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    Good overview of finance This book is a good primer and overview for all the skills and techniques you ll need to learn It gives you an very good high level view of the tools needed to invest and keep your money safe.

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    Everybody wants my MoneyMakes specific the ways they try to take it, and tells how to stop them Also good investment primer Thanks

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    book is about helping you to get better understanding of how to invest in stock, bonds and also to help you get better understanding of how Wall Street works, and how to avoid losing money when investing There s also a part which talks about taxes, but that s mostly relevant to U.S residents.The author is sharing his story about trading and investing in stocks, bonds, lending money on Lending Club There are many good tips shared on which things to focus on when you just starting out This all comes down on your willingness to learn as much as you can before you start investing this is my primary goal on which I m working on.You will find information on good times to buy specific stock s , and I was hoping to know about, whether it s better to invest short before the dividend payout, or after the dividend is payed out.The strategies presented in this book are mostly for those who are looking to hold on their stock from 3 month, up to one year.There are part which talks about taxes and setting up company but since I m not U.S resident that doesn t apply to me, so I ve went quickly through that part If you are in U.S., you ll find many valuable informationThis book is good for beginners who are looking to learn when it comes to trading and investing in stocks If you are advanced trader, than you might want to skip this book, because you already know the majority of things that are shared in this book.

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    Thank you Goodreads for sending me this ebook I have to say this is a well written beginners to mid level investors guide to investing Novel concepts such as P2P lending as in Lending Club are discussed which even I wasn t aware of existed and I have read decent amount of books on investing Overall, if you are looking for a book to get started in investing, then this is the book you should pick up.