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This book does a great job of clarifying a lot of misconceptions about heaven It uses scripture adequately and makes references that are relatable and easy to understand to give clear explanation about what heaven will actually be like as well as what God truly requires of us to get there I highly recommend it for anyone who isn t sure about what the Bible reveals about heaven and needs guidance to truly comprehend the importance that God places on love and faith. Such things as Heavenly Desires, Location of Heaven, What we will do in Heaven, and How to Prepare for Heaven are discussed There is an appendix presenting if animals will be in Heaven A well written, understandable book. A well written book that makes the thought of heaven exciting This Transforming Book Will Change The Way You Think About Heaven And The Way You Live On Earth An Understanding Of Heaven Is Not A Spiritual Luxury Or Escapism It Is A Spiritual Necessity Author Dan Schaeffer Offers Insight Into That Heavenly Desire, The Heavenly Location, The Heavenly Life, And Heavenly Preparation, Showing How God Wants That Better Country To Be The Passion And Purpose Of Our Present Life Includes A Helpful Study Guide For Each Chapter