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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Nuns And Their HabitsFrom Julie Andrews In The Sound Of Music To Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Mother Teresa Now St Teresa Of Calcutta , Nuns Occupy A Special Place In Popular Consciousness As Figures Of Fondness, Fun, Strictness, Purity And Grace Many Of Us Identify Nuns By Their Deceptively Simple Form Of Dress Few Of Us Understand, However, That The Habit Is Also A Visual CodeA Collaboration Between GraphicDesign, Cambridge Theology Graduate Veronica Bennett And Graphic Illustrator Ryan Todd, Looking Good A Visual Guide To The Nun S Habit Identifies And Illustrates The Dress Of Than Catholic Communities Of Nuns And Sisters It Catalogues And Compares This Extra Ordinary Religious Clothing, Explaining Its Components, Significance And Distinguishing Identifiers The Accompanying Text, Incorporating Visions And Miracles, High Drama And Humble Beginnings, Persecution And Insurrection, Reveals How The Story Of The Habit Is Also That Of The Struggle Between The Powerful And The Poor Of Politics, Social Care And The Role Of Women And Of The Interplay Between Culture, Fashion And Faith

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    This was an impulse purchase, when I spotted the graphics for the book as wallpaper on a downloads website A striking but not so subtle advert, and one which got me hooked.The book is a compendium of nuns orders with graphics showing their habits and text outlining their origins, mission and geographical spread.I am not in the least bit religious but I bought this as a break from my normal run of books and also to gain an insight on a segment of society that I know next to nothing about, beyond the clich s portrayed in films such as Sister Act and the Blues Brothers Intriguing book with snappy graphics but ultimately a list of types of nuns is a little samey As dry as something very dry.