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Jericho S Former Partner, Mickey Mouse Davis, With Whom He Worked In NYPD Homicide, Is Found Dead In His Car Killed By A Single Gunshot Fired Into His Mouth A Handwritten Suicide Note Is Discovered Beside Him NYPD Declares Mouse S Death A Suicide, But Jericho Has His Doubts He Leaves East Hampton And Goes Into The City To Investigate The New York Cops Tell Jericho To Stay Out Of It, So Jericho Must Try To Solve This Case On His Own As Sam Spade Says In The Maltese Falcon When A Man S Partner Is Killed, He S Supposed To Do Something About It Praise For Walter Marks DEATH HAMPTON Introducing Detective Jericho A Fast Paced Mystery With Plenty Of Action And Colorful Characters Kirkus Reviews Praise For Walter Marks THE BATTLE OF JERICHO Marks S Suspenseful Second Crime Novel Featuring Det Sgt Neil Jericho Readers Should Be Prepared For A Shocking Ending Publishers Weekly Also By Walter Marks DANGEROUS BEHAVIOR Perfect For Hannibal Lecter Fans Kirkus Reviews Smart, Suspenseful, And Edgy, With A Shock Of An Ending Which Caught Me Totally By Surprise David Morrell, Author Of Rambo First Blood

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    I have read other books by this author and when this was offered to me a bought it This is another good murder mystery with a lot of depth into the main character Jericho It was a fast paced and an emotionally moving book I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.

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    These two cops were formerly partners One recently committed suicide Or did he His wife and sons are very upset, and his former partner knows he would never do that and decides to investigate on his own What follows is pretty interesting Read it.

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    Detective Jericho s former partner from NYPD, Davis, was discovered dead in his car with a suicide note Jericho refuses to believe this and so carries out his own investigation.Another enjoyable story in this series.

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    One Brave DudeWell written character with street sense and cop knowledge Cops understand the bond with partners and this story touches on what a loss can create The ultimate never give up on a gut feeling Easy development without corn enjoyable read

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    Jericho is a good guyJericho always gets his man men He s a great character and I always look forward to his next adventure This was a good one.

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    A light weight detective novelA nice light detective novel that is the old story of a detective finding why an old suicided or did he Fast read without too much work.

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    very good

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    A fast read with an ok story would try another of this author s books problem all the typos

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    Detective storyThis was an easy read Not hard to follow Not too deep A relaxing, nothing difficult quick race to the finish

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    Good read Enjoyed it.Gritty without being vile Realistic Worth your time.Good NYC sights and sounds Made me want to visit, but maybe not an abandoned subway station.