Free Prime Flying Creatures Paper Airplane Book Author Jeff Lammers –

Welcome To The World Of Flying Animals It S Entertainment On The Fly For The Office, Backyard, Classroom Don T Get Caught , Or Anywhere There Might Be A Party, Featuring Lilliputian Size Models That Create Planes Altogether From The Dragon To The Stingray, Beetlebot To The Beach Bomber, These Flying Creatures Are Vibrantly Colored And Gorgeously Designed To Resemble Animals That Fly, Both Real And Imaginary Fold Up An Antennaed Scarab And The Sharklike Predator Includes Step By Step Folding Instructions And Tips On How To Send Each Plane Soaring At Its Full Aerodynamic Potential The instructions are clear and well written The kids love the colors of the paper for the planes and are having a great time with them Absolutely awesome Having a blast with these I won this book through goodreads.