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Solid book Worthwhile book about getting in shape in a common sense and not overly ambitions way Perhaps for those who don t want to be discouraged as quickly or easily. Not Everyone Can Achieve A Six Pack Like A Fitness Magazine Cover Model, But Anyone Can Achieve A Four Pack By Adjusting Your Expectations To Attainable And Healthy Goals, You Can Achieve Long Term And Lasting Fitness Written By Famed MMA Fighter Chael Sonnen And MMA Sports Performance Expert Ryan Parsons, The Four Pack Revolution Uses The Latest Science And Motivational Exercises To Guide You On A Journey Toward A Healthier And Just As Importantly Sustainable Weight Loss Program Instead Of A Simplistic Or One Concept Gimmicky Diet, The Four Pack Revolution Presents A Total Life Approach For Attainable Goals By Debunking The Myths And Revealing The Science Of Weight Loss Arguing That System Resets Or Breaking Your Diet Can Actually Have Health Benefits Presenting How To Manage Key Hormones Through Diet Designing Intense, Minute Workouts That Are Effective Than Time Consuming Cardio Workouts Illustrating The Healthy Ratio Of Carbs, Fat, Protein And How To Practice Portion Control Sharing Tips For Maintaining A Plan Even While Eating Out Providing A Shopping List For A Four Week Meal PlanWithThe Four Pack Revolution, You Can Achieve A Four Pack While Still Enjoying Life