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Everyone Has SecretsIris And Will Have Been Married For Seven Years, And Their Marriage Is As Close To Perfect As It Can Be But On The Morning Will Leaves For A Business Trip To Florida, Iris Happy World Comes To An Abrupt Halt Another Plane Headed For Seattle Has Crashed Into A Field, Killing Everyone On Board, And, According To The Airline, Will Was One Of The PassengersGrief Stricken And Confused, Iris Is Convinced It All Must Be A Huge Misunderstanding Why Did Will Lie About Where He Was Going What Is In Seattle And What Else Had He Lied About As Iris Sets Off On A Desperate Quest To Find Out What Her Husband Was Keeping From Her, The Answers She Receives Will Shock Her To Her Very Core

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    Spoilers Until the 80% mark, this book was a solid 4 4.5 stars Good plot, good characters, great pacing with a highly engaging prose So why one star We ll come back to that It starts off with a plane crash, one in which Will Griffith had been a passenger Will, you see, never should have been on that flight In the aftermath of this tragedy, the grieving widow is confronted with a situation that indicates the marriage was based on mistruths Will was far from who he said he was I mean, the oh shit oh no he didn t kind Everything he d ever told Iris about his past or present were lies Iris with help from her twin brother sets out to get answers only to discover a sinister plan, one that could potentially make her an accessory to embezzlement, perhaps even lead to her demise During this period, Iris has a great support system The aforementioned brother, her parents, Evan the lawyer who lost his wife and daughter in the crash Then there was Corban, Will s gym buddy friend who, surprisingly, had never met Iris Corban is a tall, cover of a magazine handsome Black man.Turns out Corban was also the villain A Black man as the psychotic, delusional, narcissistic criminal The lone black male in an array of non POC characters The only black male character, not penned by an African American writer, that I ve ever seen in a mainstream book Alex Cross aside The message was cleverly constructed but it was one I easily deciphered That Corban had his head blown to bits while holding Iris hostage was yet another message Subliminal, yet it re calibrates perception of the black man.Do you want to know why I gave this one star I have 3 Black sons who, prior to moving to the US for college, had the biggest afros Afros which they wore with pride while attending schools in England and France Well mannered, articulate and kind boys.The minute they stepped on US soil, my sister plowed the afros to within an inch of their scalps Out went any clothing with a hood Should they leave school after 6 pm, they are not allowed to use any cab service except those we had pre approved and even then, only with selected drivers.As Tall as they are, they know to avoid any behavior that could be misconstrued as menacing or threatening Their hands must be visible while in public and the 3 must NEVER move as a group No group trips to the mall, Burger King or whatnot NEVER Am I paranoid Certainly.Initially, when we were introduced to Corban, I was beyond excited Finally, a beautiful Black man as supporting cast, I said I hope K Belle doesn t make him the antagonist, I said I spoke too soon.How terribly cliche, Ms Belle and what a shame that is.

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    This book was the definition of suspense and compulsive reading I didn t want to put it down As this was my first experience with a Kimberly Belle novel, I wasn t sure what to expect, but my Nana Book Bestie assured me it was a must read and I had to get my hands on it As always, her recommendation didn t disappoint and am happy to say I m the newest member of the K Belle Fan Club After a few longer books, I was looking for something to be a quick, thrilling read that I could get through in the blink of an eye, and here it was My greatest pleasant surprise was how much I connected with the characters in this story Usually, when I m reading psychological suspense, I enjoy the thrilling aspects but feel the character depth and development is lacking not so here The characters were diverse in gender, sexuality, and race, but without being so in a pushy, I m trying to be diverse kind of way I also loved how it felt I was along the journey with Iris I kept wondering just where we would end up, and while I didn t feel this book contained a large twist, I was grateful for that Too many times I ve entered into a book with my expectations hinged on one shocking moment, and this book was reliably enjoyable I found comfort in a normal ending as it caused me to focus on the characters and writing style in greater detail.If you are looking for a quick read that you simply can t put down, I highly recommend picking up The Marriage Lie It had all the components of a book to bust your reading slump and get into the groove of enjoying reading again This is just a personal note, but I would LOVE to see a spin off book featuring Evan Sheffield and his personal journey after the events of TML Also, I may have a slight book crush on him Book Boyfriend Evan it has a nice ring to it.

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    3.5 stars Ever wish that you just didn t have to rate a book That you could simply read it, ponder its significance, or lack thereof, and then gasp move on For us avid reviewers here on Goodreads, that s not really an option We take our job very seriously, as we should, because there is an emptiness that lingers after finishing a book when we don t outwardly express our thoughts in some way It can almost feel as though we didn t read the book at all we become those trees, crashing down soundlessly in deserted forests But sometimes it s hard being critical, dammit And not every emotion can be adequately explained or fairly measured through a limited band of stars I ll give it a shot, though, so my experience with this book doesn t friggen disintegrate I m giving this book three and half stars, but it s a really GOOD three and a half stars I loved the premise of this story, and the writing in the beginning did a tremendous job pulling me in It was impressive and had me flipping those pages like the animalistic page flipper I can sometimes be, dying to know what was going on and where all the suspense was leading Lies, lies, lies and then some lies That is the basis of this story After her husband is killed in a plane crash, Iris learns that Will was not at all the man she thought he was This book then becomes driven by Iris s frantic chase of the truth, as she gathers shocking bits and pieces of her husband s past and struggles to fit them all together.This story expertly poses the question Can you truly know someone if everything they ve ever told you about themselves is a lie And then attempts to answer this question through a plot overflowing with doubt and suspicion You will question the validity of everything, and it is addicting, to say the least My qualms can best be expressed through a strange comparison of a beloved old game show I used to watch with my grandmother The 10,000 Pyramid, with host, Dick Clark I m referring to the speed round at the end, when the winning pair of contestants guess at category titles listed on the pyramid The answers typically go like this Things a mortician would say While reading, I felt as though every single character in this book could have been neatly pressed inside one of those golden triangles of stereotypes on that pyramid The criminals did and said what you d expect them to The lawyer was a textbook case The psychologist said everything you d expect a qualified psychologist to say The gay man fit the hollywood stereotype to a T The pretty, popular girl in high school was as generic as they come and I think you get the point It felt like this author played strictly by the rules, not venturing too far outside the box while composing her cast of characters, and it didn t really seem as if the use of stereotypes was necessary to enhance this plot as sometimes is the case I know my complaint is pretty elaborate, but the thing is, I really did enjoy this read namely the first half The second half began to lose its spark a bit, but the first fifty percent or so was solid enjoyment Then there s the very ending that final, tiny twist after the twist that sneaks in as quietly as a whisper, but changes the dynamic entirely Kind of crazy and I kind of loved it.A good read that I d recommend to thriller seekers And possibly The 10,000 Pyramid show lovers

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    Audiobook. I can t take another moment of this parade of mourners says Iris Me Either Iris is exasperating to listen to My Will My Will My Will he is supposed to be in Orlando I m exhausted listening to Iris repeat herself whine like a two year old be rude to everyone around her yucky verbally rude I just stopped caring about the story Iris is a psychologist Frightening Just frightening 2 stars FOR ME.at the same time I DO UNDERSTAND READERS ENJOYING THE PLOT THE SUSPENSETHIS BOOK I was interested, too, but that whiny repetitive voice of Iris s was too annoying NOT LIKE THE IRIS I KNOW

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    Okay first off I am definitely all about how a book makes me feel while reading and after finishing it The emotions can either be positive or negative doesn t matter it just has to make me feel something Have you ever felt like you were just reading a book just to finish it To be totally honest that is how I felt It just seemed like I was just reading it and knew what was going to happen next Although I did like the storyline and the characters which kept me interested enough to finish this book otherwise it was definitely a strange feeling for me THE MARRIAGE LIE by KIMBERLY BELLE is a good domestic psychological thriller that had me pretty engaged and interested throughout the first half of this book Then it fell a little bit flat as I could see where everything was headed and there were no real surprises for me along the way or even on the outcome So with that being said I am pretty sure that is why it just wasn t a better read for me KIMBERLEY BELL does deliver a well written and interestingly enough read here but with typical characters I did really like the premise of this story and needed some clarification on some of the events that transpired to keep me wanting to turn those pages to get to the ending To sum it all up it was an interesting, slow paced, suspenseful, quick and easy read with a satisfying and twist ending Would I recommend if asked Sure it was still mostly enjoyable All of Brenda and my reviews can be found on our sister blog

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    The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle is a 2017 MIRA publication Wow The Marriage Lie is an outstanding domestic thriller that captured my attention from page one and never let go Iris and Will are happily married, blissful, even, until Will leaves town on a business trip As word trickles back to her that Will may have been on an ill fated flight, Iris discovers her husband may not be the man she thought he was As she peels away the layers of the foundation her marriage was built upon, one shocking revelation after another is unearthed, until Iris finds herself in deep trouble, unsure what or whom to believe or trust.Was Will on the plane that crashed Could he still be alive If so, why did he lie to her Did Will place Iris in danger The stories centered around double lives or big secrets revealed after the sudden death of a spouse has always drawn me into their web This story, however, did not employ that slow, steady, atmospheric pacing some domestic or psychological thrillers use in these instances This book charges from the gate and maintains a breakneck speed, but still captures that atmospheric tone that makes your spine tingle with the anticipation, knowing something truly sinister is afoot The characters really stand out in this one Iris s emotional turmoil is palpable and felt truly genuine The secondary characters are also well drawn and made a terrific supporting cast I had heard good things about this book, but, I never imagined it would be this good I highly recommend this one to fans of psychological thrillers domestic thrillers, or to anyone who enjoys a taut novel of suspense 4.5 stars

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    Surprisingly good thriller about a widow determined to find out about her late husband s mysterious past Married to her husband Will for seven years, Iris couldn t be happier Her friends warn her that the seven year itch is approaching, but she and Will are still blissfully in love Sounds too good to be true, right Well when Will unexpectedly dies in a plane crash, Iris learns that the man she married was not the man she thought he was She begins digging into her husband s past and discovers there was a whole lot to Will than she could have ever imagined She begins questioning her entire marriage, and the she discovers the she learns about Will, the she puts herself in danger The Marriage Lie is a fast paced, suspenseful, action packed read filled with unpredictable twists and turns that kept me on my toes I had low expectations for this book I m not exactly sure why, but I think the title turned me off and made me think that this was going to be a very different book than it actually was The plot is a bit over the top, but since it was different than so many of the thrillers I have been reading lately, I was able to turn off my inner critic and immerse myself in the fun I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway

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    Review was originally published on Through the Chapters Blog 2.5 stars The story has a promising beginning The plot is evolving quickly, bringing the readers to the core of the narrative.Being said that, Iris and Will is a happily married couple, for seven years now, and they still seem madly in love But their safe heaven has been destroyed when Iris finds out that her husband was a victim of the plane crush, which he wasn t supposed to take As a result, Iris launches her own investigation to discover the reasons that led her spouse to his intimidating death She deals with some unexpected and disturbing secrets of Will s past.To my humble opinion, it was a mediocre read It wasn t a mind blowing or a captivating thriller In contrast, it was quite a predictable one and sometimes even boring.Regarding Iris character, I found her nagging for crying throughout the story and telling everyone that her husband was alive She gave me the impression of a clinging and a weak willed wife as she was over depended on her spouse She also can be characterized as a gullible for comforting herself with the lies Will told her over the years She didn t know hell lot things about her husband and she was OK with that Seriously And she was a psychologist Like seriously She didn t notice something was wrong after seven year of marriage She either was a shitty psychologist or a shitty and an easily manipulative wife.Or both.Finally, I would prefer a totally different ending, something really shocking to compensate me for the lack of great twists All in all, this ending was as mediocre as the whole story.

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    Wow I can t I can t I CAN T LISTEN ANYMORE I may look for the written version sometime, but this book is terrible on audio Iris, with her whining, crying and oh my goshuh uh, nope..

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    Although the story is not very original, it still had a few surprises This book had my attention from the very beginning and kept it till the very end I m impressed, a very good read.