The Runaway (The Lincolns #3) –

Billionaire Bad Boys Raised In The Occult Follow The Lincoln Brothers As They Navigate Life After The Death Of Their Grandmaster Occultist Father, Find Faith And Fall In Love Christian Supernatural Thrillers With Romance And A Hint Of Conspiracy How Do You Keep A New Faith When Your Own Brother Would Kill You If He Ever Found OutBy Faking Death At Least That S What Junior Lincoln Decides To Do As The Youngest Of The Twelve Lincolns, And Being Jared S Full Brother, He Knows His New Faith Will Never Go Anywhere If He Doesn T Do Something With Assistance From The FBI, He Assumes A New Identity And Relocates To A Small Town His Aim Is To Lie Low, Blend In And Finish His College Degree But If He Wanted To Do That He Shouldn T Have Taken A Job As A Relationship Counselor, Fondly Known By The Townsfolk As The Love Doctor He Shouldn T Have Let Himself Fall For His First Client And Most Of All, He Should Have Made Sure It Never Got Out That He S An Ex Practitioner How Do You Make Your Child S Father Marry YouHazel Robbins, Desperate To Make Nate Fall In Love With Her So That Their Daughter Will Have A Better Childhood Than She Had, Turns To Junior, Aka The Love Doctor, For Help But As They Spend Time Together, Their Practice Dates Begin To Feel Like The Real Thing When Paranormal Activity Sweeps Across The College Campus, Hazel And The Other Students Look To Junior For Help He S The Only One Who Seems To Know What To Do About It, And His Prayers Work But Can Junior Continue To Depend On God When His Life Is Suddenly In Danger, Or Will He Turn To The Craft That He S So Used To Relying On And Can Hazel And Junior Have A Happy Ending If She Finds Out His True Identity

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    TwoTwo That s the number of nights I missed sleep reading this book Worth It It was just what I needed Far exceeded my expectations I often think of how African American books are lacking in genres like young adult, paranormal, or Christian This book was all 3 Also add a creative plot and interesting set up for the 2 main characters that was completely complimented by the superb writing and we ve got a home run here honey Alsoooo inspirational with an underlying message of Faith in believers and trusting God even when we can t see Him working Loved it Wish I could know about their future Now I shall sleep for 2 hours before church.

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    Another winner from Ms BENSON In this continuation of the Lincoln brothers we get to know the baby of the famous family, Junior, Luke s namesake Junior is a quiet honest hunk Not quite what you would expect for a Lincoln Well lol except for the hunk part We also meet Hazel a shy insecure clumsy beauty Hazel and Junior are both attending college in small town, strange things start to happen that will make you catch your breath wondering what or who is behind it all especially the notes that Junior receives Be prepared to stay up all night if you are like me and you have to find out what is going to happen next I love finding out about each of the boys and what God has in store for them I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that wants to see our powerful God in action as He protects and loves His own.

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    Wow I keep telling my roommates that I wonder where Dayo Benson gets her stories from Amazing as always A must readI received an ARC of this book This review is voluntary and is my honest opinion.

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    What can I say this book was as good as the first two I read, I liked junior aka Luke Lincoln and hazel this was a fairy tales love don t want to give any thing away but all I can say is trust God in all that you do keep the faith this book teaches this in this book look forward to reading book 4

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    Wow Again This book had me running I was really caught up It has me thinking that we were going to lose a Good Lincoln Keep reading.

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    Loved it Awesome Junior was such a lovable guy, He was the love doctor, glad he got out, and found a new family, hopefully all his brothers make it out, including Jared.

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    excellenti became so caught up in the love story i almost forgot about the danger lurking in the shadows great read