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If You Think You Know What Cross Stitch Is, Look Again Jamie Chalmers, Aka Mr X Stitch, Shows You How To Cross Stitch Using Simple Step By Step Instructions And Also Takes You To The Frontiers Of Cross Stitch Design Showcasing Colleagues Who Are Pushing The Boundaries Of This Ancient Craft, Mr X Stitch Introduces Than Lovely, Cutting Edge Projects To Make, And Shows That Beauty, Innovation And Craftivism Are Alive And Kicking In This Inspirational BookThe Book Is Aimed At Stitchers Of All Abilities, From Absolute Beginners Looking To Learn A New Craft To Embroiderers And Cross Stitchers Who Want To Do Something Different In Cross Stitching For Many, Cross Stitch Conjures Up Images Of Cute Kittens And Country Cottages, But This Book Shows People That There S A Different Side To Cross Stitching That It S An Art In Its Own Right, And Will Encourage Them To Be A Little Braver With Their ArtJamie S Writing Style Is Fun, Entertaining And Highly Inspirational The Book Will Attract Readers Of All Ages, And Is Aiming To Appeal To Men As Well As Women It Will Teach The Basics Of Cross Stitching, Including Materials, Tools, Techniques, Colour Blending, Etc But Will Also Put Jamie S Own Spin On It, With Urban Flavours, And The Introduction Of Different Materials Such As Glow In The Dark Threads There Will Be Several Exciting Designs For The Readers To Stitch, And Jamie Will Arm People With The Skills And Inspiration To Create Cross Stitch Designs Of Their Own, For Example, By Using Photos And Other Images For ReferenceJamie Is Particularly Interested In Typography And There Is A Good Balance Of Typographical And Pictoral Projects To Stitch The Book Is Split Into Themes Colour, Glow In The Dark, More Than A Hobby, Using Computer Software And Outside The Hoop Colour Explores Techniques Such As Ombre Design, Inverting Colour And Using Geometric Shapes Glow In The Dark Looks At How To Use Glow In The Dark Threads To Achieve Different Effects More Than A Hobby Considers The Idea Of Mindfulness In Cross Stitch, Including Black Work, Backstitch Etc Using Computer Software Looks At Photorealism And How To Originate Your Design On A Computer And Finally, Outside The Hoop Explores Projects Not Stitched On CanvasThe Final Spread Of Each Section Features An Outlier The Work Of Another Stitcher To Illustrate A Different Aspect Of Cross Stitch Made On A Surface Other Than Canvas The Book Will Be Informative, Fun, Instructive And Inspirational Good basic instructions, interesting projects The detailed analysis of how a pineapple project changes depending on size, count, and number of colors adjusted with design software like PCStitch was extremely illuminating My main quibble is that he describes a laying tool in the gadgets section, but never explains how you use it to do what he describes His website is www.mrxstitch.com Very good book with some very unique designs He gives you some good advice and tips on doing cross stitch It also has some very fun and funky designs for those who are looking for something a little bit different then the traditional designs you usually find in books I think this book would be good for semi beginners as in this isn t your first project or only book on learning, but you do want to step up your game and try something a bit different and slightly harder It also might give some inspiration to those who have been doing cross stitch for awhile and just need some new ideas, like using glow in the dark threads to make a picture look different in the dark than it does in daylight. This is a fantastic book I have been a longtime Mr X Stitch fan, and have attended a couple of his workshops, so getting my grubby mitts on a copy of this was a no brainer and I was not dissappointed.In his fun and chatty style, Jamie talks through the basics, as well as introducing complex designs, and includes interviews features on some really interesting, cutting edge stitch designers The in depth analysis of how stitch thread count affects the finished item I adore that pineapple , and his advice about colour choices make this a must have book in my opinion Cute, but never cutesy designs and great content. This was a really good book if you are wanting to get started or even learn about the world of cross stitch It has a variety of patterns and info on what you need to get started and also some alternatives ideas as well Its a enjoyable book. The Mr X Stitch Guide to Cross Stitch is a decent enough starter book, though it is light on technical information Written in an informal, modern style, the book is certainly welcoming to younger generations than a lot of what is on the market The included patterns are also contemporary, and there s an excellent section on designing your own patterns My daughter is really into cross stitch At 4 she just liked filling graph paper square by square, so, honestly, this is no surprise I ve been making her patterns based on pixel art, but it s so great to have this beautiful book of amazing patterns, ideas, and inspiration. I wish this book had been around when I learned to stitch 10 years ago Do Not for one minute be surprised that this is a Cross Stitch book by a man After all nearly all the best designers are men.Jamie Chalmers Cross Stitch book is filled with good advice and techniques to get your creative juices flowing and with very descriptive words such as stitchgasm this book gives a contemporary look at a craft that has been loved for decades.The first thing that grabbed me about Jamie s work, was his craft box He has a wicked collection of scissors of which I am rather quite envious.Fabric, Threads and Gizmos are covered and even before we take a look at the projects on offer, this book is a realm of information and stitching wisdom If you think you have seen it all, then this fabulous book will a complete surprise The section on colour is beautiful, and did you know about Glow in the Dark thread Well I didn t and I cannot wait to give it a go Perfect for children s rooms don t you think Jamie gives interviews with Cross Stitch Outliers , They talk passionately about their craft and I was inspired by such creative people.There is so much in this book, you get a lot for your money I would soon run out space if I talked about it all.One thing I must mention is the Mona Lisa pattern..it is stunning and it s not just aida that Jamie uses to stitch on.This is an amazing book, and as an avid crafter and book collector is one I highly recommend It really is a book with a differenceOh and I really want one his badges I love Mr X stitch. Fun book with some good information and really fun looking patterns I wish there would have been a little explanation on a few things, some types of stitches were mentioned but not described.