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Emily And Elizabeth Spend Their Childhood Locked In A Bedroom And Terrorized By A Mother Who Drinks Too Much And Disappears For Days The Identical Twins Are Rescued By A Family Determined To Be Their SaviorsBut There S Some Horrors Love Can T Erase Elizabeth Wakes In A Hospital, Strapped To Her Bed And Unable To Move Or Speak The Last Thing She Remembers Is Finding Emily S Body In Their Bathroom Days Before, She Was Falling In Love And Starting College Now, She S Surrounded By Men Who Talk To Themselves And Women Who Pull Out Their EyebrowsAs She Delves Deeper Into The Mystery Surrounding Emily S Death, She Discovers Shocking Secrets And Holes In Her Memory That Force Her To Remember What She S Worked So Hard To Forget The Beatings, The Blood, The Special Friends Her Life Spins Out Of Control At A Terrifying Speed As She Desperately Tries To Unravel The Psychological Puzzle Of Her Past Before It S Too Late Phantom Limb Is A Character Driven Mystery That Begs To Be Read In A Single Setting

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    Elizabeth and Emily Rooth are identical twins They survived their terrible childhood by leaning on each other The girls spent their days..and sometimes nights locked in a bedroom by a mother who might disappear for days And then mom started bringing home male friends who would spend time with the girls An accidental fire in their apartment led the girls to a family that loved them and adopted them.There are some horrors that can never be forgotten, no matter how hard you try.Bethy and Emily are now living on their own Bethy has a new found boyfriend but is terrified to introduce him to her sister Emily is a cutter not as often as she used to but the depression leads to cutting pills and she rarely leaves her home Bethy is working as a telemarketer and does everything she can to help Emily When Elizabeth wakes in a hospital bed, all she remembers is finding Emily s body in the bathroom dead.So begins the journey through Elizabeth s mind a journey no one should ever have to make.This was a hard book to read There are issues of rape, child abuse in every way possible, eating disorders, cutting, the list goes on and on What makes it so terrible is that I know these things happen all the time in the real world.This is a character driven book The author has done a tremendous job in bringing to life these girls, then young women and addressing the issues The love and interaction between the twins is palpable There are small twists and turns that were slightly predictable Then there s the big twist with a roller coaster stomach tumbling ending.Many thanks to Lucinda Berry who sent me a digital copy of PHANTOM LIMBS The opinion expressed here is unbiased and entirely my own.

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    All of my reviews can be found on www.novelgossip.com4.5 5I read another book by Berry a few months back, Missing Parts and while I enjoyed that one, I liked this one even From the blurb alone I was hooked, I always like reading about the relationship between twins and combine that with holes in one of the characters memories and a dark past and I m jumping in feet first I will be saying very little about the plot with this one, but there were some killer twists that jarred me Elizabeth wakes up in a hospital and the last thing she remembers is finding Emily dead and soon enough she s a patient in a psychiatric hospital But she knows she s not crazy, she has worked really hard to overcome her past demons and make something of herself But she s confused and unsure about several things her family and team of doctors have been telling her and she has no idea who to believe I loved the pacing here, it was fast and furious and kept me glued to my Kindle It s relatively short and with so many crazy things happening, it s one of those books that just begs you to read it as fast as possible This was one of those reads where you re constantly trying to figure out exactly what s going on and a few times I wondered if I was going a little bit crazy.As much as I was into the storyline, I really liked the deep look into the human psyche Berry is a clinical psychologist and it s very apparent that s she knowledgeable while reading this, her insight and attention to detail was impeccable Psychology has always fascinated me and seeing how a high security mental hospital runs was so interesting I do want to mention that this is very dark and disturbing and there is a lot of difficult subject matter from child abuse, eating disorders, sexual abuse and .

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    All my reviews can be found at http thebookreviewcafe.comWhen I picked up Phantom Limb by Lucinda Berry I didn t have any preconceived thoughts about this book as the author was a new one to me, it was the book description that enticed me to pick this one up, I m always drawn to books that explore the human psyche and Phantom Limb explores the very subject with both empathy and understanding I expected a psychological thriller with twists and turns and bucketfuls of suspense, but what I never expected was to read such a raw and emotive tale that at times made for a disturbing and deeply tragic tale I think it s only fair to point out this book covers many themes, self harming, childhood abuse and mental health issues to name but a few, although while it never felt gratuitous within the context of the story, it may upset some readers.Elizabeth finds herself on a psychiatric ward after the death of her twin sister Emily, she has no memories of past events apart from being the one who found Emily dead Firstly Elizabeth has to cope with the loss of not only her sister but her best friend, but she also needs to confront her past however painful that maybe, if she ever hopes to leave the confines of a psychiatric ward Much of the novel is told around Elizabeth s time on a secure psychiatric ward, the author describes the scenes, emotions and characters in a very credible way Phantom Limb is very much a character driven story so if you were hoping for a fast paced read this definitely isn t the book for you Lucinda Berry gives a very authentic insight into mental illness and how childhood trauma can affect a person years after the fact, she expertly uses her clinical experience to create a psychological thriller that on the whole makes for a realistic read.Reading about Elizabeth and Emily s traumatic childhood made for a very uncomfortable read at times, as you learn about their past I couldn t help but care about these characters and what happened to them What I did find intriguing was how despite them being twins, each sister reacted very differently to their childhood trauma.This is a fairly short book and I read it in almost one sitting, as Elizabeth begins to unravel her lost memories it made for a tension filled read Although I found Phantom Limb to be a dark and disturbing read, I did think it would have twists and turns to truly mess with the reader s head, for me this book swayed heavily on the mystery side I wouldn t consider this to be an enjoyable read due to some of the subject matter, but I would say it s an intriguing read with plenty of mystery.

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    The story starts off when the twins are young children living with their mother The horrors of the abuse, though only briefly touched upon, was still horrific to read making quite an impact on the reader.There is no wonder that both sisters have issues and are struggling with trying to get on with their lives Elizabeth certainly seems to be fairing better than Emily but it was heart warming to read of how Elizabeth has almost become the mother figure to her sister and making sure she watches out for her.Even though the story starts off being quite a dark and disturbing read, the darkness actually grows and envelopes the reader as we get further into it I had guessed quite early on, parts of where the story was going I hadn t got it one hundred percent right though, so there was still some surprises waiting in store for me.Phantom Limb really delves into the world of our mind and how we deal with things I really enjoyed the twin aspect of the story as it adds another level to the story It s certainly a story that will consume you and have you gripped throughout If you are a fan of psychological thrillers, then would certainly recommend giving this one a go.

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    Rescued from unspeakable abuse and torture at age seven, twins Emily and Elizabeth are adopted by loving parents Bob and Dahlia Though their problems run deep, they make great strides in therapy Now in college Elizabeth returns home to find Emily dead by suicide Elizabeth is hospitalized where she must finally confront the truth of her childhood.PHANTOM LIMB is a sad, believable story that encompasses both the depth of depravity and the height of resilience of the human spirit Lucinda Berry s background in psychology gives her the edge in creating believable, complex characters whose psychiatric issues are heartbreakingly authentic PHANTOM LIMB has a few jaw dropping twists I didn t anticipate, enough to give an extra punch to the gut This is my third of Berry s books in three days, all five star reviews which are not ratings I give lightly I have the rest in my queue to read next.If you like psychological thrillers with pinpoint mental illness accuracy, you ll love PHANTOM LIMB and all Lucinda Berry s books as much as me PhantomLimb

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    Phantom Limb by Lucinda Berry is the story of Elizabeth and Emily Rooth Emily and Elizabeth are twenty years old and identical twins They had an extremely difficult childhood with an abusive cruel, depraved mother The twins were lucky enough to be adopted when they are eight by Dalila and Bob Rooth they are patient and loving people After graduating from high school, the pair moved into their own apartment Elizabeth is attending a local college on scholarship and works as a telemarketer because of the flexible hours Elizabeth is also dating Thomas a seminary student , but she has yet to work up the nerve to tell Emily Emily has had a difficult time since they moved into the apartment Emily suffers from severe depression and is a cutter Some days she cannot get out of bed Elizabeth devotes herself to taking care of Emily One day Elizabeth finally tells Emily about Thomas Emily does not take the news well and refuses to let him in the apartment A couple of days later Thomas tells Elizabeth that Emily confronted him one day outside work Emily was not nice That evening the two of them have a fight Emily goes into the bedroom and slams the door Elizabeth can hear her crying, but refuses to comfort her this time The next morning Elizabeth goes to check on Emily and finds her dead in the bathroom A week later Elizabeth wakes up in the hospital Elizabeth is put in the psych ward with a team of professionals to help her They slowly help her discover what happened and how she ended up in the hospital Elizabeth is in for some startling revelations Phantom Limb is listed as a psychological thriller, but it does not read that way I did not even find it mysterious or suspenseful Phantom Limb has a decent pace except for the areas about various psychological conditions technical talk I give Phantom Limb 3 out of 5 stars Phantom Limb is the telling of a horrific story The two twists were easy to predict I wrote down what I thought would be the revelations and then read the book to see if I was right I was I was hoping to be stumped or shocked it is supposed to be psychological thriller I found the ending to be expected Phantom Limb does contain violence, child abuse, and upchucking be careful not to eat while reading Phantom Limb shows a good example of a person who should not have children and the damage the wrong parent can inflict on children.

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    From someone who should probably not be writing books and I say that having slogged my way through not one but two of her awful thought experiments comes the story of a young woman so confused about life that the only way forward is through a psych ward A story that wants to be Girl, Interrupted crossed with One flew over the Cuckoos Nest and Sucker Punch but manages not to be anything nearly as compelling However, it does dig up a ripe helping of V.C Andrews and Bret Easton Ellis Confused So is the plot The detestably detailed desire to linger on trauma is not compelling it s hyperbolic and painful to read dramatizing the real consequences of early childhood abuse and the lasting impact it can have on a persons life and turning what could have been an interesting story of overcoming and survival into something morbidly unpleasant to read There are lots of great stories out there about abuse and how those who have lived it, manage it These stories are both hopeful and painful, but can often be important Wild, for example, or really, read One Flew Over, it s brilliant This is not one of those stories and it was a waste of a good hour I could have spent reading anything else.

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    Probing and disturbing If violence against children is a trigger for you, then you want to be warned about this book It is of a book about the aftermath of child abuse than a mystery thriller Although the twist at the end caught by surprise.

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    Elizabeth s story is written so eloquently it was hard to imagine sometimes that Phantom Limb is in fact a work of fiction The story was mesmerising and the true beauty of this novel most definitely lies in the ability of Ms Berry to write a story that felt like I was reading a true story A story about self discovery and tragedy with a protagonist who feels like she s a normal and ordinary person until we delve deeper into her past and the author peels away the layers of her nondescript life one by one.The story is in fact told by one part of a twin who seems to have her life quite in order despite having survived an unimaginable traumatic childhood She s doing well in school and has a part time job and now she even has found someone she s interested in and she can imagine herself proclaiming the L word to him Her sister with whom she forms some kind of symbiosis didn t have the same reaction though She s depressed and always struggled coping with the first 7 years of their lives Elizabeth is used to her sister s cutting and nursing her back to health, but this time she seems to have really gone too far Elizabeth wakes up in a psych ward and learns that her twin is in fact dead She thinks she s there to cope with the loss, the emptiness of losing your other half, but she s there to learn also about herself and why she doesn t remember anything after she found her sister s lifeless body It seems the scars of their past run deeper than she ever imagined.The talks to the doctors, with the other patients in the ward, with her new found friend Rose who is dealing with another psychological problem, they all help her to get an insight into what happened It felt very realistic and you can clearly feel the author s expertise in the matter The only remark that I might have about this novel is about the twist in the end which felt a bit like it was something fabricated especially to appeal to readers looking for the promised thrill and twist I can understand it but it wasn t really necessary for me and I mean that as a compliment really It was entertaining enough for me without it.When I think about a psychological thriller I kind of expect a super suspenseful read filled with tension, suspicion and doubt about multiple characters This certainly isn t a psychological thriller in the traditional sense but a different reading experience altogether The pacing was very consistent and I felt many emotions while reading Phantom Limb I felt my heart breaking when I read about what these twins had to endure, and later on I was experiencing and discovering everything right along with Elizabeth and that made me really connect with her too She s not dramatic or whiny but just investigative and sceptical and I admire how she comes to terms with her past This novel is certainly packed with enough intrigue to keep you entertained from the first page to the last.Overall, I m very impressed with this novel and I certainly wouldn t mind reading it again I ve always had a deep interest for everything relating to the human psyche so this novel satisfied me in every sense.

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    I didn t really know what to expect from this book, so I was totally unprepared for the heartbreaking tale that was thrown at me In some ways, it was disturbing to me than a psychological thriller full of detailed and horrendous murders.Elizabeth finds herself in hospital after the death of her twin sister If she wants to leave and find a way to move on with her life, she will have to dig deep and face her past And it s that past that s utterly uncomfortable to read about as it touches on themes like child abuse and self harming It made me root for Elizabeth, willing her on to succeed, to somehow find happiness But the road is full of twists and turns and I had no idea where it would lead to.