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Two Families Over Two Centuries Countless Victims It All Comes Down To This Delilah Isles Has Been Waiting For The Tay Family To Make Their Move, And When They Do The Cost Is A Heavy One They Attack The Young Daughter Of A Close Family Friend, Which Forces Delilah To Go Up The Mountain And Start The Investigation That Has Been Two Centuries In The Making The Tays Have Been Planning The Moment Of Battle Since Their Deaths, And Delilah Knows That She And Milly Won T Be Able To Fight The Tays On Their Own But Calling In Backup Brings Unexpected Consequences Consequences That Delilah Could Never Have Imagined

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    I m blown away I always think that October Weeks can t write a better book than the last one, but Isles and West s story keeps grabbing me in In this book, there s a big fight for the last Dalton family members, and Isles and West have to call in some reinforcements because things have begun to get out of hand, and the readers are kept on the edge of their seats throughout this book I don t want to spoil anything, but this book was non stop So much was happening, and you just sometimes want to scream Another amazing book about these two ladies If you think of Ghost Adventures meets Law Order, that s kinda how I see this book There s a lot of things that are happening, but I never felt overloaded with descriptions or unless information Everything the author does has a purpose I highly recommend this series It s got a creepy factor to it, but the writing is amazing, so even if horror isn t your genre you may still love this series I know I do Review done for NerdGirl Official Blog

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    WOW This book keeps you on the edge of your seat Delilah and Milly call in reinforcements The Tays finally make their move Will Delilah, Milly and the Reaper Team survive this fight Betrayals are made and things are made clearer I really hope there are West and Ilse books I highly recommend this book.