[PDF / Epub] Istorija GULaga. Ot kollektivizacii do «Bol’šogo terrora»Author Oleg V. Khlevniuk – Multi-channel.co

The Human Cost Of The Gulag, The Soviet Labor Camp System In Which Millions Of People Were Imprisoned Between And , Was Staggering Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn And Others After Him Have Written Movingly About The Gulag, Yet Never Has There Been A Thorough Historical Study Of This Unique And Tragic Episode In Soviet History This Groundbreaking Book Presents The First Comprehensive, Historically Accurate Account Of The Camp System Russian Historian Oleg Khlevniuk Has Mined The Contents Of Extensive Archives, Including Long Suppressed State And Communist Party Documents, To Uncover The Secrets Of The Gulag And How It Became A Central Component Of Soviet Ideology And Social PolicyKhlevniuk Argues Persuasively That The Stalinist Penal Camps Created In The S Were Essentially Different From Previous Camps He Shows That Political Motivations And Paranoia About Potential Enemies Contributed No To The Expansion Of The Gulag Than The Economic Incentive Of Slave Labor Did And He Offers Powerful Evidence That The Great Terror Was Planned Centrally And Targeted Against Particular Categories Of The Population Khlevniuk Makes A Signal Contribution To Soviet History With This Exceptionally Informed And Balanced View Of The Gulag

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    A Very detailed study of the Soviet Gulag system from 1929 1941 This time period was a big turning point in Soviet prison infrastructure, as well as a huge turning point in Stalin reign in general Stalin enriched and transformed the really awful riminates of the czar s prison system into something truly frightening A little dry but incredibly interesting Khlevniuk uses lots and lots of declassified Soviet era documents to show how Stalin used the gulag system and how it all worked in the framework of Stalin s control of the Soviet State.