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The Hindu Culture Is The Life Breath Of Hindustan It Is Therefore Clear That If Hindustan Is To Be Protected, We Should First Nourish The Hindu Culture If The Hindu Culture Perishes In Hindustan Itself, And If The Hindu Society Ceases To Exist, It Will Be Hardly Be Appropriate To Refer To The Mere Geographical Entity That Remains As Hindustan Mere Geographical Lumps Do Not Make A Nation The Entire Society Should Be In Such A Vigilant And Organised Condition That No One Would Dare To Cast An Evil Eye On Any Of Our Points Of Honor Strength, It Should Be Remembered, Comes Only Through Organisation It Is Therefore The Duty Of Every Hindu To Do His Best To Consolidate The Hindu Society The Sangh Is Carrying Out This Supreme TaskThe Present Fate Of The Country Cannot Be Changed Unless Lakhs Of Young Men Dedicate Their Entire Lifetime For That Cause To Mould The Minds Of Our Youth Towards That End Is The Supreme Aim Of The Sangh Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, Founder Of RSS