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The Last Thing Alpha Rudy Mitchell Wants To Do Is Spend The Evening Caroling With The Local Community Center Especially Since He S Been Paired Up With The Omega Dork Wearing The Ridiculous Christmas Sweater But When The Omega Is Injured During Their Walk, Rudy S Protective Instincts Kick Into Gear And He Finds Himself Singing A Whole Different Song Omega Harry Chen Just Wants A Little Christmas Cheer Before He Leaves On A Six Month Long Apprenticeship On The Other Side Of The World He Doesn T Plan On Falling On Some Black Ice Or Falling In Love With His Caroling Partner Now Harry S Half A World Away And Wondering How He S Going To Tell Rudy About The Christmas Surprise Neither Of Them Anticipated When Harry S Apprenticeship Is Over Will Rudy Greet Harry And Their Surprise With Open Arms Or Will Next Christmas Feature Solo Acts Only A Christmas Caroling Is An Alpha Omega Non Shifter Mpreg Romance It Features Horrible Christmas Sweaters, Beautifully Painted Glass Bottles, And An HEA Ending

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    A sweet and charming Christmassy story, that will warm your heart I liked each guy, our hot Alpha EMT Rudy, 24, and a shy Omega artist, Harry They are stuck caroling together which leads to a one night stand, and then Harry is sent to his apprenticeship in China.Through his months of learning, Harry discovers a surprise, as he s painting glass bottles.Loved these guys, the adorable short story, and the extra surprise homecoming The incredible epilogue makes us happy ENJOY

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    Adorable Omegaverse Christmas RomanceThis is a very quick and cute Omegaverse romantic story, with a sweet and stumbling core of an Alpha meeting a ridiculous Omega, and their quick trip into attraction, hormonal urges, separation, and love Very sweet with one short but nicely heated sizzling scene.

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    I received a free copy direct from the author, in exchange for an honest review.I have several of Penelope s Omegaverse books now, and while I d not read anything set in this universe before reading her work, I d have to say that on the whole I m now a convert.This particular story is a short bit of Christmas fluff, with caroling, festive lights and even gaudy jumpers It s cute and perfect for the season Rudy gets dragged along to go caroling by his sister, and ends up meeting..it s a romance, you get the idea.The reason I ve given it just three stars is purely a matter of personal taste, simply because, unlike the others of hers that I ve read, this one is written from a first person perspective It s not a perspective I generally enjoy reading in most cases, and in this case in particular, with both main characters being male, I found it even off putting than usual I m female so reading this as though I m inside either leads head just didn t work for me.If you enjoy first person writing though, this is a cute short story and I would recommend it.

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    Read around FebruaryRudy and harry A night out caroling leads to one night together And then harry is sent away for his studying, Finally they get to talk to each other every day they have an long distance relationship When finds out his pregnant but never tell rudy but it doesn t matter in the end this was such a sweet tory even though it was short it was to the point.

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    This is such an adorable story Funny, and romantic and sweet, just the kind of reading you ll want for a cosy night at home DAnd, behold, there will be spoilers from here on Omega Harry and alpha Rudy met while they went carolling, and when Harry gets hurt by slipping on black ice, Rudy who is a paramedic leads him to his home to take care of him And, lord, did he take care of him There is a connection there, both of them felt it but, afterward, things get a little bit messy Harry s parents find them kissing, and Harry s father freaks out, and decide to sent Harry one week early to his scheduled apprenticeship in China Once there, Harry discovers he s pregnant and decided to keep that bit of new for himself After all, Rudy didn t seem to be very willing to keep him in his life, and his parents well, he better keeps focusing on his learning and he ll deal with the aftermath of that night when he s back home.But Rudy contacts him while he s still in China, and seems to want to pursue a relationship and yet, Harry still won t tell him about the baby.It s already time to go back and Harry will have to face Rudy and his parents, and find what the future will have in stock for he D

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    So adorable Harry is precious, just a character I d love to have for a friend He is funny, sweet, and full of life Rudy reminds me of my younger brothers who just kind of goofed around until they found THE ONE and then they really got it Both guys are fairly young, on the cusp of really settling into full adulthood I loved the way the author was able to realistically show the emotional and physical chemistry between them The story is angst free Harry worries over telling his parents and Rudy about the baby but it s not some soul rending thing It s a perfect little Christmas novella that s fun for the holidays or anytime you want a little something really cute.

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    a rather sweet Christmas storyRudy is an alpha who is dragged by his sister to a community centre for a night of Christmas caroling when he is paired up with omega Harry One thing leads to another then harry leaves for China on a six month course on glass painting Little do they know that a surprise is on the way This is a short rather cute Christmas story with little angst and bad Christmas jumpers Recommended

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    I received a free review copy of this just before Christmas It was just right for that kind of light easy holiday reading It is shorter than, and stands alone from, Pen s other stories though the world seems to be the same in terms of basic biology As with the other books in this world, I really appreciate the author s ability to combine some fantastical ideas omegaverse with things everyone can relate to family dynamics around a new lover.

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    I m pretty sure this is the first Alpha Omega and definitely the first mpreg novel I ve read I m glad it was because this was very funny, cute, and sweet This probably isn t my genre, but this particular novella was satisfying.

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    Short story, but well written and paced A nice read for a cold afternoon.