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Do You Realize How Much Your Professional Success, Your Income, And Even Your Personal Relationships Depend On Your Ability To Persuade, Influence, And Motivate Other People Yet Many Of Us Continue To Use Outdated Techniques For Convincing Othersor Worse Yet, Have No Technique At AllKurt Mortensen, Through His Persuasion Institute, Has Sought Out And Studied The World S Top Persuaders, And With His Specially Formulated Persuasion IQ Assessment The Most Comprehensive Persuasion Resource Available Today He Lets Readers In On The Essential Habits, Traits, And Behaviors Necessary To Cultivate Their Natural Persuasive Abilities Concentrating On The Major Persuasion IQ Skills, The Book Allows Readers To Determine Their Own Current Persuasion IQ Helping Them To Identify Their Strengths And Weaknesses, And Starting Them Down A Path To Enormous Success And Wealth The Book Reveals Powerful Techniques That Will Enable Them To Read People Quickly Create Instant Trust Get Others To Take Immediate Action Close Sales Win Over Clients Accelerate Business Success Earn What They Re Really Worth Influence Others To Accept Their Points Of View Win Negotiations Enhance Relationships And Most Important Hear The Magical Word Yes Often Whether You Are Selling A Product, Presenting An Idea, Or Asking For A Raise, Persuasion Is The Magic Ingredient This Powerful, Life Changing Book Will Transform Anyone Into A Persuasion Genius

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    Persuasive people tend to be emphatic and determined They are good listeners To improve your persuasion IQ, or PQ, work on these 10 skills PQ Skill 1 Mental Programming of Top Persuaders PQ Skill 2 Understand How Your Audience Thinks PQ Skill 3 Instant Rapport and Social Synchronization PQ Skill 4 Establishing Automatic Trust To overcome habitual distrust, use the Five Cs Character Maintain good values Competence Do a good job Confidence Trust your abilities and products Credibility Make a good impression on others Congruence Align your values, words and actions PQ Skill 5 Command Attention with Power and Authority PQ Skill 6 The Ability to Influence Other People Charisma, Optimism PQ Skill 7 How to Motivate Yourself and Others Every Time PQ Skill 8 Advanced Presentation and Communication Skills PQ Skill 9 Preplanned Anticipation The Secret Formulas of the Pros PQ Skill 10 Self Mastery and Personal Development

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    By mirroring a target s physical posture and gestures while maintaining casual conversation , you can develop an unspoken bond with that target, making them feel that you two are in sync Then, introduce a gesture of your own if the target copies your gesture, you know you ve gone from following to leading Only now can you interject your own ideas in conversation, hopefully extracting a response of That s just what I was thinking So much of communication and decision making occurs at the subconscious level, requiring marketers to consider the psychological underpinnings of purchasing behavior By understanding the factors that apply at this level, they can be far effective at persuading people to choose what they want them to choose and buy.

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    No doubt this book is a push to upsell you into buying a other products from the company but there is a lot of good to be gained from this book Appropriate length and flowed well Beginning of the book and end of every chapter is where the most upselling, Buy of our stuff occurs but it is not a turn off since its not intrusive If anything the book is just practicing what it preaches, which if it gets you thinking about investing further in any resources.its done its job The Art of Persuasion is well described and systematically provides steps on how to improve yourself.

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    I imagine this book has some very helpful information for people who want to sell However, I was completely turned off by the tone of the writing Good persuaders will always have a positive mental outlook Good persuaders always do X, Y, or Z He then tries to make a case for how you can develop a positive mental outlook or X, Y, and Z, but by this time I had given up on ever becoming a good persuader It is too preachy.

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    Book is rich with info I get that the book may be a little boring or lack examples or even read like a textbook but I feel this book deserves a higher rating because of the philosophies and some ideas inside.

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    Abort.I read 80% of this book before returning it to the library I wasn t desperate to learn how to persuade others So perhaps, this would have been the least bit gripping had I been intrinsically motivated.

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