[PDF / Epub] ❤ Introduction to Political Science ✅ Fred Van Geest – Multi-channel.co

We Are Political Beings And Our Lives Are Shaped By Political Institutions Being A Good Citizen Involves Understanding These Institutions And How They Can Be Used To Promote The Common Good Christians Further Believe These Institutions Are Integral To God S Created Order, Intended By God To Promote Justice And Help People Flourish Christians Thus Have Good Reason To Be Informed About Political Science As They Seek To Be Ambassadors For Christ In A Diverse Society Introduction To Political Science A Christian Perspective Is An Accessible Guide To The Study Of Politics Written For Students Who May Not Have Any Prior Knowledge About Political Life, This Textbook Provides A Nonpartisan Introduction To The Key Concepts, Institutions, And Policies That Shape Politics Today Fred Van Geest Draws On A Variety Of Sources And Examples To Present A Balanced Christian Perspective On Political Science Christians, He Argues, Are Called To Engage In Political Action In Order To Advance Public Justice, Even Though Full Shalom Is Ultimately The Work Of God Alone IVP Instructor Resources Include An Instructor S Guide And Student S Study Guide Book was sent to me by mistake from publisher I tried to return it and they said keep it Since I am a Political Science Major I thought hey why not It is a fairly good introductory book It does, in my opinion, lean slightly to the left of center in some of its arguments But it does give you plenty of things to think about.