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There Was Once A Time In My Life Where The Only Thing That Mattered To Me Was Fighting And Winning I D Step Into That Octagon With All The Confidence In The World That I D Leave The Victor There Was No Challenge Too Great That I Couldn T Handle That Was Until I Met A Sassy And Sexy Reporter By The Name Of Aiden James And He Flipped My World Upside Down I Didn T Do Relationships Because I Had To Keep That Part Of Myself Hidden, But I Couldn T Seem To Get Aiden Out Of My Mind Maybe If I Could Just Have My Way With Him One Time, I D Be Able To Get Him Out Of My System But If I Couldn T, Would I Be Able To Sacrifice Everything I Worked So Hard For To Have Aiden Was The Reward Worth The Risk Or Could I Live My Life Without Aiden I Was Thrilled When I Landed An Interview With MMA S Sexiest Fighter, Anamacio De Niro I Had Heard That He Was A Very Private Man, But Nothing Prepared Me For His Level Of Stubbornness That Didn T Stop Me From Soaking Up Every Second That I Was In The Same Room With My Secret Crush I Never Expected To Hear From Him When Our Interview Ended, So Imagine My Surprise When He Contacted Me Out Of The Blue And Asked To Meet Again I Quickly Learned Why Macio Was So Private When He Revealed The Secret He Hid From The World As Excited As I Was That He Returned My Attraction, I Had Promised Myself That I D Never Fall For Another Closeted Guy My Vow Shattered The Second His Lips Touched Mine And I Let My Guard Down For One Night Of Earth Scorching Sex, Knowing It Was All I Would Ever Have With Him Or Was It Did It Have To Be All Or Nothing Or Could We Find A Way To Be Together Without Either Of Us Getting Hurt Undisputed Is The First Collaboration Between Best Selling Authors Nicholas Bella And Aimee Nicole Walker It Is The Story Of Two Men Who Learn That The Most Important Fight Of Their Life Isn T Battled In An Octagon Or In The Court Of Public Opinion It S Waged In The Heart This book started off sooooooo good I really, really liked the lead in to the start of their relationship, how Macio invited Aiden back to his hotel to do the interview correctly, and when the questions were over, Macio made his move, asking Aiden to stay and then touching his hand, then his lips Aiden was stunned, it was so cute and funny Really liked that whole beginning I also enjoyed the start of their relationship They were only supposed to have that one night together and then move on, but neither of them could forget the other and eventually Macio created a fake Facebook profile to friend Aiden and they started to message each other that way, and talk and learn about each other It was all very well done I thought Even Aiden being willing to let Macio stay in the closet As a sports writer, Aiden understands how difficult it would be to be an out and proud gay athlete, especially in the MMA.Unfortunately, things started to go off the rails when the two decide to actually have a relationship and Macio tells his trainer and his manager publicists While on the surface, both men say they are supportive of Macio having a closeted romance with Aiden, Macio s manager I forget his name, grr is truly not This fact wasn t well disguised to the readers so if this was supposed to be a shock, the writers failed in that regard view spoiler Plus the fact that his manager is crushing on Macio and wants to fuck him isn t well disguised either so hopefully the authors weren t trying to keep that a surprise too hide spoiler A bit overwrought but sexy3.5 There s a whole load of passionate declarations in this one which at times make it feel just a bit too much, too many emotions, too much sex mostly off page , too much drama.But, there s also a lot of good stuff, an interesting setting in the world of MMA, an interesting pairing, not a great surprise over who the villain of the piece was going to be though.Ultimately, however, it was a shmoltzy cheese fest with a pair of hugely enjoyable characters. Nicholas Bella is one of my favorite authors and I was looking forward to reading his collaboration with Mrs Walker, a new author to me.Well, Undisputed wasn t what I expected Not at all Especially the last 50% of the book It even didn t feel like a M M novel any.It felt like one of those cheesy chicklit books I ve read before I discovered the wonderful world of M M romances.Overall, just not my kind of book. I m putting this down for now and waiting for friend reviews Maybe I m just having an off day Macio is cocky, selfish and arrogant, which normally doesn t bother me, but I just can t warm up to him And there s so much masturbating I don t know how either MC get anything done I really want to like this, but I ve already started skimming My main issue is that at 19% view spoiler Macio has no issue outing himself to Aiden, a gay journalist he s met only once before, and they ve had sex Somehow Aiden had no idea Macio didn t use a condom ANY OF THE MULTIPLE TIMES they had sex that night Considering Macio s only slept with male escorts up till now it s a bit hard to believe he would trust Aiden so easily with his secret Not to mention need to be raw inside Aiden without talking to him about it first This really bothered me because that is not ok and just proves Macio is really fucking stupid hide spoiler 3.5 stars Macio is a champion MMA fighter with a sole focus on winning He is also deeply closeted for the betterment of his career, relying solely upon discreet escorts to sate his needs He is cocky and stand offish where the media is concerned, until he agrees to an exclusive interview with Aiden, a well known journalist for one of the best magazines in the industry Macio is still somewhat closed off with Aiden at their first meeting, but there are definitely sparks flying Unable to get Aiden out of his head, especially once he learns Aiden is out and proud, Macio sets up another interview, and their trust in one another grows quickly from there.The biggest issue these two face is Macio s closeted status Aiden has already dealt with a previous broken relationship when he refused to be put back in the closet, but he decides Macio is worth it and takes up residence in Closet Estates once again This situation seems understandable and believable given Macio s profession, and it is easy to see why Aiden chose to play along while their relationship grew But, Macio is convinced by others on his team to do things to keep up straight appearances, including the use of a beard Macio makes some pretty bad choices where Aiden is concerned, though he wasn t trying to be malicious or purposely hurt him I m usually pretty good at just enjoying a story for what it is, but there were a few blatant issues here that I have no doubt will rub readers the wrong way I actually thought Kathleen, the Beard, had a tinge of multiple personality disorder She went from one extreme to the other and back again in a fairly short amount of time Aiden comes across as a domesticated doormat at times, taking whatever he can get from Macio These feelings were present, along with a few other niggles, but it was also easy to see that these guys just totally fell hard for each other and while trying to do what was best for Macio, lost sight of the repercussions of their actions.All in all, this was a fast paced, often exciting story that had plenty of MMA action, but not so much as to be too much Once these guys were together, they were pretty focused on each other, as opposed to any outsiders, and they realized what was important in time for a nice happy ending While I wasn t totally wowed by this story, there were plenty of aspects to enjoy that kept me turning pages to the end I hope these authors join together again and look forward to seeing what they come up with next Review written for Lovy Bytes Reviews. Setting this aside for now, it s just not doing it for me I read to 25%, and I liked the start ok, but I think the sex happened too soon, and went too sappy, considering it s only the second time they met I was hoping for much tension and build up, and Macio trusting someone, a reporter, no less, with such a big secret so soon after meeting, just didn t make sense to me This guy was the perfect gruff, cocky lead, until he met Aiden, but he lost that way too soon Too much jerking off, and then surprise view spoiler undiscussed, unprotected sex that I actually found fairly lukewarm hide spoiler I have long been a fan of Aimee Nicole Walker and Nicholas Bella s independent work When I heard they had joined forces to write a book I knew I had to read it If you ve read their work you know they are on totally opposite sides of the writing spectrum I was utterly intrigued What kind of story do these two write together A wildly entertaining, super hot, well written one Each has brought their strongest talents to this book It balanced out so well Macio and Aiden are phenomenal characters The romantic suspense in this book was fabulous I love KNOWING it will all work out but being on the edge of my seat in wonder of how it will all come together.Nicholas has a raw intensity that often times cradles on dark Aimee has a sexy romance that is always emotional They took these attributes and weaved a plot that will have you unable to put the book down.Sports and homosexuality has long been a huge blockade in the LGBT community Reading Macio s struggle breaks my heart because we ALL know this is something that so many are dealing with Aiden s strength was a huge beacon for Macio and I also felt that his strength is what pushed Macio to come out It shows how much we need support I thought Aimee and Nicholas did a wonderful job with each secondary character and their role in Aiden and Macio s happily ever after.I do very much recommend this book This was me, seeing this cover and understanding this was written by one of my favorite writers..It started great Two very hot likable characters Macio and Aiden The insta love was there but they made it work somehow It was believable.Their first email exchange was funny and even their first sex was hot But then for me it went downhill Macio turned into a lovesick puppy and Aiden just stuck to his role as the little woman. One of the main reasons why I don t like to read most of MF novels is because of the stereo typing And to read it in a MM novel Nope. Un plot flojillo y muchoooo sexo Demasiado