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A good thing about the book is that all the stories have a twist in the end This makes them very interesting to read However, there are many instances where the sentences are too long, the story starts drifting and the reader then tends to lose the track of things. With a story set in each month of the Tamil calendar, and with characters that reappear in many of these thirteen stories, Veena Muthuraman has created a world of familiar people we can relate to Ayyanarpati, the place where the stories are set, is full of people who are rooted, and sounds like a place worth visiting Even the most villainous of characters evokes sympathy and the frequent shift in tone from a calm slice of life snapshot to a funny episode to a gory end makes this rollercoaster ride definitely worth taking. On Deepavali Day, In A Village In Tamil Nadu, An Alcoholic Threatens To Kill Himself In Public By Consuming Pesticide The Villagers Are Titillated, His Family Umimpressed Beginning With The Month Of Aipasi, Veena Muthuraman Tells A Story Set In Each Month Of The Tamil Calendar As A Year Unfolds, We Get To Know Ayyanarpatti To The World, A Small Village For The Villagers, The Centre Of The World