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Length Hrs And MinsToby Kincaid Loves Being The Junior Librarian In His Hometown Of Sandy Lake, Ohio He Spends His Days Surrounded By Books And Chatting With The Library Patrons He Especially Adores The Head Librarian, Mr Miggles, Who Is Kind, Witty, Knowlegable About Everything, And Hopelessly Addicted To Christmas Sean Miggles Is Also Pretty Cute Especially For An Older Guy Who Wears Ties And Suit Pants Every Day But Sean Keeps Himself At A Distance, And There S A Sadness About Him That Toby Can T Figure Out When Sean Is Accused Of A Crime He Didn T Commit, He Gives Up Without A Fight Toby Realizes That He Alone Can Save The Library And Their Head Librarian Toby Will Need To Uncover The Darkness In Sean S Past And Prove To Him That He Deserves A Second Chance At Life And At Love Too And While Christmas Miracles Are Being Handed Out, Maybe Toby Will Get His Own Dearest Wish To Love And Be Loved By Mr Miggles

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    I beta read this book, but my rating has naught to do with that I was enad with Mr Miggles the book AND the character from the get go Sean Miggles, town librarian, is a man entirely dedicated to his job He loves books And he loves to share books with others He s a quiet, unassuming, kind hearted man who dresses like a professor and keeps to himself Toby, laidback and loyal, is Mr Miggles assistant, his one and only employee Mr Miggles is just a few years older than Toby but so reserved, he seems much older Toby adores his boss, but he can t imagine Mr Miggles anywhere but the library Unfortunately, Toby s dating Justin, a selfish dude who takes advantage of Toby s giving nature and borrows money he never pays back Mr Miggles is not a fan of Justin I wasn t either Mr Miggles loves Christmas and starts decorating early he s especially fond of tinsel He has a dry sense of humor, and the banter between him and Toby is hilarious.I liked how Toby s thoughts about Mr Miggles slowly progress from Oh, he s my old boss who s kind of weird and awkward to He s not that old, and he has a nice ass At one point, Mr Miggles becomes Sean The sexual tension under the surface, the way Sean initially rejects Toby s flirtations, made me that much invested in these MCs getting together Even though Toby narrates the story, I felt like I got to know Sean well by seeing him through Toby s eyes Granted, Toby isn t always the most reliable narrator the way he chooses not to see what a douche Justin is, for example , but he s smart and self aware, and his narrative voice rings true.The secondary characters really stood out for me I liked that each of the regular library patrons had a story When Sean attempts to help a little girl often abandoned for hours on end at the library by her abusive mother and the mother s fuckwat boyfriend, the unthinkable happens Toby is protective of Sean, and he rallies the community to stand up for their Mr Miggles, who becomes withdrawn and resigned This is such a sweet, romantic story While there is some angst and sadness Sean s backstory will break you a little , love totally wins You ll cheer for Mr Miggles, for his courageous heart, and for Toby, who works so hard to be the man Sean needs Includes literary references that made me geek the fuck out, inspirational speeches grab a tissue or two or three , music Because It s Christmas , best family ever supportive families rock , and sex in a library you re welcome.

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    If you enjoy holiday romantic stories, then you don t want to miss Eli Easton s newest release Once again, this author delivered an enjoyable, Christmas y story that warmed my heart and sucked me in from the very beginning Merry Christmas, Mr Miggles was a sweet and lovely story about family, community, dedication and last, but not least, love and while it wasn t my favorite read by this author, I really enjoyed it.Toby Kinkaid is the twenty four years old junior librarian at the Sandy Lake Library He loves books, his job and the role the town s library has in Sandy Lake and he adores his boss, the head librarian, Mr Miggles, even if, most of the time, he acts older than he actually is Toby has a great, supportive family and he s in a relationship with Justin, a guy who constantly tries to take advantage of him Sean Miggles wears ties and suit pants every day, he s dedicated to his job 100% and loves books as much as Toby Mr Miggles is always serious and often sad and Toby is so curious to find out why He always believed his boss is a handsome man, but lately he can t stop thinking about him He knows he should forget about him, firstly because he is the boss and secondly because he s convinced Sean is not interested in him.When Mr Miggles is accused of a crime he didn t commit, he gives up without a fight Toby believes in him so he tries to save him in every possible way, showing him how to live and also love again.

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    Like any other books by this author, Merry Christmas, Mr Miggles was sweet and very low in angst and drama To be honest, I would have liked the story line to be engaging, but overall I found this Christmas y story to be quite enjoyable Both main characters were endearing and I liked them individually and together as a couple Both Toby and Sean were well portrayed and I have to say I liked how different they were from each other Sean was a fantastic character I enjoyed his personality and I absolutely loved how loyal he was as the story unfolded The way he fought to prove Sean s innocence and the way he didn t let the other man give up on everything warmed my heart With a big heart, Toby was sweet, caring, considerate and so, so supportive I totally loved him Sean s character was pretty well developed considering the entire story is told from Toby s point of view Toby was a great narrator and surprise, surprise, I didn t miss Sean s POV at all Mr Miggles is a sad and quite man, but he s also patient and considerate.While the story is short ish I didn t feel the romance between the two protagonists was rushed, but I have to say I would have liked a little I wanted scenes with them as a couple and of course sexy times.

    I had everything I could possibly want, for this Christmas season and all the Christmases to come After all I had Sean My Mr Miggles

    All in all, Merry Christmas, Mr Miggles was a fantastic, heartwarming, light hearted holiday romance with an enjoyable story line and two adorable main characters.Find me on

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    3.5 stars The I thought about this book, the less I liked it, though the adorable ending alone bumps it up 1 2 a star Eli Easton is a sure thing for me, and her Christmas stories have been winners in the past While this story was cute, and I liked Toby, I really didn t connect with Mr Miggles Toby was snarky and sweet, and I liked being inside his head I also really like an age gap romance, and so I was prepared to love this one For me, the worst part about this story was the romance While I can see how Toby and Mr Miggles admired one another and had affection for one another, they really didn t have that romance vibe Maybe it was how formal Mr Miggles was with Toby, but I just didn t feel that umph feeling like I was hoping to feel However, I did adore the library lover elements of the story I ve loved books for my whole life, and being surrounded by books in a library always feels like coming home to me The way the town rallied around the library in the story made me tear up a bit The ending was classic movie wonderful, though it couldn t quite make up for the lack that romantic punch that I was anticipating This is a book for library lovers who want a holiday themed hurt comfort story While it wasn t quite Eli Easton amazing, the bookish girl in me still enjoyed it Copy provided in exchange for an honest review

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    4.5 Stars, rounded up because LIBRARY SEX So, I have this thing, where I think that men who are intelligent and are readers are supremely hot I can t help it, and I really don t want to, anyway Reading is sexy, after all And Merry Christmas, Mr Miggles was exactly what I needed this week When I was growing up, I loved going to the library The smell of books, the card catalog, the quiet Though I never got quite as lucky in the stacks as a certain couple, I just loved everything about the library Toby Kincaid has been the junior librarian for Sandy Lake Library for a couple years now He has a boyfriend, who, frankly, is a douche nozzle, but we won t talk about him too much Toby comes to his senses, anyway, and puts his attentions somewhere infinitely worthy Toby is kind and caring and when Mr Miggles needs his help, Toby does not hesitate to step in.Sean Miggles came back to Sandy Lake in 2010 and has been Head Librarian since then He is a man with a damaged spirit But he s got so much love inside him, and he quietly just makes the world a better place, so even though he appears a bit formal, you know he s just a big softie Events of his past may have left him grieving, but he s not as broken as he thinks Both Toby and Sean grew up in Sandy Lake and after time away for college or life, they both made their way back home Sandy Lake is family and friends and community, and though I sure don t know what that must be like in reality, I certainly like the fantasy.Everyone needs to know they have people that care for them, that will stand by them or stand up for them I think recent events have shown this to be very true And this story is sweet, and happy and adorkable that I could not help but fall in love Merry Christmas, Mr Miggles is about community and family and having a place where you know people have your back Read this for the Christmas Spirit Read it for the Library Read it to fall in love again ARC of Merry Christmas, Mr Miggles was generously provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

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    A Christmassy story It was a decent light book, if only a lacking one It s well written, and the moral is positive and warm The characters are nice, the plot is nice, the development is nice.Super nice.Mr Miggles is such a good person Toby is also the best Everybody in town is good and the bad guys are easy to find Very black and white If you are looking for a trouble free love story, this is the one for you.Unfortunately, it didn t fill me with the myriad of emotions I was expecting.Something was missing for me here More passion, love More feelings coming out of this.It s very decaf, very dull Very flat.My reasons 1 Toby already has a boyfriend And surprise, suprise, he s an asshole So fitting.2 The plot focuses too much on the major obstacle a legal one.3 That means there is not much to see in terms of romance A few sex scenes, a few I ve always been in love with you , a short epilogue to say, Yes, it worked out in the end, so no worries.4 It s extremely sappy Both characters, yes, but importantly, the people surrounding them I mean, I know Christmas is a sappy time in general, but there is so much sugar I can take And here, damn, here I OD d.So I m sad to say this time Eli Easton wasn t a win Not bad Just average There were times when I had to do a conscious effort in order to pay attention to the story It didn t call me.Not my cuppa Group review Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Oh Mister Miggles What a lovely Christmas story If you ever feel sad and depressed, make sure to read this, it ll lighten up your world for sure Toby has been working as junior librarian at Sandy Lake library for the last two years His boss, head librarian Mr Miggles is a decent guy, but stays mostly to himself Only around Christmas does the guy lighten up and thrive in decorating the library and spreading Christmas cheer among the library regulars Toby doesn t have much time to think about the enigmatic Mr Miggles as his boyfriend Justin and his family keep him busy around Thanksgiving, but when a tragedy endangers the future of the town s library, Toby needs to find a way behind Mr Miggles uptight facade to learn what makes the man tick and why the new developments are threatening to make him fall when he should stand up and fight I absolutely adored both Toby, whose first person POV is telling the story and boy do I heart him, to use Toby s youthful expressions and Sean who is the man behind the ever so friendly and helpful Mr Miggles Sean s secret was like a beautifully wrapped present I could hardly wait to unwrap it, although it s clear from the start that Sean s past is a dark one.The story had its dark and sad moments, but in the end, it s a beautiful Christmas Tale that was my PERFECT start into the season In case it s important The age gap is only about 10 years As Toby puts it Mr Miggles is not in his fifties I highly recommend this Read it and enjoy the Mr Darcy standing in the rain moments you ll find here 5 stars and a Christmas favorite

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    Toby Kincaid is a junior librarian in his sleepy hometown of Sandy Lake, and has developed a wee bit of a crush on the head librarian, Mr Miggles As Thanksgiving is approaching, the library is already getting ready for Christmas, that special time of year when even the shadows under Mr Miggles eyes seem to disappear Toby knows there is to the quiet and reserved librarian.When Mr Miggles is accused of a crime, Toby learns exactly how special Mr Miggles really is He gathers the troops to not only save the library, but the very special librarian who secretly brings joy to the people of Swan Lake all year long.I loved the way the author portrayed Toby as such a sweet guy, and Mr Miggles is so serious and acts much older than his 34 years The contrast made the pursuit even sweeter The title of the book alone made me smile and I highly recommend the book for anyone looking for a sweet, holiday read

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    I meant to only read a couple of chapters of this at lunchbut quickly got sucked into this story and didn t stop until I was finished.Gah The feels in this My heart is so full from this I was enraged on Mr Miggles behalf I wanted to strangle some of the characters of this story so badly, I was totally investedAnd there it is Eli Easton got me again Totally immersed and caring for these characters, which, to me, is the sign of a fantastic story.So, yes, this will give you all the feels and get you into the Christmas spirit.If you re looking for a short, but packed with emotion, holiday story that also has some very nice spicy times toward the endlook no further.Recommended.For my review of the audiobook click here.Advanced Review Galley copy of Merry Christmas, Mr Miggles provided by the author in exchange of an honest review This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews.

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    This was pure holiday fluff, with all the much needed warm and fuzzy feels Eli Easton nails Christmas stories If you haven t read Blame it on the Mistletoe or Unwrapping Hank, you should Oh, Mr MigglesSean Miggles is the head librarian of The Sandy Lake Library He s a good man and a gentle soul Mr Miggles likes Christmas decorations and he works hard to make the library a warm and festive place during the holidays I loved his devotion to his work, his kindness, and his dancing Santas ties When you have a problem, you go to Mr Miggles he ll go out of his way to help you.But at the same time, there s an air of mystery surrounding him, a past he can t share He never gets too close, and always keeps people at a distance Especially his junor librarian, Toby We don t get Mr Miggles s POV in this book, but somehow this story is all about him Toby is the exact opposite of Sean He s laid back, easygoing and approachable In the beggining of this book, Toby sees Sean just as his boss A boss he respects and admires But slowly, the admiration becomes something much deeper, and despite Sean s reluctance, Toby will not give up He will fight for his Mr.Miggles.Their interactions were perfect Sometimes snarky, sometimes awkward Sometimes boss employee talk, and then so much There is a lot of slow burn here, but when the two of them come together, it s pretty magical Almost like poetry.I LOVED the library and the imortant role it played, and I loved the the town s strong sense of community When shit hits the fan, everyone is there for Mr Miggles.You definitely need to add this to your Christmas romance shelf Recommended

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    3.5 stars Merry Christmas, Mr Miggles started really good for me I snickered and giggled reading about Toby s crush on his boss, and how he tries to deny it he has a boyfriend after all Toby s one liners are amusing and the dialogs are delightful I loved Mr Miggles right from the very start the quiet, kindhearted, Christmas loving head librarian how can I not love a man who can quote Dalai Lama in a spur of moment It looks like it s going to be a perfect office well, library romance with a dash of holiday flair and a couple that has a decade age gap between them You can see the stars in my eyes.Until view spoiler Well, that sexual abuse allegation Abuse in any kind, especially involving a child is a SERIOUS case I hated this plot for a holiday romance It is just too dark for me Plus it seemed like NOTHING is done legally towards Donny, Anita s boyfriend who has been hurting her daughter He can just get away with Anita to California What the fuck is that Where s the justice If this is a plot to somehow brings trouble towards the library and Sean Miggles position as head librarian, I thought his past, being involved in a car accident was enough.Also, Justin, Toby s boyfriend well, ex boyfriend after Toby breaks up with him That guy owes Toby almost TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS After the break up he seems to just disappear from the story, never being brought up again What about the money he owes Toby Does Toby really let him go without paying I mean, seriously, TWO THOUSAND dollars, man hide spoiler