled Written in that typical Patterson style as personal and efficient as an unoccupied room in a Ramada Inn.

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    Love, love love this book Does anyone know if there will be a second book with the way it ended

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    This book. is so much than a book to me This book is a beautiful, yet bittersweet memory for me I remember reading this book when I was about 12 years old I had spent the weekend with Nana my mom s mother She had taken me to the library that Friday to get me a stack of Sweet Valley High books I had read through them, and wanted to read something else Nana grabbed the book she had finished, she had just gotten it And it was Cradle and All She figured that I might enjoy it I began reading it, and couldn t stop I was excited and into it I finished the book by Sunday afternoon I kept going on and on about how great the book was And how much I loved the ending How it was a twist I didn t expect That evening I went home and I found out that one of my closest friends, a girl I had been baptized with had passed away at 9 years old of Cancer And then in 2007, Nana passed away, three days shy of 67 years old Last year, for Christmas, my husband bought me a First Edition of this book It is one of my most prized books and will be till the day I die.

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    I read this book years ago when it was first published, so I was intrigued to see how it was reworked to be YA I only had a vague memory of what happened, but I knew I liked the story And it was still just as interesting I really enjoyed that Anne s portion of the story was the main POV I loved that we got first person with her It definitely made it easy to connect with her and feel like I was on the journey for revelations Getting random POV of the other characters normally irritates me, but in this case, it added a layer of suspense and was an effective way to round out the entire story.Overall, it was a much quicker read than the adult version, but I don t feel like I missed any part of what happened Huge thanks to Jimmy Patterson Books and Edelweiss for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review

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    This is the first book I read by James Patterson, but I don t think that was the right choice to begin with, it was ok but I was disappointed, from the synopsis I thought it would be suspense I was waiting for things to get exciting and things to start happening but as the pages goes and as I m reading nothing happened until last 5 pages wish was a good ending by the way I like it.I m hoping to give other books by James Patterson a try because I really like his writing style and he have some really interesting titles.

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    This book is just terrible A story about two virgins about to give birth, we find out one will be to the Saviour and one will be to the Beast But which one Well, lets see, one of the girls is a rich, white, blonde, debutante, from America and getting loads of press The other a poor girl in a poor Irish town who is abused by the locals and gets maybe 15 pages in the whole book While there are a couple of twists, its not good The characters are flat, the plot weak and drawn out by repeated oh no s and chapter ends This is nothing then Christian sensationalism with a lot of jump cuts, and former nun turned cop turned private detective, and priest being love to provide some romantic tension.

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    James Patterson is skilled at making the reader keep turning the page, primarily by withholding infuriating details and writing chapters that are no longer than 3 pages This book was definitely a page turner, but ultimately I did not enjoy it Most, if not all, of the characters were underdeveloped, and the plot bordered on ridiculous at times I wasn t sure what type of book Patterson intended this to be For a long time I wondered if the visions and voices that different characters were seeing and hearing were going to be explained by something non supernatural and that, I think, would have made this book intriguing and satisfying I am a Christian, but a lot of the imagery and theology in this book were unfamiliar to me I suppose since I am not Catholic and frankly, quite disturbing Explaining the majority of the events in the book on supernatural forces came off a bit as lazy writing At the end, I was still left with many questions that were unanswered, and I hated that particular details were never explained For example why did the Vatican priest believe he was descending into hell after taking on his mission to try to solve the mysteries of the two virgins I found myself saying I just don t get it at several points, and again, I wondered if my lack of experience with Catholicism had something to do with it, although I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about Christianity and other religious imagery So yes, while I spent the majority of the book eager to know how it ended, I wasn t left with many answers or even a satisfyingly vague ending I still give the book two stars because it was fun to read for a while before I realized that Patterson wasn t going to really solve the mystery for us.