[epub pdf] Hedge Funds: Courtesans of CapitalismAuthor Peter Temple – Multi-channel.co

This Book Is About Hedge Funds, Their Influence On The Global Financial Markets And How They Affect Us All Hedge Funds Have Come A Long Way Since Alfred Winslow Jones First Used Them In The S And S To Reduce Risk Hedge Funds Today Can Wield Immense Power Capable Of Disrupting The Financial Markets More Alarming Still Is The Hedge Fund In Your Bank, Epitomised By So Called Proprietary Trading Banks Trade With, Lend To, And Mimic Hedge Funds In Their Own Trading Generating Fat Bonuses For Their Managers Customers Rarely Know, Let Alone Are Consulted About It As With Many Other Enthusiasms To Which Banks Have Been Prone, It May End In Tears The Book S Controversial Conclusion Is That It Is Banks Exposure To Hedge Funds And Their Sometimes Inept Proprietary Trading That Needs To Be Regulated Closely It Is In The Urgent Interests Of The Global Banking System As A Whole, And Concerns All Of Us BOOK JACKET

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