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In This Exceptional Book, Author John Gardner Explores The Literary Form As A Vehicle Of Vision, And Creates Heroes That Personify His Tremendous Artistic Ideals A Boston Schoolmaster Abandons His Dreams Of Owning A Farmhouse In Rural Illinois Only To Be Taken On A Voyage Across The Seas And Into Self Discovery, Faith, And Love An Artist S Rapturous Enthusiasm Inspires An Aging University Professor To Approach Life S Chaotic Moments As Opportunities For Creation Each Of These Stories Is Wonderful In Its Own Right, And Provides Valuable Insight Into The Author S Literary BeliefsWritten Just Prior To His Critical Masterwork, On Moral Fiction, The King S Indian Is A Must Read For Those Interested In Learning About Gardner S Highly Controversial Artistic Philosophies

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    This book of Stories and Tales is in three parts The first part is five stories a Protestant minister finds a biblical justification for terrorism a physician seeks refuge from a tornado and finds klones Brother Nicholas, with a vow of silence, tortures himself with homosexual thoughts a jail guard has doubts everybody likes John Napper, a painter who soothes.The second part is Tales of Queen Louisa Queen Louisa is mad Her husband wants to be called The Bold King Gregor but you don t always get to pick your own nickname and Muriel was Tanya , a peasant girl, but now a princess by way of chambermaid, plucked from the farm by Mad Queen Louisa, who thinks she s her daughter This trilogy of Tales is brilliant, funny, and alone worth the adventure of this book.The third part is the eponymous Tale, The King s Indian This had promise but, sadly, only promise.I read John Gardner 40 years ago and liked him a lot Was going through his oeuvre back then when I went in for surgery for two impacted wisdom teeth I took Grendel with me I never felt better going in Was looking forward to a brief hospital stay with my book The surgery laid me low I tried Grendel but for the first time in my life I couldn t read I feel bad giving Grendel such a bad rating Anyhow, this book was purchased back then and avoided and then became invisible Moving some books around recently, I re discovered it It made me recall why I liked Gardner so much back in the day He died in a motorcycle crash The first part is really good, showing his skill The second part is a wonderful reading adventure The third part is a bit of excess Still, this recalls writing when it was okay to be understood and a writer didn t have to make things unintelligible to be thought gifted.

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    I finished reading this book some months ago, and I recall in a general way that every page demonstrates the author s fine powers But in fact, I was so entirely bowled over by the story Ravages of Spring that none of the other entries have left much impression.I clearly remember feeling a great desire to run around pressing the book on all my friends and demanding that they read Pastoral Care RIGHT THIS MINUTE Because it introduces a philosophical, kindly country doctor in a bucolic setting and then takes you somewhere Quite Quite Other Wow My local acquaintances have mostly been resistant to my persuasive efforts but you you who are perusing this review I m tellin ya, you should read Pastoral Care RIGHT THIS MINUTE Because WOW.

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    In one of the final chapters of The King s Indian , the Melvillesque vaudeville of a novella that backs this collection altogether a dense metaphysical romp, equal parts academic frolic Tales of Queen Louisa and The King s Indian and Kafka Poe inspired broody dirge The Midnight Reader , Gardner, with a self conscious authorly wink, writes,And you are real, reader, and so am I, John Gardner the man that, with the help of Poe and Melville and many another man, wrote this book And this book, this book is no child s top either though I write, than usual, filled with doubt Not a toy but a queer, cranky monument, a collage, a celebration of all literature and life an environmental sculpture, a funeral crypt.What could I possibly say

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    Not so great Read The Art of Loving collection before this, I don t feel like Gardner quite had his chops in this one.

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    John Gardner is just a god, to me Even if this isn t his BEST set of short stories, it is worth five stars just for John Napper Sailing Through the Universe Ugh, my heart.

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    Pirates, whalers, knights, terrorists, and mad scientists.Some of the Jesusy parts in the first story were boring but this book is worth reading.