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Before Science, Before History, An Era Of Magic Existed In Our World S Dim Past Magic Flowed Freely, Touching Every Aspect Of The Lives Of Men And Women Of The Name Giver Races It Was An Age Of Heroes An Age Of Fantastical Deeds And Mythical Stories It Was The Age Of LegendEarthdawn Is A Roleplaying Game Set In A World Of High Adventure, High Magic, And Terrible Danger The Gamemaster S Compendium Is The Definitive Book For Earthdawn Gamemasters, Providing All Mechanics Related To Poison, Traps, Ship Battles, And Gamemaster Characters This Book Contains Everything You Need For Years Of Play, Featuring Revised Game Mechanics, Updated Setting Material, Guidelines On Creating Campaigns In Barsaive, And Extended Information On Creatures, Dragons, Horrors, Spirits, Magical Treasures, Airships, Riverboats, And Much RBL