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Military History Is Overflowing With Successful Campaigns By Celebrated Commanders Less Well Known Are The Wartime Tragedies Of Incompetence, Miscalculation And Misfortune That Have Dishonored The Names Of Once Proud Generals, Wasted The Lives Of Thousands Of Soldiers, And Resulted In The Loss Of Precious Territory And PowerFrom The Carnage At The Battle Of Mount Tabor In BC To The Humiliating French Defeat At Dien Bien Phu In , Julian Spilsbury Chronicles The Most Disastrous Military Operations Of All Time Why Did Napoleon Fail To Conquer Moscow In Which Generals Were Responsible For Such Shocking Losses On The Battlefields Of WWI And What Prevented Hitler S Th Army Panzers From Capturing Stalingrad A Host Of Factors Can Lead To Military Disaster In , At The Battle Of Little Bighorn, General Custer S Th Cavalry Paid The Price Of His Overconfidence And Complacency, Suffering A Shocking Defeat By The Largest Gathering Of Native American Warriors Ever Witnessed At Tannenberg In , Technological Ineptitude And Bad Luck Spelled Disaster For The Russians, When The Interception Of An Un Coded Message Led To German Victory And General Samsonov S Suicide Detailed Here Are Absorbing Accounts Of How The Misguided Actions Of Just A Few Men, Be It Through Arrogance, Ignorance Or Gross Stupidity, Brought About The Downfall Of Some Of History S Greatest ArmiesAccompanied By Eyewitness Quotations And Dramatic Illustrations, Great Military Disasters Is Both An Absorbing Overview Of The World S Major Conflicts And An Intriguing Study Of Military Incompetence Of The Gravest Kind